Devote Yourselves to Me

By Linda

September 7, 2021

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God's Messages for Us

Message from Our Lord

Tuesday, September 7, 2021 9:13 am – 9:45 am 32m

Oh, My Children of My Precious Blood, come to Me for succor and rest. Leave the sins of your past and come to Me, your Most Loving Lord Jesus, and in My Heart and Mercy, you will find peace.

Do not wait, My Belovéd Children. You cannot afford to wait. My Mercy is profound, but the sins of Man crush Me like the weight of My Cross, and your blasphemies fill Me with pain.

Children, know that the Lord of Heaven sees all that you do, every sin, every act of goodness, every charity, and every evil design. Mankind, blush before Me! Your sins are terrible and you must repair for each one by means of sorrow. Children, I ask that you pray ceaselessly. Ah, your prayers are a salve to My Wounded Heart. It is filled with such ardent and passionate Love for each of My Belovéd Children, and I wish to admit each of you into My Heart. Hear Me, Children. Let Me and the flowing of My Constant Graces enter into your Hearts that you may find your way to Me.

Please, My Children, do not reject Me. Do not reject Love. How can you? Love is the force of Life and unites all of My Children, all of Creation, to Me. Belovéds, you have no more Time. I have given you much and time and again. I have been hopeful, patient, Loving, and watchful over each of you. Some have heard My Loving Calls, but too many have ignored Me.

Indeed, many, in hearing My Loving Calls, have turned their backs to Me to deliberately pursue such evils.
The Angels in Heaven sigh in dismay and must turn their Holy Eyes away from what they see Man do to themselves and their Souls. They sigh in horror of your sins and see the pains each act and transgression wounds Me again and again.

Children, I am devoted to you. Devote yourselves to Me. Come to Me that you may meet Me in My Glory. I offer each of you My Great Love and Mercy. Do not deny your Christ Jesus of your Love. Have pity on My Divine Heart and come to Me with your own Love and joyful obedience.

My Belovéds, choose Me! Deny this World and the calamities it brings. You cannot have Lasting Life by leaning on what is temporal. The things of this World – your desires, the material of your joys, the positions you hold amongst Men, your wealth, and your impoverished passions. None of these will sustain you or bring you lasting happiness or Lasting Life.

Eternity is in the Hands of the Most Divine Trinity. What can this World offer you that your Lord God cannot double a thousandfold? And the gifts I give to you are permanent. They do not betray you, nor do they bring you pain, nor make you anxious.

Oh, My Belovéd Children, hear Me. Pray! Pray for those who have tied themselves to evil with a gleeful anticipation of power. They are sadly deceived and you must pray for them all. Your prayers assuage the pain I shoulder for their sins.

Children, pray for those who hate. Hatred is penetrable and sinful and provides a solid foothold for Satan. He would enjoy placing the entire world under the power of hatred, knowing how it corrupts and destroys Souls. Do not let the liar and thief steal one more Soul. Pray and I shall soften the Hearts of the hardened Souls.

Belovéd Children of My Divine Passion, come to Me in prayer and Adoration. I request your Love and devotion to soothe the cutting and stinging wounds in My Most Holy Heart that have been wrought by Man and his rejection of Me. I find great consolation in your company and swim Lovingly in your Souls. I bless each of you most gently and Lovingly.

Children, you ask, when? When? Now, My Children, now. You live at a precarious time and all that you see will be altered to the extent that you will not recognize it from one day to the next. You are living in the times of your admonishment. Do not doubt nor ask what. Know that I have held back Divine Justice for Love of Mankind and with great hope that you would deny sin. Yet, your sins have only grown more terrible and in quantity. I cannot allow the evil one to capture the Souls of My Belovéd Children. Thus, what Man does to Man, I permit, knowing this chastisement of pain will bring many of My Belovéd Children back to the Glory of My Love.

Belovéds, trust in Me. I will be with you at all times. Trust in Me, and I will give you strength, confidence, discernment and fortitude to face what you must face. Do not grow angry or obstinate because you suffer, but turn to Me in all things and you will reap the true and Divine benefit of My Graces and Love.

Now, I say to you, Children of My Divine Heart, pray and soothe My Pains. Pray and I will call those you Love with ardent and powerful calls and entreaties.

Honor My kind and Beauteous Mother and the Mantle of Her Love will protect you. My Children, pray for My Servants. The majority have strayed, and there is only a remnant of faithful. I worry with great dread at their sinfulness. They will account for much. Pray for My Belovéd Servants. It is a plea for their Souls.

Children, I walk with you at every moment. Pray and I respond with Love. Today, I give to you My Profound Love and lasting peace. Peace.