The greatest single sin is abortion.

By Manuela Strack

May 25, 2023

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Apparition of the King of Mercy

I see a large golden ball of light. It hovers above us in the sky and is accompanied by two other smaller balls of light. The ball of light opens and the King of Mercy emerges from this light in the form of Prague. The Merciful Infant Jesus wears a large golden crown, the robe and mantle of His Precious Blood. In His right hand the King of Heaven carries a great golden scepter and in His left hand the Vulgate, the Holy Scripture. The other two globes open and two angels in plain white robes emerge from this light. Both angels take the mantle of the King of Mercy and spread it over us. We are sheltered in it, as in a tent. The angels sing:

"Misericordias Domini in aeternum cantabo." (This 2 times.)

The King of Mercy speaks:

"In the name of the Father and of the Son - that is I - and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Dear friends, truly it is the greatest sin not to believe in Me, the Son of God." (Own note: With this, the Lord referred to the words of the priest in the preceding talk in the house of Jerusalem and the preceding message of the Holy Archangel Michael). "The greatest single sin I spoke of, which is in your generation, is abortion. You take away the life of the unborn children, the souls that are destined for heaven after all.

If people would keep the commandments of the Eternal Father, My Mother, My Most Holy Mother, would not need to come to you and admonish you. So I would not need to do it either. The Holy Scriptures and the life in the sacraments sanctify you. But look at the world! This is how My Most Holy Mother came to earth and admonished you. This is how I come to you, because I love you and do not want you to be lost. I come to save you."

M.: "O Lord, have mercy on us, have mercy on us. Have mercy on us!"

Now I see the Vulgate shining in the hands of the heavenly King and it is opened, as if by an invisible hand. I see the biblical passage Matthew 25:31.

The Heavenly King speaks:

"Pray and do good! Your actions in the House of Mercy are also a kind of reparation. This house I have blessed. Whoever speaks to Me 'Lord', let him speak it with all his heart. He shall not only call out 'Lord, Lord', but also act according to My words and My commandments! The Word of the Father, My Word and the Word of the Holy Spirit are one. We speak from one mouth." (Own note acc. to Matthew 7:21.)

The King of Mercy informs me that some people among the prayers are not yet reconciled with Him. Thereby He addresses the Holy Confession.

The gracious Divine Child takes His scepter to His heart and comes closer to us. His scepter becomes the aspergill of His Precious Blood. The King of Mercy sprinkles us with His Precious Blood and blesses us: "In the name of the Father and of the Son - that is I - and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Now the King of Mercy speaks:

"Love the Eternal Father! Keep His commandments! Remain in My love! Help one another! When I come to you in the Holy Mass, you become living tabernacles. I desire so much that you do good in your life and offer it to the Eternal Father!

The Lord speaks to me confidentially about the Blood Relic of Father Frank. Father Frank has thankfully brought it to us. The King of Mercy says to Me, "This is My cloth." (The relic of Father Frank is a true blood relic of the Lord. It was taken from the Santo Sudario, the shroud of Oviedo. Dr. Hesemann examined it together with Father Frank). Further, the Lord speaks to me confidentially and I say, "Serviam, Lord." Thereupon the King of Mercy reaches His hand to me and says:

"Ask for reparation before the Eternal Father. Ask that war may not spread."

The King of Mercy takes his leave with an "Adieu!"

We say "Adieu, Lord!"

The King of Mercy goes back into the light and so do the angels. The light disappears.


This message is announced without prejudice to the judgment of the Church.

For the message, please see the Bible passage Matthew 25:31-46.