Fight the Battle for Your Souls!

By Linda

May 27, 2024

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God's Messages for Us

Fight the Battle for Your Souls!

Monday, May 27, 2024 9:24 pm

Papa, I keep hearing the word “words.” Words. And then, of course, I wonder what words are right? I always thought that words were clear things that people could use to define things or describe things and to tell the truth. But now…it is as if You are saying that words are changing?

Belovéd Children of My Heart, listen to Me and know what I accept and do not accept. I say to you that words and their meanings are changing, just as white has turned to black and black to white. What was once pure is now distained, and what is dark and terrible is exalted.

Oh, Children of My Heart, do not lose yourselves to this uncompassionate world. My Love gives everything. My Love is all, and you cannot live without the Breath of Life.

Children, know My Word. Know what I accept and do not accept. Do not compromise with what you know is sin. The smallest of sins I detest just as I do the most severe. I detest them because each leads your souls to perdition.

Children, believe Me when I say to you, My Love is ineffable, huge, and unending. It is boundless for you, and you are so very precious to Me.

Children, the clouds have gathered into tumultuous heaps. The winds are ready, and the waters are no longer calm. I do not speak in riddles, Children. My Will is not something to be guessed at but something to be Trusted with the entirety of your Hearts. My Will is Love, and I have made each of you with Love and for Love and by Love.

Know this to be true, My Children. Man has brought about his own destruction and pain. Man has toyed with science and pretended that he might be greater than his Lord God and Father. Think, My Belovéd Children. Was it not the same with Lucifer who wanted to be what I am? He who wished to know all that I Am plunged himself into darkness for his lack of Love for me.

And does not Man do the same? Does man not seek the knowledge of creation within sciences? Not with respect or awe or worship but for the mere thought of becoming a self-god?

Oh, Children, the power of life and death is not one to be taken lightly. It is good to heal the ailments of My Belovéd Children. Indeed, were you to only trust in your Loving Father, I would heal each of your pains with a prayer. Still, you do not trust and you do not believe in the core of your Souls in My Mystical power. (It is as if He sighed.)

Know, My Belovéd Children, that Satan knows My Power and knows that I hold to each of you tightly, because you are My Most Belovéd Children. He feels that I supplanted him with you as My Most Belovéd Creatures, but that is untrue. Satan, the once angelic Lucifer doomed himself and those with him to hell because he deigned to think he might rise above Me.

Thus, the battle foryour Souls began. And this is his biggest complaint and biggest anger. For I gave to you, My Belovéds, Souls.

Lucifer has no Soul, for I did not bestow souls upon My Angels. Yet, they have free will and so Lucifer fell. My Children, your souls are desperately important and precious because I have made you in My Image through your Souls.

Children, above all, I want your Souls to return to Me of your own free will. Love cannot be forced lest it become slavery. So, I wait and long for your Love and attention. I call out for you and thirst for you and send you so many signs of My Endearment.

Come to Me, Children. Come to Me and place your Hearts in My Loving hands. It will not be long now when the World in its great apostasy shall see lands overturned and oceans spill into cities and great fires flow from mountains and nations go to horrific wars. The east will clash with the west and the north will annihilate the south. Children, you do these things which will bring forward your time of trials. These will be terrible times and many peoples will be wiped from this earth. Many cities and nations will disappear under fire and sand and rocks and water. Fires shall fall from the skies and run like great rivers through city after city. You can no longer prevent this, but your prayers will mitigate this tribulation of Souls.

This time of purification will burn and sear your Souls, and you will find Me. My Children will find Me in small places waiting. I shall open My Arms to each of you and pour My Love and healing graces upon each of you who finally hear My Call and heed My warnings. I welcome each of you and long to keep you from suffering. My Mother weeps for you. The angels in Heaven sigh in dismay for what you must suffer.

Children, do not fear the battle(s) of this world but fight in the battle for your souls. Pray! Pray, My Children, and stay close to Me. Align your virtues to My Laws. Look to Me in all things and know that My Word does not change.
My Word is all truth, all joy, and all Love. The Christ Jesus is the Word of God, and trusting in the Christ Jesus is the answer to every question. Trust in the Christ Jesus and know that in every way, He draws you closer to Him and seeks the salvation of Souls.

Children, do not doubt, but trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. He leads you to the Father, and without the Son, there is no path to the Father. And those whose sins He forgives, I forgive. And those who recognize the Son recognize the Father. And those who turn away from the Light of the Son turn away from the Light of the Father.

Words, My Children. Pray and seek the discernment of the Holy Spirit. It is only through constant prayer and deference that you will hear the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He will roar and whisper to you, so you must pray to recognize the Loving Voice who guides you.

Children, you are minutes away from tribulation. What you have experienced thus far in the hardest reaches of the earth does not compare. Pray, and do not fear. What you endure will not be easy. You will face tragedies, and even the good will fall prey to deceit.

Pray, My Children. Pray and partake of the Lamb of God. You by yourselves are weak, helpless creatures. But I am your Lord God and Father, and I do not let darkness overcome those who come to Me with Love and trust and contrition.

Love, My Children. Pray, and look to Me for guidance. Know that while words will change and there will be people who will seek to change meanings and words and make what is black white and what is white, black, the Word of God does not alter. My Word does not change. My truth does not change. My laws do not change.

Peace, My Belovéd Children. Peace and know that My Love is eternally with you. Peace.

"Words" - More Messages About The Word and Words

Thursday, April 18, 2024 – sometime in the evening. I did not take note, but I have been hearing “My Word” over and over again inside my heart for weeks now. I finally sat down to listen. I was reticent because I was unsure. Pray and discern, friends.
Today and then again after Mass on April 19th. Both Messages are about words, Jesus the Word of God, and the lies spoken in false words in this world.
Words, My Child. Words. These will be the tools of deception and you must know My Word. Evil rearranges meanings by manipulating words, and what was once good is pronounced bad many, many times. The words are spoken over and over until My Gentle Children begin to believe and then fear. For words are manipulating the minds and hearts of My Beloved Children. I say to you, know My Word. My Word is unalterable, infallible, and good. Hold on to My Words, Beloveds. They are for you. Know what I accept and do not accept and know that I am not a God of deception, fear, or confusion. I am truth and light. I give My Beloved Children good gifts. I say to you, in this storm, take My Hand. Trust in Me like a child trusts in his Father. You are mine and I have made each of you with Love and for Love and by Love.
Oh Children of this Confusing or treacherous or bewildering World, I speak to you in so many ways. I reach out to you with gentleness, a gentle touch, a vision, a warmth. In every beauty and treasure, it is My Love being sent to you, to charm My Beloved Children, and cheer you in these dismal days of death within the world.
Man has created a world of death for himself. The angels cry out, and the whole of Heaven calls for My Justice. But I am devoted to My Children. I do not abandon you even as you have abandoned your God who Loves you so dearly. My Love for you is a fierce thing and stronger than you can ever fathom. It is BIG, BIG LOVE and I say to you, do not weep for this world. Do not long for riches or amazement or lavishness. The golds and riches of this world are nothing compared to the gifts I have waiting for you in Heaven. Do not be disappointed with your lot in this life, for you shall experience a gift so great from Me as to leave you dumbfounded in My Total Love for you. My Love envelops you. Open your eyes to me, My Children.
Friday, April 19, 2024 8:15 am – 8:58 am.
I am the Truth and the Light. Come to Me through the Solemnity and goodness of My Word, for the Word is Truth and Light.
My Children, know My Word. Know what I accept and do not accept. You cannot compromise with sin. To do so is detrimental to your Souls.
I Love and I Am Love. Listen to the Truth of the Word and let the Holy Spirit guide you in all things. You shall be tested Belovéd Children, and soon. You shall be tested, Belovéd  Children, and soon and so must know My Word most intimately. Do not disbelieve, My Children. I give to you free will but I provide guidance as well that you may join the Kingdom of God.
Children, do not abuse one another. I see so much hideous darknesses in how Man treats Man and in the pains and cries of My Beauteous Little Flowers. You have exposed My Precious Flowers to Death and darknesses so black as to doom Man to Hell.
Hellions, to damage even one Little Flower is to damn yourselves for Eternity! So I say to you, harm My Little Ones no more.
Belovéds, seek and know My Word. I emphasize this within My Child, but she has been slow to answer. Soon, words will change. Words change the definitions of this World and will continue to be used to manipulate this World and even the most prayerful in it. Thus, I say, know My Word. Know the Christ Jesus. Know what your Lord God accepts and will not accept. War comes. A greater war the likes that Man has not seen before, and it will leave much devastation in many, many countries.
The people of Israel shall suffer horribly, but Israel is My Land and will withstand these onslaughts of evil.
Children, I am ever with you, and I say to you again and again, know My Word, for soon the unholy ones will change the Words, My Words, of the Holy Sacrament. These Words, My Word, My Son are sacrosanct and cannot be warped or damaged or altered or bent by Man.
It is inevitable that some will be fooled, and this is from lack of prayer and the failure to take My Word and partake of He who lives and He who Saves. You have very, very little time, My Children, to obtain the Greatest Blessings of the Eucharist, My Son made Man. Do not waste what little time you have to gather up these Blessings, for you will need the Great Strength of the Son to withstand and discern the false words of the anti-christs.
My Spiritual Words cannot be altered, and they cannot be lost from the ravages of war. My Servants shall suffer much; those who are devout and those who have betrayed their devotions to Me. Tragedy touches all of My Children, but do not despair.. Trust in Me fully. Trust in Me and your Hearts will be at peace and your Souls will be fed.
My Word, the Consecration of My Body and Blood will be altered into something false. Thus, I have told many of My Faithful Children to write them down. These Words are sacrosanct and revealed only to My Belovéd Servants in their brotherhood to the Christ Jesus. These precious and Divine Words are sacrosanct and not shared with all of My Children. But now, with the efforts to change My Word, I have asked some of My Belovéds to have My Faithful Servants write them down. They are to write My Most Precious Words which bring My Body and Blood into the humble bread and offered to Me for the goodness of My Children.
Brothers, this Child will come to you with directions that will keep the Words safe and Sacrosanct. Impart these precious Words to those who come to you. Pray to discern the curious from the Righteous. Wait and I shall guide you rightly. Trust and you shall be part of the protection of My Blesséd Words.
Children, take note of this. My Words will be protected with holiness so when you search for the One True Christ, you shall know that the Mass is true and sacrosanct. You shall know that you consume the Word, the true Christ Jesus, His Body and Blood. Be faithful in your Love for Me.
I send you My Peace, Belovéd Children. Protect My Prophets and the Little Flowers who are part of My Praying Army. Shelter My Little Flowers from the death and darknesses of this World.
Belovéd Children, pray. Always pray and trust in the power of your prayers.
Trust in the power of the Rosary. I have entrusted My Blesséd Mother with this tool or weapon or shield against the destruction and subterfuges or confusion in this World. You must remain prayerful, Children. So many of My Children are being fooled and succumb to the lies of the Deceiver.
Children, I Save. I only Am the Truth and the Light.
Know My Word intimately and live in My Great Graces. Belovéd Children, I give to you My Peace. Peace.