Message from Our Lord Jesus Christ (1)

By Luz de Maria

July 10, 2016

Luz de Maria: 

I saw Christ sitting watching the road.
He called me and I approached.
He continues looking and does not speak to me.

Looking at Him, I try to fill my mind with various thoughts ...

Christ says to me:

Nothing of what you think is what I feel: these are My children whom I love, these who despise Me and rebel against Me. They are my people, as are those who love Me.

I, not knowing what to respond to the pain of the Divine Words, am silent.


My Love surpasses all that these creatures of Mine are. Ah! but that I love them does not prevent My Justice from being fulfilled in each one of those I love.

Luz de Maria:

I listen in silence.

And Christ tells me:

The lack of love of parents towards their children is what has led the children not to respect their parents. This lack of love and lack of justice is what keeps youth without values.

See, My beloved, see those naked bodies with symbols that represent My Church. It is painful for Me and this made My Cross heavier on the way to Calvary. All this I lived through for every human creature that offends Me in this instant.

See how they tear down the Crosses of My Temples, and they are not exactly those who do not love Me or who rebel in order to follow others. See how those tear down My Temples who falsely say that they love Me and hide in the darkness to crown Me with thorns.

My beloved, how should My People be?

Luz de Maria:

I answer: Lord, a holy, holy People.


Beloved, I do not want a modern People, I want a People respectful of sound Doctrine, accomplishing My Commandments, accomplishing My Will. MODERNISMS CAUSE ME NAUSEA, EVERY MODERNISM PREVAILING WITHIN MY CHURCH IS A NEW SCOURGE THAT I SUFFER.

Evil leads man to his own destruction. You live in war and deny it, you live in fractional war. You will see the earth trembling before the provocations of some nations towards others. Some of My children live with their mind focused on their life, on their human will, in what is immediate, they do not look beyond what they can see with a short-sighted view. Therefore, they deny war and war will soon arrive with its conflicts, pains and invasions. The organization composed of many countries will take a wrong step and this will be a great provocation that will detonate a great conflict.

Beloved, man is constantly assaulted, not only physically but psychologically and spiritually. Aggressively in creatures overflows instantly, detonating poisonous darts at those at his side.


Few homes live like domestic churches. The majority of the members in families are a fruit of fear of the ire of the strongest one in the home.


Beloved, how many warnings have I given My People in order that they might stop?

 Luz de Maria:

Lord, they are countless, but they are lost on one reading, could it be that there are few brothers who really live Your Word?


Beloved, it is thus, they are few who stop and analyze My Word. Some do not analyze it because it is not convenient for them to face their conscience ... You fools, what poverty of hearts! You lie to yourselves rather than facing your personal reality and making amends for your errors.

Luz de Maria:

Christ shows me many severely malnourished and sick children, I see how the mothers of these children trying to weep and the tears do not come out of their eyes: they weep with their hearts!
Truly terrifying, what I see is really terrifying.

How many innocent ones, I feel faint! I would wish to save all those children, some have wounded bodies.

Christ immediately presents me another Vision:

Large chains selling fast-food throw out the products that have not sold during the day.

Then Christ shows me mansions where children of families who live there do not accept the food offered to them, and it is thrown away.

Immediately, He shows me a meeting, I recognize some of those present, who without feeling even a slight pain in their hearts over what they decide, vote in the affirmative so that in Africa our brothers continue dying because of hunger.

He makes me look towards India, and so much poverty contrasts with the luxury of a few.


My beloved: thus is the man of this instant, more cruel with his brothers than in other generations. Genocide passes like a shadow from one end to the other, without conscience moving hearts.

Christ laments over the disobedience of man and says to me: My servants should not live in opulence, but with dignity.

Beloved, the spirit of man has become saturated with evil, so much that he has come to transgress My Designs, through misused science. Rulers allow some atmospheric phenomena to be manipulated by science. In this instant the climate is not the same because of the manipulation of man and because Creation disavows man.

Tell your brothers to pray for Asia, it will suffer excessively. 

My children try to surpass Me and in their eagerness they have altered all Creation, and with Creation they have altered the human body, causing a series of diseases caused by the irresponsibility of Humanity itself.
Tell your brothers to pray over the pestilences that scourge you and will scourge you frequently, being greater one than the other.

Tell them to pray the Rosary of My Precious Blood, and to use what My Mother has given them for combating pestilences and plagues.

Luz de Maria:

Christ shows me His Mother and our Mother, covering with Her Mantle many human creatures who groan and at the same time beg that they will not fall prey to sickness.

Then, in an instant, Christ says to me: My beloved, see how the invaders are taking over Europe, see how they march leaving everything in flames. And I see so much calamity and oppression that My heart is oppressed at such destruction and pain.

Christ tells me: 

Tell your brothers to pray for France, Paris will no longer smile, it will be overwhelmed by terrorism.

Tell your brothers to pray for the United States, the actions of its leaders have created as many enemies as it has had leaders. Tell them that the earth will shake with great force.

My beloved: not all is pain if My children are faithful, if they strive to remain in Our Will, offering when they suffer for the salvation of their brothers.

I bless the path of those who persevere, who look at themselves and recognize wrongdoing.

I bless the path of My children in order that they wake up and that goodwill towards their brothers  increases in every instant. My Hands cleanse the path of those who fall and get up, so that the weight of the falls might not leave them prostrate, but so that they get up and be creatures renewed in faith and willing to reach the finishing-line where I am waiting for them.

My People must instruct themselves, enter into My Word, know Me in order not to fear Me but to enter into My Mercy ...

My People must be more spiritual in order to understand My Words and wish to fulfill them. Whoever is not spiritual in this instant, has before them a great hindrance.


Beloved, Humanity has learned to deceive itself and hates those who tell it the truth, preferring to pass by without stopping instead of truly looking at itself. Those who refuse the explanation of My Word will perish in their foolishness.





There will be another instant where peace will be air, earth, water and fire. Another instant of infinite peace ...

In this instant, you will be purified, then love will be reborn in each one of My People, and with love, spiritualized man will call Me: Father, and you will be My children.


I bless you.


Your Jesus.