Message from Saint Michael

By Manuela Strack

August 15, 2023

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Message from Saint Michael

In the sky above us floats a large golden ball of light and a smaller ball of light. A beautiful light shines down to us. The large sphere of light opens and I see Saint Michael the Archangel coming out of this light and descending to us. Saint Michael the Archangel is dressed in white and gold armor. The smaller sphere of light, however, does not open. St. Michael raises his sword to heaven and speaks:

"Quis ut Deus! Bless you God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Amen."

On his shield is a red cross.

"In friendship I come to you! Carry the love of my Lord Jesus Christ in your hearts. Do not let Satan darken your hearts. Stand firm! Carry the Word of God in your hearts, not just on your lips."

Saint Michael the Archangel tells me to greet a priest. A personal message is given.

Above the sword of the Archangel Michael, the Holy Scripture, the Vulgate, now appears in radiant light. It shines down to us. Above the Vulgate is a golden cross with the living Lord on it. It also shines down to us.

M.: "St. Michael, I ask you for all the sick, for world peace, for all our intentions here. You also know I have brought intentions."

The Holy Scripture opens and I see a small text, Ezekiel 7:22-24: "I will turn my face away from them, and so they will defile my treasure. Robbers will enter it and desecrate it. Make the chain! For the land is full of bloodguilt and the city full of iniquity. So I will take the worst of the nations; they shall take possession of their houses. I will break the arrogance of the mighty. Let their sanctuaries be deprived of consecration."

Saint Michael the Archangel comes closer to me with his sword. Then he puts his sword on my shoulder.

M.: "Dear Holy Archangel Michael, what is this? You do know that I am a woman?"

Saint Michael the Archangel performs a complete knighting and speaks:

This is a heavenly knighthood. You receive it for all those who pray with all their heart for the Holy Church to the Precious Blood of my Lord Jesus Christ. Remain steadfast and faithful! The Precious Blood of My Lord is your salvation. You know that I am the warrior of the Precious Blood. A warrior of God's love!"

Now the smaller sphere of light opens.

St. Michael speaks:

"I am not alone!"

Now a very young woman dressed in armor comes out of this smaller sphere of light.

M.: "Lord, who are you up on the cross in the sky, who is this? Who is this, Saint Michael the Archangel?"

St. Michael speaks:

"This is Joan of Orleons."

M.: "She is so young!"

St. Michael the Archangel speaks:

"The Lord has placed her by your side. This you will understand in the time to come. I was with her in France. She will be your intercessor. Especially in the need of the Holy Church."

M.: "Saint Michael the Archangel, please bless our rosaries! Joan, be so good, please bless our rosaries!"

Our rosaries are blessed by St. Michael the Archangel and St. Joan.

St. Joan speaks French and wants to say something to me. Unfortunately, I can't quite understand her. What I do understand is "... toi, fleur de lys rouge, ..." (Own note: Translation: "... you, red lily flower....) St. Michael the Archangel says that St. Joan will speak to me later still. She will appear again.

M.: "Holy Archangel Michael, protect us from war, evil and distress, I beg you!"

Saint Michael the Archangel looks at me intensely and speaks:

"The time is becoming serious. Pray very much! Pray to the Precious Blood of my Lord. Ask for reparation before the Eternal Father. Quis ut Deus? The Lord loves you so much! Be certain!


Saint Michael the Archangel goes back into the light and so does Saint little Joan. They disappear.

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