Recent Message from Our Lady

By Marco Ferrari

May 24, 2020

During the prayer of the 4th sunday of the month
on the hill of apparitions in Paratico (Brescia)

My dear and beloved children, I rejoice in finding you here in prayer...
Beloved children, my presence today in this place is grace, and grace is transformed into blessing!
Too many of my children still live far from god's love. Too many of my children let themselves be distracted by the world. The purification that humanity is experiencing is not welcomed as a "gift" to change one's heart. Beloved children, allow yourselves to be guided by Me towards the love of God. Abandon yourself in my arms. I take you to the source of Love and Mercy that is His Divine Heart. My children, abandon yourself in My arms, fear not... I wish to bring you all to Jesus, to bring you all to holiness.
I love you, especially you here gathered in prayer. I bless you all in the name of God who is Father, of God who is Son, of God who is the Spirit of Love. Amen.
Thank you for your presence which is rich in love and faith. Goodbye, my children.