Message from Our Lady

By Marco Ferrari

June 25, 2017



My dear and beloved little children, I walked with you to this hill today; with you I prayed and praised His Heart. Children, I once again urge you to look to the Divine Heart of Jesus ... Here is the Heart of God, here is the Heart that has loved men so much and still loves them infinitely, but receives ingratitude and contempt from them.

Here is the Divine Heart of Jesus, the Heart that still bleeds for you and for the whole world ... children, pray, pray and make reparation!

Beloved children, welcome His love in your lives, open the door of your home to Jesus who knocks; children, if you will receive His most beloved Heart in you, he will pour abundant graces and blessings on you, your families, your communities and your works. Children, if Jesus is welcomed, he brings peace to your families, consoles your afflictions, wipes your tears ... children, His Heart is a shelter for all souls ... children, welcome His love!

To the ministers of God, Priests and Pastors who will kneel here in faith, who will consecrate themselves and entrust themselves entirely to our hearts, I promise that we will give them the gift of touching the most hardened hearts and bringing them to holiness!

I bless you in the name of the Most Holy Trinity ... in the name of God who is Father, in the name of God who is Son, in the name of God who is the Spirit of Love. Amen.

I caress and kiss everyone with love. Goodbye, my children.


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