Cleave to Me

By Linda

July 30, 2021

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God's Messages for Us

3:30 pm – 4:13 pm

Dearest Children of My Divine Heart and Wondrous Glory, cleave to me in the coming Times of erosion. Cleave to Me now as the storm evolves that you may automatically and easily turn to Me in all things and, in particular, times of difficulty, tragedy, loss, and confusion.

You are small, Belovéd and frail Creatures. If only you would give to Me an abiding and full trust, you would never think to worry. Love Me as a child Loves his parent, always trusting the parent for sustenance, protection, warmth, and Love. A child trusts without doubt and without questions, as he is born this way, fresh from Love’s creation and knowing nothing but Divine Love. So I say to you, return to your roots as a Belovéd Child, and trust in Me, your Lord God, Christ Jesus, and know you are always pressed to My Own Heart.

Belovéd Children, I say to you words of warmth and Love as a reminder of where to turn and how to act and respond to the storms within which people find themselves. So many of My Belovéd and unprepared Children will panic, divide and lash out at your Lord God, mistakenly attributing the losses and devastations wrought by Man’s evil and apostasies to your Lord God who is Love. Ah, how blind and ill-prepared are so many!

Frustrated Belovéds, do not concern yourselves with time. Know you are already in the throes of a terrible storm that is destined to become stronger, more chaotic, and more devastating. Creatures around the World will die in large quantities and food will be scarce. Fields of what, rice, and grain shall spoil from draughts and floods. The lands and raging fires will destroy city after city. The earth itself, devastated by Man’s sins, will regurgitate and spew upon Humanity calamity after calamity. Lands will roll over on themselves and sink into vast waters. Nation will war against nation. Many will starve. Others, many others, will be martyred for their Love of Me and for their obedience to My Will.

Children, these things frighten you but should not. You are forewarned and take My Words to Heart. As you believe in these tribulations, believe firmly in My Love for you. Let your Hearts be sure (and) still that your trust in Me overcomes any dread or fear you experience. I Am your Lord God, and Savior. Serve Me. Know what I accept and what I do not accept. Know My Word, the Word of God, and do not deviate from My Will which is all good and all Love. Everything that I do or permit is with one objective in mind; to see all Souls come to Me and live with Me in Eternity. Keep this at the forefront of your Hearts and Minds, lest you begin to feel anger towards Me when you are faced with dire circumstances.

Children, I am a gentle and affectionate Lord. All that I wish for you is everlasting joy in the palace of My Father. I wish only Life for you. Do not mistake the horrors of the tribulation with My Designs for you. All of My Designs for Man are good and entrenched in a Love so deep, you cannot fathom. My Love for Mankind is absolute. Therefore, each Soul lost to perdition is a deep and unfathomable sadness to Me. Each loss pierces My Heart and it is only through your ardent prayers and devotion that that pain is assuaged.

Oh, Children of My Sacred Heart, appeal to My Most Affectionate Mother. Her intercessions for Man are powerful and Her Belovéd Son can deny Her nothing. She is the Queen of Peace and delights in your petitions and prayers as I do. Let Her guide you and she will teach you how to Love and adore Her Most Belovéd Son as she does. Do not ignore the Blesséd Mother, for she is a very powerful advocate for Man and has stayed the Hand of Justice many, many Times.

I Love Her and She is My Belovéd Mother, the Mother of Heaven and Earth and the very Divine Vessel of Christ Jesus.

Children, I am weary of Man’s apostasy. Why do you lean forward towards death so eagerly? Why do you find such joy in immorality and in what is so contrary to My Will for you? I do not burden My Children. My Love places Light in your Hearts and makes what this World throws at you something easily manageable. You wont for nothing and revel in My Divine Love.

Children, believe in My Divine Love. Do not wait to pray, but pray always. In every minute of your waking days, pray. This is how you will be prepared to face the devastations that come.

Oh, My Children, I weep for Man as do the Angels of Heaven. Our eyes turn away at the gravity of your sins and watch as Divine Justice has its way.

Belovéds, I am always with you. I comfort you when your Heart is open to Me. I give you My Blessings, especially as My Body and Blood are fused with your own. The Eucharist is Me, your Christ Jesus, in all of My Divinity and Mystery. I give to you such Blessings when you come to Me with a pure and repentant Heart and with Loving intentions.

Bewildered Children, do not chafe at what this World does, but embrace Me and seek solace, understanding, and guidance from the Holy Spirit. Pray and remove yourself from the noise and chaos around you. Listen to the voice of My Holy Spirit who descends upon you to give you Peace and discernment. Be silent and uncontrary. You will hear His Words when you are still. If you doubt and your Heart is troubled or confused, know that those words are not of God. I am a God of Love. I do not instill fear and confusion into the Hearts of My Children. I impose discernment but discernment with a peace glorified by My Great Love.

My Children, constantly pray for My Servants, for so many have strayed. They are My Belovéd Apostles, tasked with guiding My Children to Me. Pray, My Children, for many of them falter in their devotion and service to Me. Many no longer believe or have faith in My Mystery. Many blaspheme and are driven by avarice and a love for the material World. Many have lost their way and do not pray with trusting and Loving Hearts. They have become lukewarm, like so many of My Belovéd Children. Many sin gleefully against Me and with purpose.

Oh, Children, the recompense for these things is terrible and permanent. Thus, I say, pray always for My Servants. They must lead My Belovéd Children rightly to Me.

Belovéd Children, I delight in you. Feel Me and believe that I am perpetually with you and within you. Thus, enjoy and delve into the Loving Peace I give to you. Peace, My Children. Peace.