The Lukewarm Heart Breaks My Own

By Linda

August 26, 2020

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God's Messages for Us

Message from the Eternal Father

Oh, Children of My Merciful Heart, reciprocate My Love which abounds so hopefully around you. Do not be the source of My sorrows or bitterness. Children, when you dedicate all of your Love and attention upon Me, how joyous I become. I am made joyful by your Love and attention and gratitude for My Love and Sacrifice.
Belovéd Children of My Divine Heart, I am here for you. Thus, come to Me with purity in your Souls, and make every intent one of Love and respect for Me.

Children, approach Me with Loving, faithful, attentive Hearts. Leave off the distractions of this World and dedicate yourselves to Me. Oh My Children, I am alive with Love for you and seek reparations for the vast sins of Man that bring Me such sorrow. Oh Children, the sin of death brings Me the Most pain. My Heart is crushed, and I weep with extreme sorrow at the death of each Little Flower. They are gifts of Love meant for you, and like your treatment of Me, you destroy that which deserves the Light of Life and is so deserving of a total Love.

Belovéd Children, the lukewarm Heart breaks My Own. Who gives such a gift with the excited expectation of recognition and gratitude by the recipient? Do you not search for delight and Love in their eyes? It is the lukewarm who keep this joy from Me, even as they partake of the Most Holy Gift of the Eucharist. My Heart is bewildered by your indifference and I weep with wonder and sadness at your disregard.

Belovéd Children of My Divine Will, watch Me and My Loving Actions. It is My Will that each Soul comes to Me in Love and repentance. I wish to soften the coldest Hearts. I wish to whisper in the ears of those who resist Me the most. I want to draw those who doubt to My Heart so that they may believe and rejoice in the Splendor and joy of My Love for them.

Belovéd Children, why do you disbelieve in the miracles of faith? I have made the suns and the moons and the millions of stars above you in the skies. Do you not think it is possible for Me to change the course of rivers or still the violent winds of a great storm? Believe in the Sanctity of My Gifts. Believe that your every prayer moves Me, and I answer your every prayer. Listen to Me, My Children. Open your Hearts to My Loving Voice. I wish to infuse in you all of My Love, all of My Heart, and all of My Will. Open your Hearts, My Children, and do not deny your Loving Lord Jesus, the Christ.

Belovéd Children of this World, leave off what is cheap and temporal. Pay little attention to these things and give Me that time you would spend on them. My Heart is tender and hopeful for your Love, and who, in extending your Love to another, does not desire the return of their own Love and attention.

As it hurts you to be unloved, so does it devastate Me, for there are so many of My Children who resist My Love, dismiss it, or reject My Love.

Oh, Children, this is a Sorrow within My Grieving Heart. Do not be the source of My grief but extend your Love to Me and I am joyful. Your prayers are salves to My Wounds. The warmth and generosity of your Love fills Me with joy, and once again, I feel triumphant in My Sacrifice.

Little Children of My Heart, do not sin. Do not sully your Souls with sin. There are so many easy roads to sin in this World, and many of these sins are treacherous and debilitating to the Soul. Small sins can lead to bigger sins, and big sins to even larger (ones) still. Avoid the path to largest sins by avoiding sin all together.

Children of My Heart, it is urgent that you prepare for the oncoming difficulties or chastisements. It will come most unexpectedly when you are at rest and preoccupied with lesser things. One day shall be bright with sunshine, and the next steeped in darkened clouds. The shift shall be immediate, and all that you know and take comfort in shall change, even as you stare at the World. Oh, Belovéd Children, I say this with regret in My Heart, for it is painful to Me to see My Belovéds struggle and suffer so unnecessarily, but I am a Loving Father, and I do everything possible to open the eyes of My Obstinate Children to guide them back to My Open Arms. Therefore, do not view the difficulties that come as the punishments of an angry parent but as the consequences of sin and your Father’s sincere desire to have you safe in the Love of My Heart. The lesson you learn will be a hard one, but neither words nor pleas have opened your Hearts to Me. Now you shall reap the fruits of your labor, a labor wrought with sin, lasciviousness, and lies. The author of lies wants to be victorious of your Souls, but My Chastisement will open the eyes and ears of My Children, so when they choose, they shall understand what their choice means.
Belovéd Children, although you will be sorely tested again and again, I give you strength to endure every hardship and sorrow. Your remedy for all things is sincere and Love-filled prayer. Pray undistracted. Pray with the fullness of your Hearts. Pray with Love and eagerness for My Attention. How can I resist the Love of My Obedient and devoted Children?

Thus, I say, as this World grows closer to the very eye of the storm, have confidence in My Love for you. Pray and I will give you guidance and constancy. Look to the Holy Spirit for discernment within your Hearts and the wisdom to know what to accept and what not to accept from Man. Pray for My Servants, for some are leading My Children astray. Others celebrate the Consecration with empty Hearts. Pray for them, for their work is HUGELY important, and I have them many blessings. Pray for them, because their responsibility to Me is very great, and so many are straying or have strayed away from Me and My Love and fidelity.

Children of My Heart, your prayers give Me solace from the wounds I suffer from the apostasy of this World. Continue to pray, My Children. Your prayers are sweet, and I embrace you with My Love.
Peace, My Loves. Peace.