I wish to take the yoke off you

By Manuela Strack

June 25, 2022

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Appearance of the merciful Jesus child over the Maria Annuntiata fountain on June 25, 2022, 3:55 p.m.

I see a beautiful big golden ball of light. She is accompanied by two smaller golden orbs of light. In the middle, the large ball of light is floating in the sky. To the right and left of the large light sphere, a smaller light sphere hovers in the sky above the Jerusalem House property. The great sphere of light opens and a wonderful golden light slides down to us. From this light emerges the gracious Infant Jesus in the form of Prague. It is clothed in the cloak and robe of His Precious Blood. Coat and robe are embroidered with golden lilies. The divine child wears dark brown, short curly hair and a large golden crown. His eye color is blue. In its right hand it carries its golden scepter. In His left hand I see the Vulgate, the BIBLIA SACRA (Holy Scripture). Now the other two balls of light open and a radiant angel emerges from each ball of light. The robe of the angels is plain and simple white. They kneel before the Lord and spread the Lord's cloak over us like a tent, singing:"Misericordias Domini in aeternum cantabo!" (3 times)

The baby Jesus blesses us and says: "In the name of the Father and of the Son - that am I - and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Germany, Germany, what have you done to me? (Own note: Yesterday the German Bundestag decided that abortion may be legally advertised.) Founds the House of Mercy for redress. By grace of the Eternal Father I have come to you. I am the son of God, Jesus Christ. I appear as a child because you disenfranchise children. But I have stretched my protective coat over you like a heavenly tent. A tent of protection. A tent of God among men. I am leading you through this time of trouble and washing your heart in My Heart, in My Sacred Heart.”

Now the Divine Child presses His golden scepter to His heart and it becomes the Aspergill of His Precious Blood. Then the childlike King of Heaven blesses, sprinkles His Precious Blood on us and says to us:

"In the name of the Father and of the Son - that am I - and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."

The Lord is sprinkling His Precious Blood on us and on all who are thinking and asking for Him from afar at this very moment. I thank you with a "Deo Gratias" and can only describe that the Lord, when He appears and sprinkles His Precious Blood on us, also shapes our conscience.

The merciful Infant Jesus speaks to us:

“Repent, dear souls, for I wish to take the yoke off you that is coming. Pray, repent, sacrifice! Live in Me who come to you in the sacraments of My Holy Church."

The Vulgate (BIBLIA SACRA, Sacred Scripture) in the hand of the King of Heaven opens. The Infant Jesus speaks:

“Look, I would love to take this from you. But if you do not repent, it will be so ."

Now I see the Book of Amos, Chapter 8, in the Vulgate (BIBLIA SACRA, Sacred Scripture), opened in the hand of the Divine Child. I hesitate a bit because I don't know this book of Amos and I simply ask the Lord whether this book exists? The Lord confirms this book. I will read everything, I promised the Lord that.

The gracious Child Jesus looks at us with loving eyes and says:

“To you I show My mercy; for I am the king of mercy and that is how I would like to be called by you here. Do not look at the world, for evil will spread throughout the world. Look to Me!”

The divine child speaks to me about a Franciscan priest who has already founded many houses of mercy and whom we were able to speak to personally in Sievernich today. He blesses this connection and tells me that we may walk this path.

At the founding of a house of mercy, the gracious child Jesus speaks:

“Look to Me and rejoice, for the Eternal Father has mercy on you. My coming and speaking to you is an act of My Mercy. The Eternal Father shows you this great grace. Do what I tell you and don't look at the world. Remain faithful to the teaching of the Eternal Father, My teaching! Then everything will work out.”

I thank the Lord and I rejoice. I see that the house of mercy on Germany is again calling down mercy from heaven. It is a kind of atonement for the sins committed. I can't describe it any other way.

The King of Mercy says:

“Dear friends, you see, I go after My sheep. I am the good shepherd and the good shepherd takes care of his sheep. you stay in peace. Abide ye in sanctifying grace.”

The merciful baby Jesus says goodbye with a loving look at us all and says: "Adieu!"

The heavenly King wishes us the following prayer:  O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell. Lead all souls to Heaven, especially those most in need of Your Mercy! Amen. "

The King of Mercy returns to the light and the orb of light closes, shrinks and vanishes. It is the same with the two angels.


This message is announced without prejudging the judgment of the Church.


Own note: A yoke is a harness for farm animals, consisting of a wooden beam. It is also a symbol in the Bible for servitude, slavery and servitude. The term "yoke" is mentioned in many places in the Bible (Matthew 11, 29 ff., 1 Sam. 11.7 and 14, Tim. 6.1, Acts 15.10, Gal.5.1, Rev .6.5.

We should inform ourselves about the status of sanctifying grace, since this term was mentioned here by the Jesus child and is unfortunately not so well known anymore.

In the Bible, please read the book of Amos, chapter 8 for the message:


Amos chapter 8
Here is what the master and lord showed me: Lo and behold, a harvest basket!
And he said: "What do you see, Amos?" I replied, "A harvest basket." The Lord said to me: "The end of the harvest has come for my people Israel. I will not forgive him in the future.
The palace singers will howl on that day" - dictum of the lord and lord. "The number of corpses will be great; they throw them everywhere."
Hear this, you who trample underfoot and destroy the poor of the land!
You are thinking: "When will the new moon finally be over so that we can sell grain, or the Sabbath so that we can offer grain for sale? We want to make the measure smaller, the price higher, deceive with false scales!
We want to buy the needy for money and the poor for a pair of shoes! We also want to bring in the waste from the grain!"
The Lord swore by Jacob's pride: "I shall never forget any of their deeds!"
Shall not the earth tremble at this, and all that dwell on it mourn, so that the whole of it rises like the Nile and sinks like the river of Egypt?
"On that day it will happen" - dictum of the ruler and lord - "I will make the sun go down at noon and the earth become dark in broad daylight.
I will turn your festivals into mourning and all your songs into lamentation. I have mourning clothes on all hips and a bald cut on all heads. I cause sorrow like mourning for the only son, and his end will be like a day of misfortune.
Behold, the days are coming" - pronouncement of the master and lord - when I will send famine into the land, not famine for bread, not thirst for water, but after hearing the word of God.
They will wander from sea to sea, from north to east; they wander about in search of the word of the Lord, but they do not find it.
On that day fair maidens and young men will faint with thirst,
they who swear by Samaria's god of sins and say: "As surely as your God lives, Dan!" and "As your beloved lives, Beersheba!" But they will fall and not get up again."