Such is the Bounty of My Love

By Linda

April 21, 2021

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God's Messages for Us

Message from Our Lord

4:01pm – 4:37 pm

Thank You for guiding me to this prayer of Your Passion, My Lord.
Please Me, My Belovéd Children. I am affectionate and gentle and so very wounded by Man. Each sin brings Me great pain. Were Man to know the very horror and depths of My Pain, surely he would cease sinning against Me.
Children of My Sacred Heart, you must pray. Be devout in your prayers and take refuge in My Loving Arms. Come to Me that I may align your Hearts to My Own and fuse them together that this World never come between us. Oh Children, give to Me your Hearts. How I long for them! When you turn Me away, I am shattered. My pain at your denial or refusal or rejection is unbearable.

Belovéd Children of My Sacred Heart, pray. You must pray and cleanse yourselves (before you come before Me). Come before Me and partake of My Body that through this Sacred and Divine Communion, you shall be spared suffering or made stronger to endure it with a bittersweet Heart. Children, if you fathom even a slightest part of the GREAT blessings you receive by My Eucharistic Self, you would supplicate yourself before My Tabernacle and never rise from your knees again.

Such is the bounty of My Love and graces for each of you.

My Belovéd Children, I emphasize “each” of you, because every one of My Children is precious and Belovéd to Me. I have shed My Most Divine Blood for each of you. There is nothing you might do that I cannot forgive and raise you up by My Love and Compassion. Thus, I say to those with heavy Hearts, come to Me and take shelter in My Great Love for you. I will give you the comfort you need, the joy you desire, and the Love you have craved. Come to Me. I do not reject the contrite of Heart.

Belovéd Children of My Wounded Heart, you must pray and receive Me in the Eucharist always. It is crucial that you remain in a state of grace before Me. Hold this in your Hearts, My Children, for you do not know when you shall be called.

Oh, My Children, there is always darkness before Light. Just as there is death and new life. My Children, hold strong to your Love and trust in Me. Such dark days come to greet you. It shall be as alarming or shocking as sudden thunder. The earth will regurgitate in dismay and horror over the sins of Man. Earth itself is disharmonized and Nature grows more unhappy with the sins of Man.

Children, sin is not of God. You must not compromise with sin. It is incarnate of evil and with each sin, your Soul is stained. It makes it easier for darkness to grow within you, and you, My Belovéd Children, are willed for Light.
Belovéd Children, I say the earth will regurgitate in horror of Man’s sins. You shall see great fires and the skies will be disrupted. [This seemed to me to be misalignments but of what, I don't know.]  Fire shall fall from the skies and many animals will become insensible and/or die.

Diseases, My Lord? Like Mad Cow??

Trust in Me, My Children. The World will be tried in unimaginable ways, but prayer mitigates. Prayers save, and I hear the Love in each of your prayers. Belovéd Children, in the midst of your joys and sorrows, good fortune and sufferings, trust in Me and place Me always at the forefronts of your Hearts. I long to be the singular Love of your Lives. I want you always to choose Me. Choose Love over darkness. My Heart SWELLS with joy and affection when, in any little action, you choose to please Me. You give Me a salve for My Wounds and send waves of Love to Me that I reciprocate with more Love and My Divine Blessings.

Children, I am for you and you are for Me. You are My Belovéd Children, and I do not abandon you.
My Loves, prepare for the confusion that comes by constant prayer and constant Communion with Me. Do not let your Hearts be afraid, for I shall protect and turn sufferings into something bittersweet. Pray in your sufferings and adjoin yourself to My Own Great Sufferings. I appeal to you in this. Do not grow angry or discouraged in the midst of suffering, for I have suffered too, and I continue to suffer in seeing Man wound Himself so.

Children of My Heart, stay close to Me. Stay close to Me and be solid or steadfast in your Love and trust for Me. I say to you, those whose trust is unbreakable will do wondrous things in My Name before Man. Those who have given to Me the full total gift of their Hearts, Souls, minds, and bodies shall bring mountains down, move the paths of rivers, heal those who are dying, and cause dangers to move away. Trust in Me, and I will do all things.

Thus is the BIGNESS of My Love. My Children, your devotions move Me. Press your Hearts against My Own that you might feel the ardent strength of My Love. Cleave to Me, My Children, and every moment of every day shall be sweet to you, regardless of what worldly things occur.

Belovéd Children, you are spiritual creatures made in My Glorious and Divine image. Know the truth of this to your very core. Therefore, you must respect, Love, and care for dearly and carefully your Souls. You live within a wink of eternity, My Children, but such an important wink it is!

I am your Holy and Divine Guide. I died that you may be saved. Take this ineffable gift of Mine and worship your Lord God and Father who is My Belovéd Father and who reigns in all Eternity. Belovéds, these things I say or describe are BIG. They are Our Divine Mystery.

Believe, trust, and Love, My Children. Know I am ever with you. I hear and answer your prayers according to My Divine Will which is all good. Belovéd Children, rest now with My Blessings upon you. Soon you shall have little rest but what you find in Me. Peace, My Children. Peace.