The devil is our accuser

By Manuela Strack

November 6, 2023

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St. Teresa of Avila speaks

The devil is our accuser, dear friend. Time and time again, he instills fear in the soul to accept the love of God, which His Majesty lavishly bestows. Again and again the accuser tries to pour displeasure into the soul's heart, that it is not worthy to walk in God's ways.

Live in the sacraments and love God as He, His Majesty, loves you infinitely. He has ennobled all of you who love Him through His royal Precious Blood, which He shed on the cross. You are redeemed, ransomed, destined for heaven. Just love and offer up the Precious Blood of His Majesty.

Remember, His Majesty is the one who ennobles, not you. Be ready to belong entirely to HIM. Solo Dios basta!

This message is given without prejudice to the judgment of the Roman Catholic Church.