The measure of offenses against God is full.

By Manuela Strack

October 10 thru October 19, 2022

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The Lord appears alive on the cross on October 10, 2022 in the house of Jerusalem during the rosary prayer

"Look at me! I urge the world to repent. listen to my voice; You cannot live without Me. Enter into life through Me to the Eternal Father. The measure of offenses against God is full. Ask the Eternal Father's mercy for your country and the world! look at Me! Look at My bleeding wounds. I gave myself completely for you. come to Me with your worries; Come to me with everything that weighs you down. My Most Holy Mother intercedes for you at the Throne of the Eternal Father. Out of love for you I come crucified. "

The gentleman addresses the pieces of cloth from Aachen.

M.: “ Yes, sir, we have these touch relics. A piece of cloth in which the Aachen relics were wrapped for seven years.”

The Lord wants us to use these for the sick.

The Crucified speaks: "Offer the wounds of My feet to the Eternal Father, especially for all heretics."

M.: “ Lord, have mercy on us and on the whole world! Bless all pilgrims and especially the sick. Lord, have mercy on the people of Ukraine. Have mercy on the people of Russia. Have mercy on the people of America. Have mercy on the people of Europe. Have mercy on people around the world. Have mercy especially on the people in Germany.

The Lord speaks:

"The world will be cleansed by the blood of martyrs."


Saint Teresa of Avila speaks to me on October 15, 2022:

"My friend, accept His Divine Majesty as your friend. Accept His friendship with grace. If you accept it, you love the Scriptures, the Eternal Father and Himself the Lord.

Look at humanity with the eyes of His mercy. If you do it, then you are for the salvation of the people, for the work of God and His commandments.

Do not judge the man caught in sin. Pray for him, the man who is trapped in the world even though he thinks he is free.

Seeing everything through the eyes of love is a great grace from His Majesty. Request these! The key is not to judge people, but to pray for them. Despise sin, not man.

If you contemplate the eternal love that is our Lord Himself, you will work for Him and leave everything else. Through His Majesty's friendship grace is bestowed on you. Only through His friendship can you see with the eyes of love."


Holy Archangel Michael appears on October 19, 2022 and speaks:

“Because most of the clergy are corrupt and the smaller part are afraid, salvation will come from the people. The flow of grace of the king of heaven and the queen of heaven has begun. The lord and the pure queen call unceasingly to the people.

You feel safe, but a great change is coming. Your politics will experience a decline. The judgment will come. Pray for mitigation of punishment. If you do what the Lord tells you, you will be able to bear anything.

After the judgment your thoughts will be different. God will be praised, people will be thankful to God and appreciate what is good. Infanticide will be no more."