Reflection by Luz

By Luz de Maria

August 12, 2016

Brothers and Sisters, we are in the End Times...
I share with you based on what Christ and our Blessed Mother have mentioned to me apart from their Appeals.
I will make mention about this instant of great trials, about the instant of the instants for this generation; we are walking upon the Great Purification of Humanity. I do not mean the end of the world, as it is usually interpreted.
As Heaven's instrument, I receive the Word of Christ or of our Blessed Mother, not only when I must transmit the Revelations given for Humanity. Christ speaks to me privately so that I share with you what He tells me.
We need to see the Signs of the Times, those that are occurring at this instant and are foretold in the Holy Scripture, so that we remain "awake". Awake, attentive, examining ... Holy Scripture does not tell us to remain asleep, to not watch, to not examine, to not see the events around us...
We are in a spiritual battle; some deny it— is it for fear of the Truth?
They deny the existence of the devil in the world, they deny the purging of sins that man commits during his life ... This is precisely the foundation of what evil and its followers have come to prepare: the denial of evil itself, so as to generate confusion with greater insistence and thus to instigate rebellion against God and encourage acceptance of the antichrist.
The devil pursues man with new developments that lead to evil, so as to maintain a lukewarm Church, weak in Wisdom, in order for it to be easy to manipulate from now on, even when the Antichrist has not yet manifested himself to Humanity.
Brothers and sisters, Christ has repeatedly mentioned to us that the changes in this instant are not recognized as such because we live in a multicultural society where everything is viewed as good. And what is seen as bad is the Church of Christ, which is attacked with despicable acts; even without having to mentioning it, the reality is that these are increasing. 
Sadly, we are at a point of no return. We live in the midst of a pattern of threats that is being consolidated, and which is leading men who do not participate in these patterns to live in uncertainty.
The People of God are not waking up, not giving credence to what is happening, perhaps because of the "light" Sunday religion that is believed to fulfill what it is to be a Christian.
Christ and our Blessed Mother tell me that in this instant, it is not God who is directing the world, and we must keep these Words in mind.
A battle exists between good and evil. We live in the midst of the fruits that the devil is reaping, and which many human beings are joining without fear of offending God, because contemporary man has been told that God is only mercy.

The dantesque scenes we see in the media make the heart ache. Tears cannot be held back when we see how children are slaughtered, abused, aborted, abandoned ... Hunger plagues much of humanity, diseases do not wait, and we ask ourselves: 'where are we living?' when we see men mocking God and denying the Signs of the Times.
How is this possible when our Planet is living through the instant of instants? The Earth, after having given man all that it had, was and is attacked by man.
Humanity will remember with sadness the pure air that it used to be able to breathe because, at this instant, it is contaminated. Water will be and is, in some countries, a memory, because this precious liquid for life has been depleted and excessively contaminated by man.
No longer is the earth sown, but death is sown on the earth ... The elderly are a nuisance for some families, as are children and those who are sick and helpless. God comes to take these innocent souls to give them His Love and free them from an enslaving and abusive man.
The forces of evil have brought together men of flesh and bone who desire that it should be evil that prevails, because satan does not have much time left and he traps any man. An instant of falling on the part of the human being is enough for the devil to trap him or her. We must remain vigilant, awake in season and out of season. Therefore, we cannot declare ourselves safe. Evil lies in wait for all mankind.
The massages have been broken down for us, we have been told of the importance and necessity of prayer, as well as of the awareness of good and of the desire to keep fulfilling the Commandments and of desiring to accomplish the Divine Will in order to do it as it is done in Heaven.
WHAT MANKIND DOES NOT WISH TO SEE IS THAT THIS INSTANT IN WHICH WE LIVE IS DECISIVE. I DO NOT SAY THIS, CHRIST IS TELLING ME THIS. Both Christ and our Blessed Mother repeat this in Their Appeals which they address to us and which are an explanation of the Divine Word.
Therefore, we must not waver but know how to recognize how evil attacks, so that this great demonic obstacle, which in this instant keeps breaking apart man's Unity with his Creator, does not achieve its objective, which is that man comes to fall away. 
A great stage exists to which great actors are being added every instant, actors that Humanity lets go by unnoticed and even comes to defend. These actors are those who are preparing the great appearance of the main actor: the antichrist. Man makes a show of his intelligence, and this intelligence has also been used to cause man himself to be dominated by the intelligence of some scientists, who have devoted themselves to altering the feelings of men, keeping them in a constant struggle, which in the end is what man puts into practice.
Humanity has come to forget that it will be judged by God, and judged severely.
Man does not believe that his behavior exerts an influence on what surrounds him and even on the Universe itself. Good thoughts, good desires, good acts and good works succeed in multiplying the good; evil desires, acts and works succeed in increasing the evil that is spreading.
 In this instant, everyone, although they may deny it, see with astonishment how the elements are acting furiously, diseases multiply, revolts and wars do not cease, attacks are an everyday occurrence as a result of man's indifference to the Love of neighbor.
Brothers and sisters, the fruit of all these painful events is alienation from God on the part of man. Man's disobedience makes it so that more importance is given to the flesh that is corruptible and that the Salvation of the soul is looked upon with indifference.
Our Blessed Mother tells me that men are behaving savagely; she tells me that women lend themselves to being an object of lust and goes along with it…
Man lives in a struggle for power. And with great pain, our Mother has shared with me that it is man who plans mass killings, even knowing the pain he will cause; the human heart is indifferent to pain, only interested in conquering and dominating.


We know that large scientific companies are engaged in the development of methods to control even the climate and subject the elements to their will.  






There is speculation about who or what is hindering the advance of evil. Christ tells me that the great obstacle to the coming forward of the antichrist is the EUCHARIST.
That is why He calls us so much to be more of Him than of the world and constantly repeats that we should receive Him consciously, with respect, faith and Love.
Christ continually says that his Mother is a great hindrance for evil, and has mentioned to me that in the past, great wars were stopped through the intercession of His Mother, who remains attentive to the calls of Her children. And what about the ongoing battle in which our Mother takes part so that Her children do not fall into the mire of sin? And if we fall, She, our Mother, intercedes and offers us Her Hand in order that we return to the path of salvation.
Man is endowed with intelligence, and therefore is called to evaluate his actions; he bears an internal law that is the call to Grace, to remain in constant relationship with God.


"I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit..." (Jn 15:5)
We are not God, and we have to seek Him, but not outside ourselves—within ourselves. In order to hear Him and find Him, man has to look at himself and tell himself clearly that the inner life is not reserved for a few, but on the contrary, it is what all of us are called to as Children of God.
In this instant even spirituality has undergone a metamorphosis, because it is thought that being spiritual is to follow the Mass, repeating it without feeling it, staying within what is considered religiosity or thinking that in order to be spiritual one should not live in community, but only by separating oneself from others and living alone. Unfortunately, spirituality has not taken its proper place in the life of Christianity. With great regret, Christ and our Mother tell me that the first thing for a child of God is to be spiritual, and the rest will be given unto us.
Brothers and sisters: spirituality must be nourished, not only living from within the human being but, at the same time, it must come out of the person "ad extra", so that even though each person possesses an inner autonomy, in interaction with their brother and sister, it grows for the common good.
If a human being has good feelings and desires to approach God and neighbor, of course his or her conscience is broad, leading him or her to act rightly and for the welfare of neighbor, being akin to a small universe, in which enter all brothers and sisters and the person shares with them feelings of Faith and Love, which God shares with this person, not keeping these things for himself or herself but extending them to others.
Insofar as the human being enters the depths of the spirit, his/her senses, knowledge, intelligence, feelings, deeds and actions form the climate, the soil, the sun, the stars, the air of this new spiritual universe which in one way or another manages to expand goodness for others, with full use of the human will that lives in the heart of a human being who tends towards God.
Brothers and sisters, let us not merely experience good, let us live it intensely. We have the God-given capacity for our intelligence and our hearts to be moved by the spirit, and let us live as God desires: IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH, BEING FULFILLERS OF HIS WILL.


Our works and acts cause us to grow or shrink as human beings. Christ and our Mother call us to be a blessing for our brothers and sisters, even for those we do not even imagine exist.
Let us be souls of reparation, souls of adoration, souls of goodness.