So much that is Holy is Defiled

By Linda

May 16, 2021

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God's Messages for Us

Message from Our Lord

Sunday, May 16, 2021 12:27 am - 1:55 am (83 m)
.... I know You provide us guidance, but if You would, please make it louder.
Eternal Children of My Divine Love, I yearn for you. All of My Longing consumes Me. I am Love and I seek Love from you. How joyous I am when one Heart declares its endearing Love for Me.

My Children, your constancy and endearment (are) of the utmost importance. Everything that I ask of you today is of the utmost importance. Belovéd Children, My Mercy is great and kind or soft or gentle. But My Justice is stern and (allows) no excuses or accepts no excuses.

Do not believe that I am blind to sin. Do not believe that I accept sin. For yours is a choice between Heaven and hell. So few obtain the Light of God. Why? It is because you believe the fruits of evil serve you well on earth. Oh Children, open your eyes! Open your eyes to truth and know I do not accept sin, nor do I accept your condonement of it.

Children, just as My Servants can mislead, so do My vocal or strong Children mislead (in) your blindness to evil. There is a veil upon the eyes and ears of many. Do not fall under this veil, My Children, but pray. Oh, My Children, your prayers Bless you with the discernment granted to you by the very Holy Spirit who precedes before me that you may be guided by holiness and Light.

Children, many are fooled. Many of My Righteous Children are fooled. Your prayers draw them back to Me. Your prayers open their eyes to their misgivings and mistakes. Even the best and strongest of My Belovéd Servants must be on their guard. Do not be arrogant or prideful. All can be deceived. Thus, you must cleave to Me humbly, Lovingly, and with the fulness and trust of your Hearts.

Hear Me, My Servants! Your duties are great. So are the punishments for those who lead My Belovéd Children astray by your indifference, your lack of deference, your injustices, your prejudice, and your inclination to be lackadaisical. Servants of Mine, you are the very guardians of My Belovéd Church. Thus, your duty is a heavy and august one. I look to you, My Faithful Ones, for you shall be the remnant that sustains and renews her.

Belovéd Children of My Sacred Heart, pray. My Children, I am so sorrowful and bewildered by the amount of Souls who fall to perdition. Every thorn, every scourge, and every wound throbs with agony with each Soul lost to perdition.

My Belovéd Children, by your ardent prayers, Souls are saved! Do not cease in your prayers for those Souls making penance in Purgatory. For those who are in danger of perdition here on earth. For those who deny Me still, despite the signs and glory proving My Love and devotion to Mankind.

Oh, Belovéds, your wills have caused such damage. I long for your Souls and most blessed free wills to turn to Me. I am yours. Do you not see? Do you not perceive My Great Blessings I bestow upon you? All of My Sacred and wounded Heart longs for you. My Eyes pour tears out upon Mankind for your lapses. My Heart yearns to save you from perdition.

Alas, you are determined to live in darkness. Your gluttony for pleasure and greed make you reject Eternal Life. My Children! My Belovéds! Do not be so short-sighted as to accept what is so far less than the gifts of Heaven! Place (into) your Hearts…your greatest desire. What would bring your Heart lasting and astonishing joy? See this. Realize it, and multiply your joys by a thousandfold and that will still not provide you the degree of gifts and joy I have for you.

Such is My Love and anticipation and hope for your repentance. I wait until even the last moments with hope that the lost Soul turns to Me.

Children, you see My Miracles. You see how I work through each of you. I do this because I capture your attention. Do not deny Me, but become a worthy soldier of this Spiritual Battle. Your prayers are so powerful, that even My Angels are astounded. Do not pay prayer short shrift. You will not know the efficacy and power of your prayers until My Great and Loving Mystery is revealed. Then, you shall wish to have prayed more ardently and with a trust and faith unequaled in Man. Trust wholeheartedly, My Children, that your prayers ring throughout Heaven, and that your Belovéd and Blesséd Lord Jesus hears and responds.

Children, so much that is Holy is defiled. So many of My Gifts are rejected or destroyed. In particular, My Children, I am horrified by your treatment or response or behavior or action towards the Belovéd Little Flowers I bestow upon you as great gifts. How lightly you treat their Souls. How easily you crush their lives and Lights out, and I am not only dismayed, but horrified and indignant of this atrocity.

Do you not believe that I will demand blood for blood? Do you find the murder of My Little Flowers will not be an extreme offense to Me? Your Lord God and Savior? For what purpose were you made but to Love and be Loved and to expand upon Love as a participant and recipient of Love?

My Children, you are so far from My Original Desire for you. I redeem, though, and I offer to you a Lifegiving Door. I offer you My Everlasting and saving Grace. Why do so many reject Me? I say to you, these coming years will give a scourge to Man to draw many to Me. You did not come when I whispered with such Love.  You did not answer when I called to you in desperation. You did not respond when I repeated My Calls in great desperation – such desperation that My Belovéd Mother was compelled to answer to assuage My Pain. So now you shall hear My Thunder. You shall face (great) attacks and troubles wrought forth by Man. He shall not seek My Comfort, Guidance, or aid, and so all shall suffer from this denial. Hold tight to your faith, My Devoted Children and be steadfast in your prayers. While I call so many now, so many are still behind. And it is this prayerful group, these Prayerful Souls, that shall endure much.

Once again, My Message is troubling and it makes you fearful, but I say to you once more, if I am for you, who can be against you? How do you fear when the God of Hosts stands beside you?

Take solace, My Children, in My Endearing Love for you. Seek refuge in the Loving Arms of My Most Belovéd and Blesséd Mother. Her generosity and BIGNESS of Heart will not fail you. I am Her Belovéd and Holy Son. I do not deny My Blesséd Mother who has endured so much for Her Love of Me. Thus, turn to Her. Turn to Her and accept and revel in the safety of Her Divine Mantle. I sent Her before Me to guide and protect you. You have been (given/sent) messages through so many of My Belovéd and unknown or unrecognized Children. Take heed, doubters of My Retribution. Take notice. I am not fooled by words, actions, or denials. I see into Souls and Love what is Love and despise what is deceitful and dishonest. I know when good deeds are done to advance the doer. Do you not understand, My Children? Your Souls are laid bare before Me. And when you see the detriment of sin through My Eyes, you shall fall prostrate and beg for My Cleansing Forgiveness.

Belovéd Children, know to the cores of your Hearts that I, your Belovéd and Most High Jesus Christ, forgive the repentant Soul. How can I not? Love begets Love, and I cannot do anything but Love. Yet, there is justice too. Love is not fooled, nor is it made a fool. All that is done upon earth that is sinful will require an accounting.
This accounting will be a terrible thing, as it shall be put forth in the face of My Terrible Justice, and it does not forgive, but issues final justice upon those who have not received My Mercy beforehand.

Belovéd Children of My Sacred Heart, I ask for so much effort on your part, but because you are My Belovéd Prayerful Ones, My Heart is consoled with the knowledge that by your prayers, you will continue to bring Souls to Me.
Belovéds, if you only knew My Pain upon the Cross of Redemption, how I would weep for those who would abandon Me and My Love, surely you too would be consumed by My Immense sadness. But as it stands, you have much to do for My Joy, and I look to each of you with much Love and gladness.

You will be purveyors of sanctity and truth. You will lead the bewildered to Me. My Children, you are such singular and unique Loves to Me. I take delight and joy in each one of you and for vastly different blessings. Each of you is My Special and Precious Child, and I will do anything for you.

Trust in Me. Give to Me your trust as a gift of your complete Love. Know that My Hand sits upon your shoulder; that My Arms embrace you to comfort you and reassure you that you are precious. Believe in My Love which is immense. You cannot fathom your importance to Me. I am lost without you, My Loves.

Trust in My Love and compassion. You were made by Love, for Love, and with the entirety of Love. You are blessed. Live as such and rely on Me in all things, both joyful and tragic, both simple and difficult. Above all, pray for My Belovéd Sons, for so many wander. So many must need to be confronted. My Children, when you are before the magisterium, do not do so in anger or with accusations upon your tongue. Only, be silent and still and allow the most Holy Spirit to speak. He shall guide and rebuke and lead My misguided Servants back to Me. Trust in the righteousness of Love. Know that My Servants carry a very heavy weight, and those who misguide My Belovéd flock shall pay a heavy and terrible price.

Thus, I say, pray for My Belovéd Servants, for so many have strayed and are in grave danger of perdition. This is why I say to you, many of My Prayerful Children shall find themselves before My Servants. Again, be still and allow the Holy Spirit to speak. It is by the Holy Spirt that many of My Servants shall repent. And woe to those who do not.

This World faces tragedy. Do not believe otherwise. It is another cleansing because your sins are so great and so imaginative as to appall the whole of Heaven. I do not strike but allow you to strike yourselves. Even still, the earth shall struggle or tremble beneath you. Disease will multiply and lands will catch fire or fall into the sea. There will be great wars. A skirmish will turn into a battle. A battle will transform into a war. And this war shall transform into a worldly fight the like that has never been seen. These warrings (wars) are great and they are grave.

Take solace in the knowledge that all of these tribulations lead to the saving of many. It is a dividing line between Light and darkness; between those who will acquiesce to the antichrist and those who will remain faithful to the Son of Man. Be watchful, My Belovéds, and pray unceasingly. Look to the Spirit for guidance and discernment.
My Prayerful Ones shall see detriment as it is placed before them. You shall see what those who have been covered by the veil of ignorance cannot see. I shall place before you knowledge and discernment that the world and its lies are not able to distract you.

Belovéd Children, in your smallness, embrace Me. Cleave to Me. I am here, longing for your Love and affection. I shall carry you and hold onto you if only you will give your will over to Me. Rest in the peace of My Love, My Children. Always seek My Peace, especially in the midst of trials and tribulations. You shall be sorely tested. Pray, and you shall not succumb to that which would be detrimental to you. Trust in Me and be faithful in your Adoration. Stay within a State of Grace always, for you do not know when I shall call thee. Peace, My Children. Peace.