One of the devil’s favorite tricks…

By MatthewSix25to34

March 30, 2016

Good evening my brothers and sisters, as usual I hope this blog post finds you well.

Tonight’s post is one that I believe will reach many in a very deep level within themselves. In this post our Father in heaven seems to be challenging us as to whether or not we live by faulty belief systems. Speaking as one who is looked inside of myself from this I would have to say I believe all of us to be guilty in some sort or another, this seems to be the byproduct of what this world has changed into in what we as a race of people have cooperated with and empowered. Years ago I heard about this type of healing that was called, “Theo-phostic Healing.” This is a ministry where Jesus is in charge of showing you why you believed what you do and what lies are attached to those feelings. He would then expose the truth and change the reality that the lie had caused, I think it is something worth looking into if you haven’t heard of it before. I know from first-hand experience that these faulty belief systems can destroy a life. I think we all have to remember that these destructive beliefs begin at a very early age, this is why good parenting skills are so badly needed today. So without rambling on myself too long I will give you the message I received about this. Feel free to let me know your thoughts.


March 30, 2016

Lord: My son be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. Truth my children, truth will make you free. Many of you are confused and frustrated about things in your life because you are believing lies that have been told to you, brought on by the father of lies, satan. Some of those lies are about things going on around you and they leave you angry and confused about who is in charge here, or if I am really present with all of this going on? Some of those lies however my children are deeper than that and they reach the very core of your being, they leave the spirit in a sense of disarray because you are believing these to be the truth. Those lies which are the most powerful are about you yourselves my little ones. Whether they were taught to you due to a false teacher, or just learned from a lack of something such as parenting, they left room for the evil one to plant his false truths. Once these have been absorbed by you as a truth, they are very hard to remove or take away. These cause great confusion or pain and they become the foundation of your belief system. This can make it very difficult or even impossible for you to obtain the kind of relationship with me that I desire for you. I tell you this so that you can know that there is a reason that you may feel and believe what you do about yourself. Beliefs that supersede conscious thought and immediately cause doubt and a lack of faith, prevent me from working in your life the way I would like. I wish you all to be free of this limiting thought process my children. I wish to clear a pathway through your mind so that I can reach your heart and bring you the joy you should be experiencing with me. I am going to give you this assignment my children, I wish you to ask me where your roadblocks are? Where or what are the beliefs that are preventing this relationship? I will reveal each lie so that you may have the choice as to what you would like to do about it? Would you like to give it to me and receive healing, or would you like to hold onto it because you have chosen to believe it so strongly? The choice is yours my children, I will not force that answer upon you. Bring each one to me and let me show you the lie that it is and how it affects you so that you may choose to have my truth dismantle and heal it. Some will be very quick to heal, others will take time. Do not worry my children I will not let this hurt you. I wish for all of you to be free from these beliefs so that we can grow together. This will do for you more than you know here, this effect will also carry over to the joy you will receive in heaven. I love you my children and I await each one of you to be free and know for the first time who you truly are and why I created you. That is all my son, now let’s get started on this part of the journey by sharing this with all who will listen; those with ears ought to hear. I love you, amen.