Pray, "Jesus, I trust in You!"

By Manuela Strack

May 25, 2022

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Message from Jesus to Manuela Strack as the Infant of Prague

Appearance of the gracious Child Jesus at the Maria Annuntiata well on the Jerusalem House property on May 25, 2022

I see a large golden sphere of light shining beautifully and two smaller spheres of light next to it. Everything shines in golden light. The great sphere opens and the merciful Infant Jesus comes out of the sphere of light, wearing a large golden crown, white and golden robe and mantle, golden scepter and a radiant book. Now I see that on the radiant book in His left hand is written "Vulgate". That is the Scriptures. In His right hand the King of Heaven holds His golden scepter. The merciful Infant Jesus has blue eyes and short dark brown curly hair. Now the two angels emerge from the other smaller balls of light. They are dressed in a plain white robe. The angels wear their dark blond hair to their shoulders. They spread out the white and gold cloak of the child Jesus. The cloak of the divine child covers us like a tent. The merciful Infant Jesus bears a radiant golden heart on His chest. The angels sing: "Misericordias domini in aeternum cantabo." (3 times)

The Lord looks at us and blesses us:  “In the name of the Father and of the Son, that am I, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”  The Vulgate now opens and I see the scripture Macabees 4. Next the Scriptures are leafed through by an invisible hand and I see the scripture Paul, Romans 12.

M.: “I do not know these Scriptures, Lord. I have to read these."

Then I no longer see the Scriptures. The merciful baby Jesus approaches. It asks me to open my two hands like a bowl, puts a bloody thorn in my hands and says:

“Dear friends, this thorn comes from My crown of thorns. They gave me the crown of thorns to be mocked on earth. That thorn is lack of trust. Pray, "Jesus, I trust in You!" If only mankind would trust Me, they would receive My flow of grace." 

The angels bow to the baby Jesus and sing:  "Sacratissimum cor Jesu, confido in te!"

The King of Mercy says:
“My coming to you in My Holy Infancy is an act of My Mercy. Trust in My grace. You will go through a difficult time. But with Me it becomes easy. I have pitched my tent over you. It is My tent of protection and love. listen to my word. take my word seriously. I will guide you through this time.

The Lord speaks to M.:  "Do you trust Me?"

M.: "Yes, Lord, I trust in you!"

The gracious Child Jesus speaks:  "Do you love Me?"

M.: “Yes, Lord, I love you! Look at the people praying like this, Lord. I beg you, have mercy on us!”

The Lord looks at us all and says:  "My mercy is on you!"

Then He tells me to look at the thorn that is still in my hand. A white rose can now be seen on the thorn. The divine child has grown this great white rose blossom from this bloody thorn. This rose blossom not only stands for purity, innocence and loyalty. This white rose petal, the divine child explained to me, represents the saints who are cleansed by His Precious Blood and bear witness to Him, the Lord. There is this army of saints and there will be more, says the divine child to me.

M.: "Thank you, Lord."

The gracious Child Jesus says:  “You too have mercy on your neighbour. Look at the House of Mercy. It is urgent!"

Now the King of Mercy takes His golden scepter upon His heart and it becomes the Aspergill of His Precious Blood. Then the Lord sprinkles His Precious Blood on us.

The Infant Jesus speaks:  "In the name of the Father and of the Son, that am I, and of the Holy Spirit!"  He instructs us to pray: "Oh, my Jesus, forgive us our sins,   ..."

Now the king of heaven goes to all people and looks at the priests. The gracious Infant Jesus says:
“People do not understand that I have prepared My apostles. I have instructed them to do all things with My authority. I have directed them in the name of the Eternal Father to establish the Holy Catholic Church in which the Father is, in which I am whole. The world does not understand this, but I am in My Church. Even if she suffers, the gates of hell will not prevail against her.”

M.: "Even if it gets bad now, sir?"

The child Jesus warns us with a serious look:  "Stay faithful!"

The king of heaven says goodbye to us:  "Adieu!"

M.: "Adieu, sir!"

The Lord goes back into the light and the sphere of light completely encloses Him, then it becomes smaller and disappears. It is the same with the holy angels, who go back into their orbs of light and disappear.


This message is announced without prejudging the judgment of the Church.


Own note:  Through a Bible on site, Dr. Hesemann states that both Bible passages in the Macabees 4 are appropriate for our time.

Bible passages Tent of God: Exodus 29:42-43, Psalm 15:1, Psalm 26 Alioli Bible, Psalm 61, 4-5, Isaiah 33, 20-22, Revelation 21.

Misericordias domini in aeternum cantabo (Psalm 89:2 Lamentation on the rejection of the house of David) Translation: I will sing of the blessings/ the mercy/ of the Lord forever.

The Lord urges us to remain faithful to the teaching of the Catholic Church. We don't have to do the impossible. He urges us to remain faithful.