Your Loving Prayers are a Salve to My Wounds

By Linda

October 8, 2021

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God's Messages for Us

Friday, October 8, 2021 1:14 – 1:53 (39m)

Oh, My Children of My Divine Heart, too many of you turn away from Me daily. You are entangled in your Worldly, daily concerns and ignore My request to enter your Hearts to guide and Love you. My Greatest Desire is to redeem All Souls that each of My Children be with Me in Eternity.

Children, invite Me into your Hearts! Invite Me into your lives. I desire to help you in all things. I wish to be with you and noticed by you and Loved by you every moment of every day. Let My Hands envelop yours as you work. Let My Holy Eyes give you My Vision that all you see shall be virtuous. Give to Me your ears that all sounds be in Glorification of God.

Oh, Children, let Me in and your lives will change. Lean towards Love and know the peace I bring to your Hearts. Do not let your Beauteous and Precious Souls wither in the hands of this World which craves death, deception, and separation from your Most Loving God.

I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, and by My Profound Love and compassion for each of you, I endured degradation, agonies, and death to redeem you. Do you doubt Me? Do you doubt Eternity or the possibility of repercussions and Hell? Do not doubt, for these are as sure and as real as the mountains before you. They are as real as the oceans surrounding you and the sun in the sky and the ground beneath your feet!

Children, do not delay. Do not separate yourselves from Me. Such suffering comes and the Serpent is preparing for your desolation. Oh, Children, look to Me in all things. Turn to Me when you are fearful. Turn to Me when you are confused. Turn to Me when you doubt or feel pain or joy or thanksgiving. Just turn to Me! Why does Man reject Love in its purest, most enormous form? Why reject what is good?

My Children, I am rejected because Man has allowed sin to become His Master. Instead of Love, Man feels hatred. Man prefers sin and desires the riches, position, fame, fulfillment from pleasures, gluttony, and more.
I weep, My Children. My Heart shatters at the knowledge of what comes and what must come. Do you not see the machinations already set in place to wreak havoc upon Man? My Belovéd and Devoted Disciples will be marginalized, defamed, brutalized, and silenced. Already you are seeing silence imposed on those who Love Me and, in that Love, know that black is proclaimed white and white black. Already, My Devoted Children feel the strength of the winds of this storm. Oh, My Children, you allow this because your eyes are blanketed and you do not wish to hear My Loving Entreaties!

Belovéd Man, you are made in My Image. I Am Divinity, Mercy, and Holy. My Children, just as in My Crucifixion, you degrade Me now. You wound Me and tear Me to shreds and cause My Aching Heart to bleed by your ignominious acts and love of death.

Children, you have cultivated a World of Death where it is acceptable and even encouraged to destroy My Gifts, My Precious Little Flowers. How hard have your Hearts become when you can shed the blood of the innocents without pause nor compassion or great sadness. Even My Animals weep at the death of their cubs.
My Children, this World as you know it will be stifled. In the coming years, you shall (see) death increase thousands by thousands and by thousands more. The East shall attack the West like thieves breaking into an unguarded city. My Children, for your lack of Love and faith in Me, for your utter rejection of My Love, you shall endure such horrific times.

Turn to Me in your woes and sorrows, and I immediately fuse your Hearts to My Own. I immediately fuse your Hearts to My Own. I immediately send My Angels to support you. The Holy Spirit flies to your Hearts to give you strength, persistence, and constant devotions. Only, call Me!

My Children, I tell you these things not to make you afraid but to prepare you for these dry and desolate times.
Faithful Ones, pray and attend to Me every day. Soon, priests will be lost or vilified so that Masses will be scarce or fraudulent. Soon, these skies will be filled with a smoke that will obliterate the sun. My Children, many will be wiped from this earth and you will be stunned by the magnitude of this change. Oh, Belovéd Children, I press you to My Heart and wait for your Loving response, but too many are quiet. Too many devote themselves to what is temporal or worse, what is evil. See the vulgarities that assault your eyes! Hear the irreligious defile My Holy Name! Oh, Children, I abhor sin and by your Souls, you must not compromise with sin! Worship Me with full Hearts and will all your trust. Your Lord Jesus Christ is affectionate, gentle, compassionate, and Loving.
Do not doubt My Love for you, especially when this World is steeped in chaos. It is then when your Love, Devotion, and trust will be tested. Pray unceasingly and trust in Me and you shall find yourselves safely overcoming the bindings this World will attempt to throw at you. Pray, My Children, and I answer you with all Love.
My Children, do not fear. Do not mistake these tragedies with abandonment or rejection. I am a God of Mercy but I cannot abide by the sinfulness of this World. Gold must be purified and you are more precious to Me than gold or any other thing Man might deem valuable. Trust in that Love. Trust that you are Precious to Me and know I allow this storm to purify Man and bring many back into My Arms. I wait, both dreading the storm but (anticipating) the joy that comes after. And like a violent storm that destroys and creates chaos, so does the end glow with dew, freshness, and new Life and light.

Trust in Me. Pray for My Servants. Many who have strayed will feel the sting of their sinfulness. Pray for My Belovéd Faithful Servants, for they shall face rebukes, ignominy, slander, and more for their faith and Love for Me, the Lord Jesus Christ. Know that I walk with each of them and share My Passion with a Loving gaze and assuaged Heart.

Pray for those who advance the sciences of death, for they kill My Little Flowers without compunction and are desirous to extend that death to more and more.

My Children, I do not abandon you. Even when the sky is at its darkest and you are surrounded by enemies, I am beside you, giving to you My Strength and Patience.

Belovéd Children, pray and behold the Eucharist with your Hearts in your eyes. Love Me and (be compassionate), for I am ever-wounded by Man. Your Loving Prayers are a salve to My Wounds. My Belovéd Children, I bless you and give to you My Peace. Peace, My Children. Peace.