Receive This Ineffable Blessing - Divine Mercy

By Linda

March 8, 2020

3:40pm – 4:42pm

Belovéd Children, surely you still are not waiting for the source of all Love to be true to His Everlasting Word?
Oh, Belovéd Children, how weak even My Faithful are and yet, in your weakness, I revel in your Love and prayers. Children, seek Me out. It is Time. There is no room for argument or doubt or debate as to whether I am True. I AM and will always be here yesterday and here tomorrow. I am your Eternal God and My Promise to you is everlasting life with your Lord God and Father who adores you with affection and joy.

Yet, in My Love for you, I cringe. I cringe, as so many of My Belovéd Children live in rebellion of Me. So many are willful, arrogant, prideful, and filled with the lust of gluttony and salaciousness. Your bodies are the Temples I have entrusted to you, and you degrade or denigrate them daily with sin.

Oh, Children, do you not believe, can you not believe, that there are consequences for the great apostasies of this World? Do you think your Loving Lord and Creator of All Things can bear to stand idly by as sin plagues this World and plunges My Belovéd Children into Darkness? Do you think I shall forget and ignore the death of My Belovéd Little Flowers as you burn and break them in pieces with no Love or repentance in your Hearts! It is this sin alone that drives My Angels to fury. The Whole of Heaven growls at the murder of each Little Flower, and Heaven weeps. Children, how can you destroy innocence so mercilessly? Do you not understand the seriousness of this sin? You cannot destroy without compunction that which I have created for Love and from Love and with Love. A piece of Me is in each of you. Thus, every woman, every man, and every child has the Light of My Love and Graces within their Hearts. Because of this, the sin of murder against My Innocent Little Flowers is that much greater. You sin against Love and I Am Love.

Children of the West, the final hope, your prayer is soft or little and the protections I have granted you are lifted. Your prayers have mitigated the tragedy you must face, but only by very little. The apostasy I see within this blessed land has destroyed so much of what is good, innocent, and should be consigned to Holiness and respect or cherished or sanctified.

Children, I have made you as you are, as one man, one woman. The Lord God Loves each of you without end. Yet, you say to Me by your actions and attention that what I created is incorrect. You deign to judge the One who only can judge? Shameful Children, the Time for Mercy ends. You must come to Me for My Great Mercy and forgiveness. The World and the evilest sophists within it seek to confuse My Belovéd Children with the warping of sexual relationships, coarseness, levity in light of the sacrilegious, and the acceptance of sin, regardless of its nature.

The World has blinded My Children to evil, and so many accept what is dark and contrary to My Will. So many disbelieve in hell and the consequences of sin. Indeed, so many Children no longer differentiate or agree sin exists; that no behavior or action can be a sin. How troubled are their Souls and in what perils they have placed them. They do not believe in sin, because they do not know Me or choose to ignore Me. My laws are for a reason, and they are not mocked.

There is a dangerous difference between My Children who knowingly sin, but in knowing, realize the badness or wrongness of their actions and repent. They seek out My Merciful Love for peace. Their Hearts are turned to My Own and thus realize they can find no peace in sin but only within Me.

But there are Children who have placed themselves in such great peril because they have turned away from Me willfully. These Children do not see My Joy and Wonder in Creation, because their Hearts have rejected the Holy Now or All, despite all that sits before them. They have made themselves demi-gods in their belief (that) they can control or decide in lieu of guidance, My Holy Guidance. Those who do not believe will be thrown into the fires of hell and once exposed to the understanding of the nature of sin, they shall realize their mistake.

There is but little Time, My Children. Bring all Souls to Me, My Belovéds, while there is still Time. By your devoted prayers, I will touch even the hardest Hearts and restore their Souls to Love. Children, you need only pray.
Pray and be devout, My Children. Seek out the Glory of Love and bountiful Mercy. Pray constantly that when you are subject to the coming “It,” you will have the Peace of My Will within you and throughout you. My Divine Yes is My Love for you. My Divine fiat is My Will for you, and I shall embrace many of My Belovéd Children.

When the Time for “It” comes, indeed it comes even now, its pinnacle will drive many into the wrong hands. They will seek shelter in the arms of the great liar. Thus, I say to you, My Prayerful and trustful Children, continue to pray with constancy. Cleanse your Souls of sin by Confessing your sins daily and seeking the Eucharist as often as you can. The Eucharist is the Holiest of Holies, God made Flesh, a Mystery of Love, the Christ Jesus. Thus, let Him reign within your Hearts. Your strength, that which you build within you because of devotion to and Love of Me will give you strength, when you face the hardest of days. So many will succumb to this World of sin, seeking the comfort of treasure and their wealth, and this shall hold them, but only for a little while. Their time, between the great reckoning of Truth they must face, will be a second only.

Children, the World has placed itself in disarray and division. You are far from My Divine fiat, and My Will is to draw you back to your Loving God.

The destiny of Man was never meant for sin or evil. It is for Me, for I have created each of My Children with great Love and for Love and from Love. The miracle of Light resides within each of you.

How can a Loving Father watch His Belovéd Children destroy the very lives He has given to them? How much does the Loving Father long for the Children who have run away from Him or rejected Him or deliberately break His rules? What Father does nothing to bring His Children home?

Such is the Heart and Love of your Holy and Eternal Father. I do not wish to see you in pain, but a pain that is only temporary despite its harshness is only temporary. It is not Eternal, and the pains of hell are more vicious that My Children can imagine.

Trust in Me, My Children. Your preparation resides within prayer, confession, the Most Holy of all Holies, the Eucharist, and in the Love you kindle for My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, in yourself and in your brothers.
Belovéd Children, do not wait. The earth is shuddering beneath your feet and shifts in ways you have never seen. The skies roil with great storms, the like which will inspire fear in the weak. Each land of apostasy shall experience tragedy and sorrows and the greater the sorrow, the greater it is a reflection of the quantity and calibre of its people’s sins. There will be no laughter, and these times will be dark. You are not alone, My Beauteous Ones. Your prayers have drawn My Protection and you may seek refuge under the mantle of My Most Belovéd Mother, the Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Beware of the lies. Pray for discernment, for the lies will draw many to wickedness. Do not allow yourself to be marked by the liar, despite all threats. Trust that I shall provide as a gift of your constancy. Children of prayer, you will serve as My Steadying staffs (like walking sticks), allowing the devastated to walk towards the One who Saves. You shall be the Lights of Clarity amidst darkness and confusion. The task I give to you, while difficult, will save many, many Souls. Do not be afraid but trust Me fully. I see your sacrifices and take great comfort in your Love of Me.

Children of this War, I will give you strength, constancy, resources, and succor. Place all of your trust in Me. Pray for My Servants, as many are led astray in their weakness. Pray that their Hearts once more become open to the Mystery that is Mine. Pray for My Servants who are so Loved by Me, whom I chose, and who are meant to serve Me assiduously, with great faith, trust, and Love. Heavy is the Soul who leads My Children astray. Their responsibility is great, My Children, and many have weak relations with their Lord God and Father. Pray for them, and many shall have their eyes reopened and their faith and Love for Me rekindled or refreshed.

Belovéd Children, do not deviate from the Word. My Son is very clear, and clarity comes from reading the Scriptures and prayer. Do not cease in your prayers. During these times of devastation, you will be protected by the Peace I give to your Hearts. Many of you will also suffer tragedy and pains, but trust that any pain you endure for Me saves your Soul and purifies you for entry to My Perfect Kingdom, where your reward waits. Your pain, when offered to Me for the reparation of Man’s sin, mitigates what comes. I can mitigate what Man has created to destroy himself so utterly.

Children, pray, and be watchful of sophists. Many will be clever, and you will question yourself in your human frailty. Thus, when you are faced with sophistry, pray for discernment and you will not be fooled by the one who lies.

Children, again, these times will be most difficult, and this examination of your Souls will be staggering to you. Remember, though, that it is My Great Love for you that allows it. My Desire is to wake those Children who are asleep to My Love.

Children of these Times, take advantage of this year’s gift of My Divine Mercy. It is the last opportunity for you to receive this ineffable blessing. Let it fill you with Mercy for others, as I give you My Holy Mercy. Thereafter, avoid sin. Pray and let your trust in Me be your guide. At every moment, pray. Before every decision, pray. Let Me be your guide through the times that come. Bring others to Me, for so many are in need of My Mercy. Draw them to My Gift of Divine Mercy.

Child, it has been the calling of your Heart for so long and your Love has brought it to fruition in your Heart. I am Love and Mercy and today, as you have done My Will, I bless you with Love and Mercy.
Peace, Dear Children. Peace.