Love Penetrates

By Little Mary

February 21, 2024

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Countdown to the Kingdom

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Message from Jesus

“Becoming a Sign of God” (Mass readings: Jonah 3:1-10, Psalm 50, Luke 11:29-32)

My little Mary, in the first reading a cry rises up in the great city of Nineveh. Jonah warns: “Repent, or the city will be destroyed in forty days.” The inhabitants listen and accept his call, and the king and the citizens, great and small, rich and poor, do penance, they wear sackcloth and fast, but above all they make amends for their sin, turning their hearts from evil. This is the sacrifice pleasing to God – not that man tears his clothes and makes sacrifices, but that he converts, that he changes his heart from being malevolent to being good. Once a person’s heart is changed, their entire behavior and life changes, being directed towards the good. Faced with Nineveh’s repentance, God withdraws His hand that was ready to strike it and takes back any intention of destruction.

Today too, how many messages are given, how many authentic prophecies that are giving notice in God’s name of times announcing the great purification which is already taking place. If men would convert, if they would turn their gaze to the Heavenly Father, the announced punishments would be withdrawn. If many were to make amends, many of these warnings would be limited and mitigated. If however no change occurs, these prophecies will come true in their fullness. Prophecy, even if true, is always relative and conditioned by man’s behavior and response.

It is not God who wants punishment, but it becomes necessary for man’s salvation. The Most Holy Father always intervenes and works driven by love in every action, and even His justice is derived from His love in order to help people so that they would not be scattered, so that they would not be lost. His position is always to give suffering and expiation for the purpose of salvation. It is similar to when a child is about to fall into a precipice; in order for it not to fall and die, just as the parent has to use a strong grip in order to prevent it from falling, so does the Father with His creatures.

Why do people not convert? Because they do not believe, they have no faith. They say that they need signs for their beliefs, not understanding that God has already given the supreme sign in His Son, crucified and risen. Now He asks that you yourselves, living your own cross and resurrection, grafted onto Christ, become signs for your neighbors, so that they may yet believe. Each one of you who converts becomes essential for everyone, becoming a sign of light emanating the radiance that illuminates the darkness all around.

Meditate on how, with only twelve people in [terms of] the apostles, the explosion of an entirely pagan world was set off, with it turning to divine realities in the sole God and Lord.

When is it that a person changes their heart and makes amends for their bad past? When they learn to love, when love penetrates, when there is an encounter with their own Lord and, knowing Him, a person loves Him with a love that takes priority in the heart and discards the rest that does not belong to Him, that which is superfluous, vain and contrary to Him.

In the love of God you discover a precious treasure that gives authentic value to that which must be sought and experienced, and you acquire the strength to ward off and overcome every evil, every temptation and sin that previously held you prisoner. Only then is there a sign. Identified with Christ crucified and risen, you take His proclamation and call to your brothers and sisters, having the clarity and vigor to call them to conversion, not only for the times predicted by means of prophecies of the various chastisements announced, but already for their own personal judgment, for the individual life of each person who needs to receive salvation for their eternity.

I bless you.