Message from Our Lady

By Marco Ferrari

July 23, 2017

My dear and beloved little children, I am happy to find you here in prayer ...

Children, I invite you again to prayer from the heart and to live prayer in your lives, transforming it into love for the last, the poor, the sick, the abandoned ... Children, be prayer and be instruments of love and charity in the world!

Children, still too many among you are going in search of signs and have lost the taste for prayer and being in front of Jesus in the Eucharist. Children, the secrets I entrusted at the beginning of my apparitions to this my obedient and beloved instrument will all be realized, including the great sign on the hill, and it will also be visible to those today who are far from God; children, these will only manifest themselves when God wills. You should pray! Beloved children, I repeat with love, do not wait for the signs: pray, pray, pray ... Curiosity is not faith, gossip is not grace and the signs are not prayer! Dear children, convert and deepen your faith! When the signs come, remember, for many it will be too late; start straightaway to pray, to love and live the Gospel ... I repeat to you, too, not to go in search of signs; naturally if God allows them you should thank Him and praise Him - rather take the Holy Gospel in your hands every day, read it, live it and everything will be clear to you. I come precisely for this reason, my children, to bring you all to Him, and you come to Him by following His Word.

I bless you all with love, children, today I particularly bless the Pastor (*) who has come here from very far away and with him I bless all the souls entrusted to him by God, children, I bless everyone in the name of God who is Father, of God who is the Son, of God who is the Spirit of Love. Amen.

Thank you for your presence, I kiss you all. Goodbye, my children.


(*) Our Lady is referring to the Bishop of Gabon (Africa) present during the prayer.