The Blessed will Dance . . .

By Little Mary

March 11, 2024

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from Jesus

“God is the Father of a Perennial Creation” (Mass readings: Isaiah 65:17-21, Ps 29, Jn 4:43-54)

My little Mary, the land of Haiti has been invaded by the Devil, a land that is consecrated to him. The mass of its people live by his rituals, offered to him with their macumba[1], and there are few who remain righteous and innocent, of whom many will be protected by Me. Others will be martyrs, since only the blood of martyrdom will give new birth to this land, washing away the pact with the evil one.

Behold, the Most Holy Father in his first creation had created Jerusalem for joy, as the first reading proclaims, and the people for rejoicing. He created man so that he could be happy in his earthly garden, where He conversed pleasantly and spoke with him: man lacked nothing and lived in complete happiness, but he did not want to be satisfied with it, wanting even more, even desiring to be God himself, to take His place, wanting to escape from the limitations of his existence and nature through the sin of disobedience, which opened the door of death with its pain and suffering, breaking friendship with the heavenly Father.

God, however, is the One who always recreates, always offers rebirth, and He sent Me, His Son; with My redemption I made a new creation, other heavens and a new earth, washing it with my Blood, mending every sin, forgiving every fault, and man’s adherence would have been sufficient to recreate the garden of delights. Yet in its pride, the human race was still not satisfied with My plan of salvation, always wanting to surpass the Almighty and make itself God, continuing to transgress and to tear apart the renewed creation of the Redeemer with every sin committed, allowing the agonies of torment and injustice always to strike humanity.

The Most Holy Sovereign is He who never retreats and who continually seeks to make all things new, to give everyone the possibility of choosing union with God, the knowledge of His consolation in the personal joy of encountering Him, satisfying every hunger. The Father’s arms are always open for all, offering His joy, and even if men continue to sin, He has already prepared, for those who have taken refuge in Him, his third creation, in the heavenly Jerusalem of a resurrected man. Despite having gone through suffering, having known the pain of earthly life, in the place of the glorious city, at its entrance, as the Psalm says, “lament will be changed into dancing”. All the past will no longer be there; its memory will be forgotten because everything will be joy. There will be neither tears of sadness nor deaths. The blessed will dance, resurrected and happy with a creation that will no longer have trials, but will have eternity.

How can you prepare for it, how can you prepare to experience this eternal joy, if not by re-making the earth of your soul into God’s garden, if not by freeing yourselves from sin? But what can be done to avoid sinning? With faith, children – having faith that He loves you, you do not sin, because you do not want to hurt your beloved and so you follow His instructions. And how can such faith and such love be acquired? By coming to me, ardently seeking me.

Nothing can be born from you: you are like a structure, a scaffolding which I cover and to which I give substance. I give you faith and love: I can make you full with them. You have been given free will to choose to come to Me and pour yourselves out to Me.

Thus, as today’s Gospel relates, men seek wonders and signs in order to believe, which they often seek out of curiosity or for their miraculous effects that give exaltation, but not in order to follow me, unlike the figure of the father in today’s Gospel, who came to me in simplicity, only seeking My person, saying: “Lord, my son is dying, come”, and I already answer: “Your son lives”. My word was enough for him. He, a pagan, believed in My word and, trusting in it, was certain of the child’s return to health on returning home. Faith, children, believes in God’s love, and His response to faith is health: everything comes back to life.

Behold, the glorious King has prepared a sumptuous banquet to nourish you, but men do not come, remaining under-nourished. He has lit a blazing fire to give them warmth, but they stay away from it and remain frozen. He invites, opening His wonderful gardens for their beauty to be contemplated, but men do not enter and remain paralyzed.

Blessed are those who come to the Lord and are refreshed, warmed, consoled and cheered by Him; those who are so will follow the path of His holiness in order to reach the triumph of bliss in His royal house.

I bless you.


↑1 macumba – a form of black magic, known in Haiti, the Caribbean and South America, particularly in Brazil. Macumba and voodoo are very similar. Translator’s note.