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By Marco Ferrari





My dear and beloved little children, with you I prayed this afternoon of grace, and with you I thanked the Most Holy Trinity.

Beloved children, I invite you to pray today for faith to return to the world, to return to the hearts of all my children; yes, beloved children, pray for this ... pray!

Faith has become cold, frozen, in too many hearts ... faith no longer warms hearts, families, groups, the world, relationships between you ... children, faith has vanished from too many hearts. The cold that grips you in these days is nothing compared to the cold, the frost, which surrounds our Hearts, the Divine Heart of Jesus and My Heart as Mother. My children, the cold is hatred among men, the cold is injustice, wars, persecutions, exploitation, selfishness, disinterest, not sharing ... children, far from the love of God you are becoming ever colder; far from his warming love, you risk dying in the sin that chokes you.

My children, open your hearts to the love of God, do not remain indifferent to my appeal, approach God with faith, follow my requests that often go unheeded even in this place. My children, prayer, charity and love ... yes, children, prayer, charity and love always ... always ...

I am with you and bless you in the name of God who is Father, in the name of God who is Son, in the name of God who is the Spirit of Love. Amen.

Children, I caress you one by one, I kiss you and press you to my heart ...

Goodbye, my children.







My dear and beloved little children, I have been with you in prayer this afternoon of grace. My children, always ask, in your prayer, for the gift of faith, love, and charity.

My children, in the world today there is a lack of love, sharing, understanding, charity, joy and true peace; ask the Most Holy Trinity to give peace to your days and work in order that this may be for you and for all a gift of His love.

My children, I invite you to grow on the path of your conversion, to grow in faith and love, I invite you to abandon yourselves to His Divine will.

Children, take joy, hope, and happiness to your brothers, take your testimony of faith. I am with you and I invite you to receive the Gospel in your lives, to welcome the love of God in your lives. Beloved children, spread my message and carry my work everywhere; my work is the fruit of your "yes" to the Lord, may my work be a constant caress for those who suffer.

I bless those who work for the triumph of God's plan in this place and on each of you I invoke peace. I bless you in the name of God who is Father, God who is Son and God who is the Spirit of Love. Amen.

I bless you from my heart and press you to my Heart, children, may the time opening up in front of you be a time of prayer, sacrifice and true charity towards those who are suffering.

Children, God loves you: love him in your brothers! Goodbye, my children.








My dear and beloved little children, I am happy today to see that you have answered my invitation in such large numbers and have come to praise the Most Holy Trinity and to hear my message. My children, my message is not only to be heard, but it is to be lived; above all the Gospel is not only to be read and heard, but lived! Children, live my messages and convert!

Be aware of the great gift God grants you through my extraordinary presence: especially today, on this day of grace, be aware of my presence in this place. Only if you will live out my message thoroughly and listen to my requests will this place bloom like a new springtime and irradiate with light and love many of my children who live in anguish and suffering.

My children, at the beginning of my apparitions in this place to my beloved instrument, I told you to keep children away from television to preserve them; children, my request is still current, indeed, I ask all of you to stay away from television and also from new technologies that only occupy and steal time and keep you away from prayer, love, charity, and service to your brothers and sisters.

You know, dear children, that your Mother speaks to you for your good, for your soul; in fact often you find time to spend hours talking on the phone or in front of screens and you do not find the time to be with Jesus! Children, you often talk of peace among you but then you declare war with criticism, divisions and accusations ... This is not what you should do, children, this is not what you should do...

I invite you, children, to be witnesses to love and bringers of peace in this restless world; bring peace and love into this world that smothers the smile of the elderly and brings anguish to the hearts of children and the innocent ... My children, my Heart awaits your hearts with great impatience, and awaits the triumph of love and peace everywhere in the world ... pray, children, pray for peace, so that, as soon as possible, a time of peace might reign in the world. You see, my children, this is the time of great graces, but also the time of great trials for all those who wish to follow the path of peace, the way that Jesus set out, the way of the Gospel. Children, sometimes I see you lost and confused; I see you divided even among yourselves, but today I cover you all with My mantle - I invite you to pray, pray, pray, and not with words but with your heart.

Today I desire to give you peace, always carry it in your hearts and give it to your brothers; until God's peace begins to reign in the world I will make supplication for it for you and with you ...

I am with you and bless you in the name of God who is Father, in the name of God who is Son, in the name of God who is the Spirit of Love. Amen.

Let us walk together, children, I love you, let us walk together ...

Goodbye, my children.







My dear and beloved little children, the peace and love of the Risen Jesus be with you all and with the whole world!

Dear children, live the fruit of His Resurrection and be merciful towards one another. This is why I invite you to live out my requests and my messages to walk toward holiness.

I bless you in the name of God, who is the Father, in the name of God who is the Son, in the name of God who is the Spirit of Love. Amen.

I press you all to my heart and kiss you one by one. Goodbye, my children.

Message on January 1, 2016

Dear children, I am happy to be among you right at the beginning of a new year ...

Children, Jesus wants us to walk together again ... thank him. Here I want to speak to you again about my Son, of His infinite love for you, your souls and the world.

Beloved children, today too many of my children no longer love God, they live as if He did not exist, but He, infinite love and mercy, loves everyone. God has been sending me among you for many years now, I bring you a clear and current message for these times, and many have rejected it. I show you patiently how things are and you do not want to see them. I speak to you with a Mother's heart and you do not listen. I help you to get up and you prefer to stay seated. I call you and you do not answer. When I make gifts to you, you do not know how to receive them and you do not want to testify to them. When Jesus allows extraordinary graces, you often justify them by your pride and your presumption of being perfect ...

My children, accept me in your midst with your heart available to grace so that the words of my Son and His love might enter into you; He is the only light, He is the hope of the world defying the darkness of the world around you today. I invite you all to love each other as true brothers, helping one another on the way of each day. Love each other as He loves you! I urge you always to live the Gospel ... but not with beautiful words, but to live it with concrete works.

My children, for a long time I have been calling you, by my presence in this place, to return to God. Children, hard times are approaching, times of purification, these difficult times are coming ever closer, yet this should not frighten you but should draw you closer to Him. Beloved children, His immense love allows me to intensify my presence among you and in many parts of the world to ask you for prayer, to admonish you, to warn you of what will happen and not in order to frighten you but to give you the possibility to understand and to prepare yourselves. May the great warning that will be given by God to the world not find you unprepared or distracted ... Therefore, my children, I invite you to prepare for the return of My Son Jesus, living every daily in holiness and giving many good fruits.

Continue walking, children, living my calls to conversion, spreading my message and praying with faith. Share the grace that I am giving you here in this place, and through my meek and beloved instrument with everyone. Children, spread my message, love my work, support my instrument with prayer; he is often attacked by the evil one, but I protect him and I will not let my work be slowed down for your good and that of souls. I caress him and keep him under my mantle ...

My children, draw near to the sacrament of healing, of holy confession so that you can come to the altar and feed on My Son with a pure and humble heart. My children, find time and be ready to kneel before the true and living sacrament of the Blessed Sacrament. Jesus is there! My children, find time often to go to the bedside of those who are sick or only need a word, a caress, a concrete gesture, or a smile ... My children, find time for God and time for those who suffer ... You are in the time of mercy and grace!

My children, I ask you again to pray for the Holy Church, for my favoured sons and even more for the Pope; serious decisions depend on him. My children, as I said in Fatima, there will be a great division and schism in the Church, pray, children, pray! Satan is unchained and is tormenting the whole world.

Children, remember that whoever is in My Heart should not fear any evil, because I watch over you. My children, in the end evil will perish and my Immaculate Heart will triumph. I love you, my children, I am beside you and I call you all to unity. Remember that without unity Christians cannot be the salt and the light of the world bringing Jesus to all. As your Mother, Mother of Love and Mother of the Suffering, I bless you in the name of God who is Father, God who is Son, God who is the Spirit of Love. Amen.

Let us yet walk together ... listen to my calls ... I caress you all ... Goodbye, my children.