Even the Angels Pause at your Prayers

By Linda

April 9, 2021

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God's Messages for Us

Message from God the Father

Friday, April 9, 2021  11:37 am – 12:26 pm

Be still, My Child, be still. For how can you understand My Will for you if your head is filled with noise and questions, debate and worries? I am a God of Peace and Wisdom. Let Me Guide you in all things. You must trust in Me with the entirety of your being.

Papa, I cannot discern about the vaccine, and if I heard or understood You wrongly, I must correct what I’ve said. And I don’t want to be an instrument of confusion and evil. Oh, Lord, if my head is jumbled, it’s for fear of misleading those You Love so completely. Do You understand my worries?

Child, in you I have placed My Light. I have promised you this from the beginning of your work for Me. I called many, many times, and you raised your head in question as if to have heard a faraway sound and you, after moments, believed yourself mistaken. I waited and called again. Once again, you heard and wondered but dismissed My Divine Call because you were entranced by this World and thought as it thought. Finally, by means of My Great Mystery, I called and you answered. Yet, still, you doubted Me. You tested Me and I gave to you all the evidence you required in order to be My faithful servant. Why are you in constant question of My Graces and direction? Why must you doubt Me so?

My Lord, I do not doubt You. I doubt myself. I do  not trust myself to understand You perfectly enough to speak in Your Blessed Name, and in something of such importance. My Lord, I have looked and researched and despite what I feel within my heart, every arrow, every worldly guidance has claimed with authority that these vaccines are good. That they are safe and necessary. Please, My Lord, I am Your very dense daughter. I beg You for discernment in this. Your Will and never my own misled will.

You seek wisdom, Child, and I have placed it all around you. In My Cross and in My Holy Word, in My Divine actions and embittered Love for humanity. Do I speak from logic or from a Loving, gentle call from My Heart to your own? Do I not lead you gently, truly and not argumentatively?

But I am so stubborn and willful and proud. Would I admit my failure? Of being wrong?

Child of My Light, do not doubt that you are Beloved and cherished. I do not lead you astray, despite your pride and stubbornness and frenzy. You are My Good Child and I have chosen you in this task, and you must not be swayed by this World. It will be your downfall if you become Worldly again. You must pray to keep your pride and willfulness at bay.

When you pray, you are in perfect communion with your Lord God and I listen to you with My Head bent to hear. Even My Beloved Angels pause at your prayers in case I may command them to fly to your aid. I give you this task and others knowing that your little Heart is childish and lovely in your Love for Me.
Thus, I say to you, stop grieving. I lead you correctly in this as in all things. Who are you to be afraid when I have said, do not fear? How you doubt your Loving Father, Child! I shall place My Peace upon your Heart today that you may know that what I have said is true. That you may proclaim My Loving warnings with conviction and not fear or worry. You are My Child, just as those to whom you preach are My Children, and each of you is precious and a delight to Me.

When I call you, it is because it is My Will. I say to you that you must stay within a state of grace. If you follow what I have requested, why are you afraid? If I call to you from My Heavenly throne, ought you to despair or celebrate?

Do you see, My Child? Encourage My Beloved Children to remain in a state of grace. If they are called, they have a beauteous reason to rejoice. If they rely on the hands of Man – Man who has become so arrogant and deceptive and sinful in its lust for power, esteem, wealth, and status – the grime and dirt on those hands shall then stain their own.

My Children are so very lost and it is sinfulness that blinds you. When you live in darkness you cannot see the reality of sin and the assault it wages on your Souls. When you choose to live in the Light of My Love, all things are clear because you see what is good and what is detrimental to your Precious Souls. Remember, My Children, that with the entirety of My Great (BIG) Love for you, I want your Souls safe from the harm wielded by darkness and with Me in Eternity, accompanied by angels to My very throne that you may see pure and complete Love and that I may bestow upon you with all clarity the full extent of My Love for you.

Children of My Sacred Heart, this disease, manufactured by Man and set loose upon this World is but a hare. Those that follow will be like boors in their violence and consequences. Many will suffer and many more will die. It is the fruition of the consequences of Man’s sinfulness. Hold tight to Me. Cleave to My Sacred Heart and I shall allay your fears.

My Children, these things must happen in order to save many Precious Souls. It is an unhappy and difficult future you face, but keep at the forefront of your Hearts and minds the joy and grace that these difficult times shall save Souls. Count these difficult and disordered days as a gift. A gift that shall save your children, your mothers and fathers, your sisters and brothers, your neighbors and friends and those with whom you are estranged. It is providing Man another opportunity to choose Love and not sin.
Children, so many will awaken from their death beds. So many will have their sight and hearing restored so that My Word resonates within their Hearts. The suffering will result in joy and redemption, My Loves.
Thus, I say, do not fear. Do not fear what comes and if you find yourselves in the throes of disaster and tragedies, share your sufferings with My Own. In this way, You too provide reparations for Man’s great sins.

My Children, such a storm is necessary, although your prayers save some from destruction and others from perdition. Some are saved from the touch of tragedies and others will not. Know that your prayers mitigate the devastation of the coming storm.

Knowing the great value I place in your prayers for Mankind, rejoice. Rejoice and do not fear. How can you know whether you will face this storm? I have pity on so many of My Children that I call them before they must witness the violence and destruction of this storm. You do not know when I shall call you, so why do you worry, My Loves?

Trust in your Loving Father and Lord God. Trust in Me and live as children who rely completely on their parent for Love, food, safety, and shelter. Look to Me in all things, because I am the perfect Parent and Love each of My Children beyond your capacity and knowledge of Love.
Child, I have answered. You need not seek out confirmations in this World around you. You will be ridiculed and harassed. You will be called wrong, a dissident, and an upstart. Fear not, for I am with you and protect My Children whose Hearts they give to Me.

Belovéds, do not wait but keeps yourselves in a state of Blessed Grace before My Divine Eyes.
Peace, My Belovéds. Peace.