I shed My own precious blood for you unto death

By Linda

April 27, 2021

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God's Messages for Us

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 @ 3:46 pm – 4:29 pm

Belovéd Children of My Sacred Heart, take heed and stop your sinning. Even the smallest of transgressions wound My Loving Heart and open your Souls to darker sins. Cease sinning, My Belovéds, and do not condone it in others, including within those whom you purport to Love.

To allow those you Love to sin without compunction or correction is in itself a heartbreak to Me. You are My Holy and Belovéd Soldiers. And especially when it is most difficult, correct your brothers and sisters and steer them away from sin. Their anger may hurt you, but you must rejoice in your holy efforts as you attempt to save Souls for your Loving Jesus.

My Children, do not despair when you are ridiculed for your faith in Me. I too was ridiculed and insulted and made a pariah to My Own Belovéds who I sought only to save. A slave cannot supplant his Master but works for his Master’s continued success and prosperity.

Belovéds, so many of you have such questions and fears. Where shall you go? How will you survive? What of your Belovéd families? Your children and loved ones? Children, place the whole of your Love and trust in Me, your Lord Jesus Christ. I shed My Own Precious Blood for you unto death. I did not do so in vain that generations past (later), you would live in doubt and fear. My Belovéd Children, place all of your faith and trust in Me and Me alone.

If you are to lose all that you own, does your own Heart believe I abandon you? Is that the value you place on what is temporal against My Divine Love and Plans for you?

Children, I say to you again and again, difficulties come. Yes! This is true, but these difficulties and sufferings will turn so many Souls to Me, and that is My Greatest Desire – to bring all Souls to Me and leave not one to perdition. And if you are for Me, why do you fear? Do not be afraid, My Children. Simply, devotedly pray. I answer all prayers with My Boundless Love and Mercy.

Prayer will give you the strength to face what comes. Whether you are to suffer adversity and tragedies or not, prayer will give you constancy in your Love for Me and discernment. Do you believe that the worst that could happen would be the total demolition of this World? Pray, My Loves, and consider this. The larger tragedy is the death of unprepared and unreconciled Souls. That is a far greater sadness and one that I ask you to pray against. Pray for those who do not believe. Pray for those who blaspheme the Name of God and the Queen of Peace. Pray for the lukewarm and those who have placed what is worldly first. Pray for those who worship the evils that society presents to them by gluttony, pride, lust, and greed. Pray for My Servants, for so many wander, and still others fully advocate for darkness.

I say that prayer should be a constant. As this storm grows stronger, each wave shall grow higher and crash harder. As the storm strengthens, each wave will come faster, one after another, thereby confusing and disorienting many. Man shall not catch his breath as one storm erupts into another devastation and another.
Man causes each wave, and because he believes himself capable of usurping the King of Heaven and God Almighty, many will perish. Some will perish from diseases introduced by Man and enhanced by Man. Others shall sit in the path of earth’s manifestations of Man’s sins in the airs and oceans and on land.

I say to you, My Children, do not let the calm before the storm make you doubt. It will come so suddenly like a clap of thunder in the night. All the things that you see will be gone tomorrow. Lands will roll into the seas and fires will race through cities. [I have always seen this as fingers of fire sweeping across the streets of New York City.]
Yes, these things are frightening, My Children. The Children I Love so much have turned against Me time and again. Thus, the force of My Correction echoes the calibre and frequency of Man’s apostasies. If there are fires across the World, it is to avenge the murdering of My Little Flowers, for the fires will run as thickly and as much as the blood of My Flowers has run.

My Children, you cannot serve two Masters. You cannot serve darkness and try to live in the Light. You cannot proclaim My Name on the Holy Day and destroy men thereafter. You cannot be hypocrites, My Children. I know what is in each Man’s Heart and Soul. I know when good deeds are done to advance yourself and those that are done in My Name to Glorify Love. I know when a Heart is lukewarm and the detriment of approaching Me with an indifferent or uncontrite Heart.

Children, there is much to atone for. You see how destructive and excessive the apostasy of Man has become. And as you Love your Lord God and Savior, I ask that as you pray, you rejoice in knowing that Man – many men – shall be saved. Their tragedies and suffering will open their Hearts to My Safety, Love, and Compassion.
And you, My Prayerful Ones whom I hold with such affection will be the Lights that guide the bewildered back to their Loving Father and Salvation. Is this not a blessed and worthy cause, My Children? This is another reason I say to you, do not fear but rejoice in your sufferings. They shall do much good, and in fact, I ask you to give to Me all of your sufferings, small and large, in reparation for the sins of Man.

Even one small suffering is the world in My Heart. I ask in particular for prayers for My Belovéd Servants. So many have strayed away from Me. Some no longer respect or have an appreciation for My Great Mystery. Some join Me at My Altar with doubt in their Hearts. Some blaspheme because they are so far from Me as to fit in darkness more comfortably. Others suffer from avarice and pride. Others have become political creatures and no longer keep Me in their Hearts. And those who holily carry out the duties for their Father and God need prayer to sustain their strength, constancy, and doggedness in the face of adversities.

Ensure My Little Flowers are baptized. Partake of the Eucharist often and keep yourselves in a state of grace. So much change comes, My Loves.

Rely on your Loving God and the Lord, Jesus Christ. Put all of your faith, trust, and Love in Me. Be like a trusting Child, without concern or fear for yourself. Cleave to Me, My Children, and know that you are living in the cradle of My Great Love.

Peace, My Children. Peace.