Message from the Blessed Mother

By Marco Ferrari

October 22, 2017




My dear and beloved little children, I have remained in prayer with you today and have prayed for you and with you.

My children, the Holy Gospel is not a pretty book of historical accounts, a pretty old book or one from other times, it is not a book with outdated arguments; no, children, the Gospel is the Word of Jesus that continues to be written every moment when you give testimony to the world through love and charity.

Children, through those who live out the Gospel it returns to live in the world with its ever-present message. My children, too many hearts are still closed to charity and love, too many hearts do not live the Holy Gospel, too many children seek their comfort; so many times you say that you are "of Christ," Christians, but you do not live His Word.

Children, today I ask you, and I ask you with heart in hand, never to compromise with the world, not to give in to the ideologies of the world, but I urge you to be true witnesses to Jesus, sacrificing yourselves with love, out of love for and with dedication in favor of those who suffer and are in need. Children, the heart of the Gospel is loving God and loving your brother; you cannot remain indifferent to this ... Love God, children, and love your brother!

I bless you and help you day by day to live the Gospel with my blessing which is in the name of God who is Father, in the name of God who is Son, in the name of God who is the Spirit of Love. Amen.

I caress you all with love and thank you for the efforts you are making in spreading my invitation to prayer and charity. Goodbye, my children.