Teach the Little Ones to Pray

By Linda

October 16, 2019

10:30 – 11:07AM

Children of My Eternal Heart, I call out to each of you. Come to Me for My Forgiveness and Compassion. Come to Me for unending and unyielding Love. For I am your Lord God and what I have created pleases Me. You are My Treasures and My Delights. Trust in My Love for you. Unlike this World’s Love, My Love does not wane. It is not fickle or conditional, and I long for each of you to understand this. Come to Me and My Love, for your Redeemer has paid with His Precious Life, for the sins of Man. You must come to Me, oh Children of My Heart. The Time for Mercy comes to an end, and each of your Precious Souls requires My Love and Mercy. You need only whisper My Name, and I am with you, filling you with the Glory and BIGGNESS of My Love and Compassion.

Do not wait, My Precious Children, for you yourselves do not know the hour of your own deaths. Woe to those who do not repent and die. Woe to those who shall stand before the Holy and Most Knowing Judge. Children, know that there are repercussions and punishments for your sins. I am a Loving and Forgiving Lord, but you must obey My Laws constantly and with the joy of knowing you please Me by your obedience which you give to Me as a gift of your Love, but not as a condition of My Own.
Belovéd Children, the miasma of this World betrays the living and craves what is dead. How long must I abide by the rampant apostasy I behold? How long must My Divine Heart break for Man’s sins.

Children of My Love, I sent to you My Most Cherished Son, the Christ Jesus, and by His Sacred Passion, redeemed you. Do not be lukewarm in your Love for Him. His Heart shatters by your indifference, and those who defer their Love of My Son today defers the Love of the Father as well. And what My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus asks, I give to Him with all My Glory and Love and adoration. My Son is your Loving Savior. Do not treat His Loving and sorrowful Passion lightly. Instead, Love and worship Him with the entirety of your Hearts.

Children, teach the Little Ones to pray. Let them know the ecstasy of My Love and Forgiveness. Their prayers are propitious and the angels in Heaven sing with Delight at their voices. Teach your Little Flowers to know Me. When you turn your Belovéd Children to Me, I delight in their prayers and bless each of them according to My Will which is ever-Loving.

Children of My Love and Might, you must be strong in the face of this Spiritual War that rages on. You are My Mighty Warriors and your prayers strike down what is evil again and again. I hear your every prayer and answer them with the Love and ferocious protection of a Loving and doting Father. Pray and believe in My Love for you. Let Me increase the Light of My Love in your Hearts as you pray and bring the World (others) to Me. Join with your Sisters and Brothers in oblation to My Love. Adore the Christ Jesus and the blessings that are given to you are ineffable. Live in the Will of My Divine Heart. Live in the knowledge and trust of My Divine Mercy. Trust in Me and I shall provide all that you need. For I am a Might God and Loving Father. He who comes to Me is not turned away.

Children, do not cease in your prayers. Do not become lax in your devotions to Me. It is exactly at that time when you are weakest that the enemy strikes. Children, you must be prepared, strong in your Love and faith in Me, and ever-trusting of My Will for you. Your Loving Creator does not destroy that which He has created and Loved.
Cherished Children of My Divine Heart, know that through Me all things are possible. I will end droughts and stop the stars from falling upon you. I can fill the oceans with animals or make each of them disappear. I am the God of all that is impossible. Ask Me and I answer, My Loves. Do not be afraid to approach Me. Come to Me with repentant Hearts, and My Welcome for you is joyous and filled with GREATEST LOVE!
Children, you must pray for this World. Its sins against Me, your Lord God and Father, are great and terrible. My Children are in need of correction, but your Prayers have staved off what I send or allow.

Know, My Children, that the sins of this World are so great and so terrible as to bring utter destruction to Souls. When the Soul is filled with death, that Soul is lost without My Mercy. Children, you need only ask.

Belovéd Children, there are many who dismiss My Love and scorn My Belovéd Son. Pray for these Children whose Souls are in such grievous danger. Pray for those Souls who have destroy My Precious Little Flowers, for their Souls are lost without their repentance. Oh, Children of My Heart, this World is preoccupied by Death. It revels in the most reviled of sins.

Know that the punishments for sins of the flesh and the sins arising from pride are punished greatly and swiftly. The prideful shall find themselves insulted and impoverished. Those who are lascivious shall be barren and alone. Those who have embraced and caused the death of My Belovéd Little Flowers shall succumb to the pains and horror they once caused.

Cherished Children, My Words are not meant to make you afraid but to open your eyes to the reality of sin and its consequences. Do not be misled by this World that seeks to hide what is black under the guise of goodness and denounce what is white and good as what is dark.

Children, know what I Love and accept and know what I do not Love or accept. Sin is sin. Its confinement and nature cannot be altered. Know what is sin. Pray that the Most Holy and Belovéd Spirit guide you and give to your Hearts discernment.
Soon, sin will grow larger. You will be asked to sin against Me. My Children will be scorned and marginalized for your faith in Me. You will be tested and belittled. They will try to trick you with words. Do not be afraid but pray. I shall see to the prayerful and give you strength. This is a battle for Souls and many of My Belovéd and most prayerful Children will be martyred. Trust in Me and do not fear. Focus on My Love and Mercy and you are rewarded. Belovéd Children, thus I say, pray. Your prayer is more powerful than you can know. Do not doubt but pray. I hear your prayers and bless you with constancy and discernment.

Peace to you, My Belovéd Ones. Peace.

A short note regarding a reprimand I received from God – all of us should learn from it.
Today, God reprimanded me because I was holding grudges that I would not admit to. I was made, because someone who I thought should’ve listened to me did not seem to have listened. It made me resentful. And in my heart of hearts, I was also angry at others for some pettiness I judged them of performing. Ha! Then, the first reading at Mass was read. It was a clear message. God will judge us as we have judged others.
Well, we shouldn’t be judging others in the first place – me, I mean. Second, He showed me where I had done the same things I was angry over! I’ve not listened to others when I should’ve given them 100% of my attention, especially my husband. I have done and said petty things.

It’s back to that log and splinter in the eye story. Look at the big piece of bark in your own eye before accusing others of their little stick. It’s easy to forget these things when I am not listening to God 100%. Well I feel very blessed that Papa pointed this out to me (again), because all of a sudden, these dumb grudges disappeared from my heart!
Oh, and there is another thing He mentioned while I prayed at Mass today. He wants us to go to Confession before taking Communion. It’s like an insult to Jesus when we go to Him in Communion with dirty souls. I think of it as being invited to a fancy party. We wouldn’t go with mud on our shoes or wearing a dirty wrinkled t-shirt. We get gussied up and shower – put on our fancy shmancies. It’s like that with Confession and Communion.

A lot of people tell me they prefer to go “straight to the source.” I get it, but we can’t pick and choose the things God has asked of us. He isn’t a restaurant and the Bible isn’t a menu. Remember, He made Peter His rock for the Church. I guess Peter was technically the first Pope. Jesus told him that whoever’s sins Peter forgave, so would Jesus. But how could Peter know what the sins were unless people told him?
I figure that’s why we are asked to go to Confession. The priests who are Jesus in the Confessional need to know our sins in order to forgive them in Jesus’ name. Technically, this IS going to the source.

At any rate, I find confession difficult but cathartic. It’s like saying the words out loud is like releasing the crud. Or maybe like barfing when I’m sick, because after the junk is out of my stomach, I feel much better. Plus, I need a hold shower.
Well, that’s how my conversation went with Him at Mass. I’m sorry if some of the casualness makes anyone angry. God is just so wonderful and not complex for me. And I feel His love all over, especially when I try hard to be obedient (and that’s never easy for me!).