Apparition of the King of Mercy

By Manuela Strack

November 25, 2023

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Apparition of the King of Mercy

I see a large golden ball of light hovering in the sky above us and nine smaller golden balls of light. A smaller ball of light is below the large golden ball of light. The large golden ball of light has four smaller balls of light to its right and left. The large ball of light opens and a wonderful light comes to us. The King of Mercy comes down to us from this beautiful light. He wears the robe and mantle of His Precious Blood and the great golden royal crown. He has short curly black-brown hair and blue eyes. In His right hand He carries a golden sceptre. On this golden sceptre is a cross made of rubies. In His left hand, the King of Mercy carries the Vulgate (Holy Scriptures). The ball of light beneath the King of Mercy opens. An angel emerges from this ball of light. He kneels in the air, spreads out his arms and it looks to me as if he is carrying his heavenly king with outstretched arms. The smaller spheres of light to the right and left open up in the same way. There are nine smaller balls of light together and an angel emerges from each smaller ball of light. The angels spread out the red royal cloak of the King of Mercy.  His robe and cloak are embroidered with golden lilies. The heavenly King carries a radiant white host on His chest, where His heart is usually visible. This white host bears the golden initials IHS. A cross can be seen above the first H line. Now the angels spread wide the royal mantle of the heavenly King and sing: "Sanctus, sanctus,..." First in Latin. (Own note: We were later able to identify the angels' song. It is the "Sanctus" from the 8th Gregorian Angel Mass, the "Missa des Angelis", which I unfortunately do not know). Then the angels pray it in German: "Holy, holy, holy, Lord of all powers and authorities! Heaven and earth are filled with your glory! Hosanna in the highest! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!"

The King of Mercy looks upon us and says:

"In the name of the Father and of the Son - that is Me - and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Dear friends, today heaven is open to you. I come to you as King of Mercy and see that you are fragile vessels. I give everyone the grace that makes them blessed, that makes them holy! Everyone receives different talents from the Eternal Father in Heaven. Let these graces blossom in Me! If you pray and fulfill the will of the Eternal Father, you, dear vessels, will not break, but you will become holy vessels of the Eternal Father, living holy temple vessels, of the Father, of the Son - My vessels - and of the Holy Spirit. In this time of tribulation I give away My graces in abundance! Many people do not want to accept them, do not want to accept Me. Their hearts are hardened. I have come to you today to imprint My Face in your hearts. I want to take your hearts into My Heart so that you are all secure in Me, for I am your Savior! If you are in My Heart, you also share in My lifeblood, in My Precious Blood."

Now the Vulgate (Holy Scripture) opens in His left hand and beautiful rays come down from it to us. I see the biblical passage from the 2nd letter to Timothy, 2 - 3, 9.

The divine King speaks:

"Read and contemplate the Holy Scriptures! This is the Word of God, My Word! Pray the Psalms, for they make you whole! Would you like to give Me the prayer of the prophetess Hannah from the Old Testament?"

M.: "Lord, unfortunately I don't know this. Was there a prophetess Hannah in the Old Testament? I'll look it up and then I'll give it to you!"

(Own note: We later researched the Bible passage: 1 Samuel, 2: "Hannah sang a song of praise: The Lord fills my heart with great joy, he lifts me up and gives me new strength!...")

The King of Mercy points with His sceptre to the host on His breast and says:

"I am the living bread that has come to you from heaven! Daily I offer Myself in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass! In the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass of My Church. Consider this! I come to you daily."

Now the heavenly King carries a chalice under the host on His chest. A heart can now be seen on the host with a flame on the heart. The chalice that the Lord carries in His hand consists of a golden chalice base decorated with golden lilies. The open lily flowers point upwards towards the bowl of the chalice. The agate bowl of His Last Supper can be seen at the top of the chalice base. This is kept in the Cathedral of Valencia. From the heart of the King of Mercy, a stream of His blood flows from His heart wound into this chalice. The blood of Christ, however, cannot be compared to earthly blood, but is glorified, radiant blood. The King of Mercy takes His sceptre and dips it into this cup, saying:

"This is the cup of the new and everlasting covenant, My blood, shed for you and for many, for the forgiveness of sins!"

Then the heavenly King sprinkles us with His Precious Blood and blesses us with the words: "In the name of the Father and of the Son - that is Me - and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."

The King of Mercy looks at me and calls out to me: "Come!"

M.: "I... shall come?"

Then the Lord floats to me and hands me the cup of His blood. I open my mouth and may receive the Precious Blood from Him, which does not taste bitter at all, but sweet.

Then the King of Heaven speaks:

"Pray for My Holy Church! Remain steadfast, remain faithful to Me! I have opened heaven for you today, I have sprinkled you with My Precious Blood and I have handed you the chalice. My graces are bestowed abundantly, here in this place, because I am the Lord and because it is My will."

The King of Mercy looks at us all for a long time. His gaze goes to each person and He speaks:

"Look to Me! I am your Savior and Redeemer! Do not look at the spirit of the age and the waves of error. Error will not endure. You have accepted the mission of heaven, the mission of the Eternal Father, My mission and the mission of the Holy Spirit, through My messenger, the Holy Archangel Michael. This is your grace. My most holy Mother Mary planted the mustard seed of faith and holiness in Germany. People did not listen to her words. But the plant sprouted from the grain. Whoever listens to My word will not be lost. Ask for mercy for your country! So your land will not be lost. It is time to set out! Prayer, penance, sacrifice, reparation! Offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, in that I am whole, in reparation for the offenses of God, the Eternal Father. Rejoice, for I am with you! I will not leave you!"

The Lord slowly floats back.

M.: "Serviam, Lord. Farewell!"

The King of Mercy blesses us:

"In the name of the Father and of the Son - that is Me - and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."

As the King of Mercy moves further away, He desires the prayer:

"O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven, especially those most in need of your mercy. Amen."

The heavenly king goes back into the light and disappears. So do the angels.

Please refer to the Bible passages 2nd Epistle to Timothy 2 - 3, 9 and 1 Samuel 2 for the message!