The Glow of Holy Love

By Manuela Strack

May 19, 2024

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Pentecost Sunday

After receiving Holy Communion, I saw a dove of living light fly from the ceiling into the middle of the church. Then seven living flames of fire emerged from this dove of light, forming a semicircle. They looked like large candle flames and came very close to me.

They all spoke together:
“Look! The spirit of God is alive and is blowing. Even in this time of tribulation, people's hearts are ignited. The Spirit pours all gifts into the hearts of people whose hearts are open vessels. In this way, they become holy vessels of God, filled to the brim with the glow of holy love, so that they do not keep this living glow of supreme love to themselves, but pour it out into the world. The gifts of the spirit are not meant to be owned. They want to be shared again and again and thus revealed and to be rekindled again and again in the hearts of many people. The living God wants to continue to give himself away in the hearts of people.”