With Me, your Lord and God, you leap over walls

By Manuela Strack

November 30, 2022

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Message from the King of Mercy

The King of Mercy was clothed in violet in the form of Prague with a golden crown. He floated in the air surrounded by light and said:

"With Me, your Lord and God, you leap over walls."

Suddenly a horizontal light emanated from Him. It spread all over the outside. Then the apparition disappeared.

I looked on the Internet for keywords in the Bible regarding the statement made by the Lord. In fact, I found the statement of the Divine Child reflected in Psalm 18.


Psalms chapter 18

Psa 18:1 [To the choirmaster. Of David, the servant of the Lord, who sang the words of this song to the Lord, when the Lord delivered him out of the hand of all his enemies and out of the hand of Saul.

Ps 18:2 He said:] - I love you, Lord, my strength,

Psalm 18:3 Lord, my stronghold of rock, my Saviour, my God, my rock on which I build, my shield and the strength of my salvation, my stronghold!

Psa 18:4 I cry out in praise to the Lord; so will I be delivered from my enemies.

Psalm 18:5 The seas of death circled about me, the torrents of evil roused me;

Ps 18:6 The snares of the underworld ensnared me; death's traps met me.

Psa 18:7 In my distress I cried out to the Lord and cried out to my God. He heard my voice in his palace, my screams reached his ears.

Ps 18:8 The earth shook and swayed, the foundations of the mountains trembled; they faltered because he was angry.

Psalm 18:9 Smoke rose from his nostrils, consuming fire issued from his mouth, coals of coal spurted out from him.

Psalm 18:10 He bowed the heavens and came down with darkness at his feet.

Ps 18:11 He rode on the cherub and flew and soared on the wings of the storm.

Psalm 18:12 He made darkness for his tent all around, a sieve of water, and heavy clouds.

Psa 18:13 Out of the splendor before him came hail and embers.

Psalm 18:14 The LORD caused thunder in the sky, and the Most High made his voice loud.

Psa 18:15 He shot his arrows and scattered them, hurled lightning and confused them.

Ps 18:16 Then the depths of the sea became visible, the bottom of the earth was uncovered - before your rebuke, O Lord, before the snuffling breath of your nostrils.

Psa 18:17 He stretched out his hand from on high and took hold of me, and pulled me out of the mighty waters.

Psa 18:18 He snatched me from my mighty enemy, my adversaries who surpassed me in strength.

Psa 18:19 They fell upon me on my unlucky day; but the Lord was my support.

Psalm 18:20 He took me far away, snatched me away because he was kind to me.

Ps 18:21 The Lord rewarded me for my righteous deeds, rewarded me for the cleanliness of my hands.

Psa 18:22 For I have kept in the ways of the Lord, and have not transgressed against my God.

Psa 18:23 Yes, all his commandments stood before me, and I did not reject his statutes.

Psalm 18:24 I was spotless before him and guarded against sin.

Ps 18:25 So the Lord rewarded me for my righteous deeds, the cleanliness of my hands in his sight.

Psa 18:26 You show yourself kind to the good, noble to the noble man.

Psalm 18:27 You show yourself pure to the pure, but perverse to the false.

Psalm 18:28 For you are a helper to the poor, but you bow down proud eyes.

Psa 18:29 Yes, Lord, you are my lamp; My God lightens the darkness for me.

Psalm 18:30 Indeed, with you I will attack hordes; with my God I will scale walls.

Psa 18:31 Impeccable is the way of God, the word of the Lord is tried; he is a shield to all who trust in him.

Psa 18:32 For who is God but the Lord? And who is a rock but our God?

Psa 18:33 God, who girded me with strength, led me safely on my way,

Psalm 18:34 who made my feet quick as deer's, and set me up on my heights,

Psalm 18:35 who taught my hands to fight, that my arms would bend the bow of bronze,

Ps 18:36 you gave me a shield by your help, and your right hand sustained me; your message made me strong.

Psalm 18:37 You made room for my steps, and my ankles did not tremble.

Psalm 18:38 I pursued my enemies, reached them and did not let go until they were crushed.

Psa 18:39 I smashed them; they could no longer get up, they sank under my feet.

Psalm 18:40 You gird me with strength for battle, bowed my opponents under me.

Psa 18:41 You put my enemies to flight, and I was able to destroy my adversaries.

Psa 18:42 They cried out for help, but there was no savior, cried out to the Lord, but he did not hear them.

Psalm 18:43 I ground them like dust in the wind, trampled them like dirt.

Psalm 18:44 You saved me from countless troops and made me head of the people. Peoples I did not know became my servants.

Psa 18:45 As soon as they heard from me, they obeyed me. The sons of strangers flattered me.

Psalm 18:46 The foreigners crouched down and came out of their strongholds.

Psalm 18:47 Long live the Lord! Blessed be my rock, exalted the God of my salvation!

Psalm 18:48 God, who created vengeance for me and subdued peoples to me,

Psa 18:49 who rescued me from my fierce enemies, you exalted me above my opponents, rescued me from the violent man.

Psa 18:50 Therefore I will thank you among the nations, O Lord, and sing praises to your name.

Psa 18:51 He bestowed great victories upon his king, showed kindness upon his anointed, upon David, and upon his descendants forever.