The Abyss has Already Been Opened

By Manuela Strack

September 29, 2022

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Message from Saint Michael

"Who is like God?

Arm yourself! I have come as a protector of faith. If evil seems overpowering at this time, then the abyss into which it will lead has already been opened. It is not for merit that I appear in Germany. The love of the praying hearts carried me to Germany. Before the throne of the Eternal Almighty God I pray for you.

Keep your faith, yes, keep your heart and bathe it in the merciful love of the King of Heaven, the Son, who in turn touches your heart as the King of Mercy.

Pray for those whose hearts are already sunk in the mud of the world. This mud forms a hard crust around people's hearts and hardens them. But the heart can no longer beat alive. It perishes.

So beware of the mud of the world. Have faith in God and do not trust the mighty!"