You are Precious To Me

By Linda

August 24, 2020

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God's Messages for Us

Monday, August 24, 2020 3:30 – 4:12 pm

Oh Belovéd Children of My Divine Heart, you are precious to Me. The power and breadth of My Love are so immense that they encompass everything in this World and beyond. My Love for you is vaster than the skies above your heads and stronger than the waves during a storm at sea. You are My TREASURES, so small and precious. See Me, for I am present in all of you. Daily, I long for your attention that I may pour out My Blessings upon your Hearts.

Yet, despite My Love and Divine gifts, you abandon Me for things of this World. I am less important to you than all those temporal things you believe are the source of your joy. No, My Belovéd Children. This is an error that too many of you are making. You choose what is cheap, because it is so temporary, but what I offer is Eternal. Look past your “now” and look to what is to come. When you die, you shall understand and fully, but because of your Love and devotion of Me, trust in My Words. It is essential that you place your eternal future at the forefront of your thoughts, Hearts, and Souls. I say again, think of your Eternal lives. Accept that I Will what is best for you with such Love, because My dearest desire is to have all My Children with Me in joyous celebration in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Doubtful Children of My Heart, if you were to pray with all of your Hearts and Souls, I would reveal all things to you that you do not currently see. So many of My Children do not hear and cannot see. This blindness is of their own making. My Children do not realize their vast sins, because they have closed their eyes to the repercussions. My Belovéds disbelieve in Hell, yet it exists outside and beside Eternal Holiness. Once banished to Hell, the Soul can do nothing more. You cannot bask in the Light of Everlasting Love and this will be your greatest torture. Thus, I say, do not choose the tortures of Hell by sinning so relentlessly and without compunction. You are meant to be Loved and meant to Love. You are My Lights and My Treasures. I hold you up as shining examples of My Ultimate Divinity. Children, why do you think so lowly of yourselves?

The wounds you inflict on yourselves are undeserved and are terrible in My Eyes. Do not hurt what I have created with such Love and careful attention.

Belovéd Children, do not play with your Time. The Time for rest has ended, and now you must be prepared for the battle. Children, you are engaged in a battle of Souls. It is the most important BIG battle of all ages. You must be prepared for the attacks waged upon My Prayerful Ones by increasing your prayers. There is such GREAT power in your prayers. Had you absolute faith and trust in Me, you would command the winds and they would obey to glorify My Name. Thus, I say, increase your trust and faith by partaking of the Holiest of Holies every day and praying ceaselessly for this World and in reparation for the great sins of Man.

Children, the Times that come will be both difficult and miraculous. As chaos befuddles the World and Men lose sight of what is true, the lowly and ever Spiritual Children will do such miracles in My Name as to dumbfound the cleverest scientist and these miracles for My Glory will convert many. My Son shall see fit to visit individuals whose Hearts will be overcome by His Love and Mercy. They will desire most to console the Christ Jesus for what He endures by Man’s terrible sinning.

Children, do not wait, but pray daily. Pray the Rosary as often as possible and garner like a hungry child, the great blessings bestowed upon you for partaking of My Son’s Body, the Eucharist, the Most Holy of all Holies. My Belovéd Son has paid the price for Man’s redemption, yet this BIG Sacrifice has touched so few of My Children. You disregard Love in favor of misery. You demean His Sacrifice of Love by ignoring Him, by being inattentive, for launching insults at His Crucifixion, and in His Holy Mother. These things pierce His Heart over and again. Your sins deepen the Crown of Thorns into His Head, and His Divine and Merciful Heart is torn open with anguish.
Children of My Heart, do not treat My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, so horribly. Be His Loving, doting Servants and He shall continuously stroke your brown and give to you such peace through the Holy Spirit. You shall remain untroubled, even in the midst of confusion and violence. His Peace will give you the endurance and joy to withstand attacks with a Loving and forgiving Heart. When you are within His Will, saying yes to His every request, How My Belovéd Son dotes upon you! His declarations of Love are Sweet, and He looks upon you with glorious affection.

Children, you deny yourselves such Love and seek out the inferiority of the World to occupy your thoughts and Hearts. Know, My Belovéd Children, that the Time for My Great Mercy comes to an end, and you will face a Just Judge that is unmoved with pity or compassion. You do not want to endure the cold judgement of One without Mercy. So many of My Belovéd Children will do so in their faithlessness.

Children, soon mountains will crumble, and waters will rage abnormally so in places where water has not been. Belovéd Children, the earth groans in agony by your sins. Even the earth is appalled and shows its shock in violent and sudden eruptions, floods, disease, and fire. Children, your lives as you know them are about to change as those who do not believe and who are attached to the antiChrist will begin their temporary rein. Do not despair, for this difficulty will not last. In all the terror Man faces, Little Children, know that I am ever with you, granting you strength, providing glorious miracles, and providing sustenance to you.

Belovéd Children of My Heart, even when you face the worst of difficulties, I am there. Pray and I hold your hand in Mine. I shall kiss your brow, so you shall not be troubled by what is done and what you hear. I shall give My Prayerful Ones respite. I will give you the Hearts of Lions and courage to accept My Will for each of you.
My Children, I am saddened, so deeply saddened, that what comes must come. I say to you, do not be afraid though. Know that the results will be the greatest glorification of My Name, and My Loves, if you submit yourselves with great confidence to My Will, you will have made countless reparations for Man’s sins.

Approach your brothers with Love and affection. Forgive what grudges you hold. This is not the Time to sully your Souls with pettiness and unforgiveness. You must be strong. Pray and forgive and walk with Me. In these ways, I increase your faith and trust in Me and I give to you good gifts. I bless you My Children. Peace.