Do not fear the Illumination of Conscience

By Linda

June 4, 2023

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God's Messages for Us

A Message from Linda

God is sending us miracles. They are happening everywhere. Little miracles and big miracles, all to demonstrate His Glory. We are in difficult but such exciting times. Please do not fear, but trust in the Lord Jesus Christ who loves us so deeply, He created us. Within the vast universes that He created, within our gorgeous solar system, across every ocean and every creature therein, after all the earthly beauty He has given to us, He thought it very important to create YOU as well. If that does not show the bigness of His Love, I'll eat my hat! So do not fear. Do not fear the Illumination of Conscience. Do not fear the New Pentecost. Do not fear but trust. Trust in God and be as a child. A child does not worry about where he will sleep or what he will eat. He trusts in his parents to do these things. Trust in God like that.

Pray the Rosary. This is essential. Go to Confession and receive the Eucharist on the tongue. Know the Catechesis of the Catholic Church, because you will be called on to teach others. And how can you teach what you do not know? Understand what God accepts and what He does not accept. Do not judge, but do not condone sin. Be faithful and know, with all of your Hearts, that He has put you where you are supposed to be. Trust in Him. Let Him know that you trust in Him. Give your hearts over to Him in every worry, every pain, every success, every joy, every tragedy, in everything.

God bless you and yours.