I have given everything to you

By Linda

February 26, 2022

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God's Messages for Us

Saturday, February 26, 2022
10:45 – 11:51 pm

My Belovéd Children, I forgive! You need only come to Me for Mercy and My Heart is yours. Do you not see My Sadness? Do you not see Me crying with despair about what you are to suffer? I draw you to Me. I beg for your Love. Why is truth and Love so difficult for you to accept?

Instead, you follow corruption and accept sinfulness easily. You gleefully dismiss Me and hide My Love and Joyousness from My Little Flowers. Indeed, you are murdering My Little Flowers by the millions, and I cannot stand idly by as you condemn yourselves to eternal darkness.

Oh, Children, if you only knew the horrendousness or unspeakable pains or the indescribable horror of hell, you would not take what actions you take so lightly. Children, your eyes should always look to Heaven. Your time must always be dedicated to Me. You must always strive to live within My Will. Oh, Children, how will you survive if you deny Me?

I weep, My Children, for your pridefulness and sinfulness and stubbornness have condemned you. War comes. Famine comes. Sadness comes. You will want for everything you have taken for granted. What was once a cake will become a crumb of bread, and it shall be a prize to you. A drink of water will be like gold upon your tongue. You shall weep and thirst and go without the succor of the Eucharist, and those who are weak in prayer will feel the ache of thirst within their Hearts. The prayerful will not have it easy as well, but the Holy Spirit flies to you and provides the Consecrated Christ to nourish and save you. Yes, My Children, these times within which you live will be most difficult, but you serve the Lord, your Father, and in every effort you make, I bless you.

You are My small and imperfect creatures. Do not fear but trust in My Love. Do you think that your Heavenly Parent seeks to do you harm? Do you think I abandon you in your time of greatest need?

Of course, I do not! Have faith! You will face tragedy and sufferings but has My Belovéd Son not suffered more? Take upon your own shoulders the weight of your cross and walk with My Belovéd Son through His Passion. Meditate upon His Pain and Suffering. Understand to the interior of your Hearts His Sacrifice for you. See, within your Soul’s eyes, His sufferings and great Love for you.

Children, I did not cry out to My Father because He abandoned Me. No! I cried out in disbelief that Man, so Belovéd to Me, betrayed Me time and again. I called out in dismay, “why have you abandoned Me?!” Why have you put Me through such suffering as I see you lost to perdition?!

My Belovéd Father did not abandon Me, but My Belovéd Children throughout the ages shunned My Love and Mercy and made Me cry out in fear and desperation upon the Cross of Redemption and Mercy. I have given everything to you! I have saved you and given you life! I offer salvation by My Great Sufferings, but what burns Me more, what brings Me more pain and suffering, more tortures than the nails that struck My Hands and the nails that pinned My Legs to the wood of the Cross, more horrifying and bewildering is your lack of belief and Love for Me, You Belovéd Savior.

Do you no longer believe in the sanctity of My Love, My Children? Do you not recognize My Love everywhere? Calling to you and begging for your attention and Love?

Oh, Children, I am a Most Loving Parent and as an Almighty King, a just judge. There must be a dividing line – a definition that is clear beyond thought – between good and evil. Between light and darkness. Truth and lies. Recall, My Belovéds, that the Liar is clever and so many shall be deceived.

To My dismay, so many shall be fooled. My very disciples shall be fooled. My devoted shall be fooled. Why? Because the sin of pride and boastfulness is strong within your Hearts. You must be small and humble and trusting. You must know My Word and pray and guard your Hearts. Live within My Own Heart and I shall deliver you.

Oh, Children, you have asked so often, why. Why must these things happen? What are these things that must happen? When shall they come about? Do not be overcome by blindness. I have given you evidence everywhere and the guidance of My Belovéd Prophets who have been scorned time and again, and their injury has yet to begin! You shall weep for those who sounded the horns so bravely and who were put to death for their truth and honesty in proclaiming Christ as Lord God.

Pray! Pray, My Children. Of what use are weapons or rhetoric or laws or miscontent? Pray. DO I not move mountains? Do I not part seas? Have you become so dry in your faith that the mystical is impossible? What must I do to show you that I take your prayers seriously? I answer you! I hear you! I listen to your every word, because you are precious to Me!

Children, what comes must come. The detriments will make so many turn to Me. So many will be enlightened and understand the depths of My Love and Mercy. All of My Children will witness My Glory and some shall see the cause of My Love and the Will of My Love and the total safety within My Love. Yet, My Belovéds, many fall. I cannot bear to lose My Children day after day and death after death.

I am a Loving Parent and doting Father, but you must not yield to sin. You must not compromise with sin. Every sin has consequences and the unconfessed sin damns the Soul.

Children, do not hesitate to come to Me, your Most Merciful God, for Mercy. I Love and adore and forgive the repentant Heart. I save! And I long for each of you, in all of your fears and imperfections, to come to Me that I may lift you out from your darkness and bring you into the joy and truth of My Light.

Never doubt. Even when you sin deeply, never doubt. I forgive and I will lift you up. Place that promise as a Divine Cross within your Hearts. My Cross and Sacrifice are a promise to you, My Belovéd Children, that I shall never turn you away.

And so, as this World lapses into great sin and readies itself so easily and quickly for war, I say to you, My Children, pray. I hear your prayers and consider each one with Love and Mercy. Pray. You cannot stop the storm, but as with all detriments, your prayers save. They shall protect. I shall grant the merciful peace.
Belovéd Children, pray. Pray on My Passion. For your Love, I suffered entirely within My human body and within My Soul for you. I witnessed Mankind’s infinite betrayals and degradations and sins. Each act wounded Me and continues to sting My Divine Heart, and this is My Greatest sadness and greatest pain. Imagine to have sacrificed your life and blood for Love to be reciprocated with indifference or hatred.

Children, I thirst for your Love. I shall have My Loving Arms open to you when the darkness is at its utmost and you flee. I will be with you when your eyes are opened and your ears finally hear the lies touted upon this World. I shall redeem you as you return to Me. The liar does not rest but fights wholeheartedly for souls. Pray that you may discern his lies.

The World is consumed by his lies, and this cripples the Hearts of Man. War comes because of these lies. Man is weakened and trusting of lies. Do not be fooled. A blanket of blindness covers those who would be deceived from the attachments to this World, to pride, to gluttony, to fear. It shall be lifted soon, but so many of My Belovéd Children shall be blinded, bewildered, and surprised by the truth of their lives. How can one withstand the truth of blackness and sin? And yet, many shall, in their staggering, see Love for what it is and offers, and their Souls shall depend on your own strength to guide them. [We must help others then.]

Thus, I say to you, My Prayerful Ones, prepare to be My Worthy Staffs that lead the lost and confused to the Eucharist that is Me in Body and Soul. You who are My Belovéd Few shall guide the bewildered to understand prayer and to rejoice in My Love.

Make haste, My Children. Things within this World will change soon and will be beyond recognition. Prepare to live humbly, as you were meant to live. I shall give you succor. You must trust in Me. Those who prepare protective dwellings, believe that your endeavors, while difficult, will bear fruit. You are the bulwarks of My Love. Do not give into despair. I open the doors when My Will is done.

Children, many of you prepare with earthly goods. You hoard food and water in fear and preparation. My Children, ensure that you may feed your family but also your neighbors’ families as well. So many will be in need and will need the guidance of prayer. And when you believe that sustenance is short or disappears, I shall place My Hand upon your bread and bless the wine you offer, and sustenance shall be multiplied without explanation. I look after My Belovéd Faithful and ask only that you believe in the power of My Great Love.

Yes, you shall face difficult times, but these times and difficulties, while necessary and inevitable, will bring the Souls of so many of My Belovéd Children back to Me, and there is no greater joy than the reciprocation of My Love. Children, wars come. Turn to Me in your fears and anguish. I see and know that what comes must come. It occurs by your own hands. Thus, pray and live within My Divine Will that brings you peace, understanding, and Divine Love. Peace, Little Ones. Peace.