You are a Salve to My Burning Heart

By Linda

April 12, 2020

Easter Sunday 1:35 pm – 2:18 pm
Belovéd Children of My Merciful Heart, I show you My Mercy and plead with you to come to Me with repentant and open Hearts. Your Souls are in such danger and peril (terrible) . The consequences of your sins and your absolute denial of My Son’s Love is fodder for the one who lies. The great deceiver desires all Souls, but like an angry dog, chained and restrained, he cannot touch those Children who do not reject My Love and Mercy.

Belovéd Children, pray. I have touched countless numbers of My Children, placing into their Hearts the Spirit of forgiveness, generosity, and kindness. So have I also put the seed of the dread of what is to come. You who felt in your Hearts a pull of dread and a knowledge of upcoming storms knew to appeal to My Most Merciful and Loving Heart. Thus, My Children prayed and by your Love and prayers continue to mitigate the destruction of the coming storm and as you continue to pray, know that its length is less prolonged.

For you are a salve to My Burning Heart, Prayerful Ones. I revel in the Love in your prayers and they are songs in Heaven, and the whole of Heaven joins in the oblation to My Most Belovéd Son. Today is a day of joy, Mercy, forgiveness, and overwhelming Holiness. The Risen Lord, My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, has given Himself over to you in every way possible. He is human and He is Divinity ~ the Divine Human who allowed Man to crucify His Body that you may all live an Eternal Life. Children, bask in His Love! Acknowledge His Mercy with open and thankful Hearts. Come to Him now while His Judgement is tender and merciful. Do not wait for your eyes to be wrenched open. Sin blinds the arrogant and rains blackness upon the sacrilege Man rejoices in. Children, the pain it causes Me when My Love is so easily and quickly rejected sears My Heart. Sin is the scourge of Humanity. Do not believe that this World is correct in its absolute rejection of Me.

I am a Loving Father and Mighty God. I have called to you gently, like a breeze that is warm. I have called you with a louder voice that is filled with joy and hope, yet so many did not hear, so consumed are they with the wickedness in this World. I have called and longed for you, but My Loving Calls are muted by the sophists that serve the great deceiver, and because Men’s Hearts have grown cold, they believe in what is false and reject what is Truth. That is the Light of My Love. Your rejection of My Love brings Me such terrible pain, My Children. Those who do not believe in Me, the Lord God and Creator of Mankind, have intolerant and wicked Hearts. They turn My Little Flowers against Me by keeping them in ignorance of My Love. To do this – to ruin the Souls of My Belovéd Little Flowers through the absence of worship and glorifying My Name and the Savior who is Christ Jesus, is as deadly to their Souls as a viper is to flesh. If you purport to Love your Children, do not keep them from Me, but let them play joyfully under My Loving gaze.

Children, you must pray. Pray more, as now My Words have come to pass and the Holiest of All Holies is now kept from you. The scarcity of the Most Belovéd Eucharist brings pain to the Hearts and Souls of My Faithful. Do not despair, My Children, for this is a necessary but temporary torture. Mankind must turn to Me. Man must give over their devastating sins, lest they encounter a just judge in their Souls.

Children, LOVE My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus who saved each of you by His Love. Your Lord God does not abandon His Belovéd Children but will do all that is possible to bring your Hearts to Me. Pray for My Servants. So many will be tested soon, and those with even an inkling of doubt within their Hearts will be blinded by the Beast. And how can My Belovéd Servants lead My Children to Me if they are blind? Thus, I say, pray for My Belovéd Servants. Their Hearts were chosen by Me that they may bring such glory and joy in bringing (or) leading Souls to Me. Pray for My Servants, My Children, for those who are weak and lead My Children astray will have much to account for.

Children, pray and forgive, and adore My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus. Revel in the miracle that is the Resurrection. Know that His Death is a promise to Man of unending and enduring Love. Belovéd Children, come to Me for My Love and Mercy, for the doors to My Mercy are closing and like those who long for the Eucharist with suffering Hearts, so shall Men who refuse My Mercy now will suffer when it is no longer available in My Divine Mercy.

The willfulness of Man is cause for glory and concern. When your will leads you to Love and Light and the astounding Mercy and Love within Me, I am made so joyful (there are no words). My joy is so BIG when My Children come to Me of their own volition. Thus is will a joy and cause for glory. So too is Man’s will a cause for great concern and fearfulness. I am a Loving Father and doting God, but I am not an intrusive Father. I do not force the Hearts of Man but allow you to choose My Love over the Worldly and temporal. Love cannot be forced, only longed for. So I say, pray so that the Hearts of Men are given over to Me Lovingly and without doubt. Woe to those who will side with the sophists who wish to perpetuate the spiritual wars against the Hearts of My Children. Do not accept the lies told by the sophists who seek to misguide you and lead you to commit great sins against Me. Pray and the Holy Spirit shall place discernment into your Hearts that you may not be fooled. Place all of your trust in  Me, your Most Loving and Merciful God. I am your Father, and like a good Father, I inundate My Children with Love and good gifts. Thus, I say, come to Me as trusting Children and abide by My Laws which I have enacted to protect you. Trust in Me and take solace and joy in your discipline. It is a World that is gluttonous which sins in lascivious ways. Come to Me like trusting Children, and walk away from this World that is consumed with death and the darknesses of the worship of temporal things. My Children have made idols of temporal treasures, and in this way sin against Me again and again.

My Angels are calling for justice. They call for My Justice to root out the evil and sins of this World, yet My Hand is stayed time and again by the prayers of a trusting and Loving Soul.  [It seemed to me that the prayers of the littlest, weakest, most unassuming persons are very powerful.]

Belovéds, your prayers are salves to the wounds in My Heart that are caused by Man’s rejection of Me. Continue to pray and be My Constant consolation.

Children, the storm is now here. Mankind is in the midst of it. This is a time when all that Men worship and rely upon will fail. The powerful shall become weak, and the evil will become more powerful still. The trials of this storm will bring Man to his knees, and Men will be forced to choose between Love and sin, darkness or Light, truth or deception. The decision is all the more solemn or heavy or crucial, because Man’s eyes will have been opened to My Majesty and Love.

Belovéd Children, I am always with you. I kiss your troubled brows with a gentle and Loving touch. Have faith in my Love for you. Trust in Jesus Christ who saves. Be faithful to your Lord God and allow the Divinity of My Son to pour out upon your Souls. Peace, My Children. My Mercy is no longer the heavier of the two.