God said it was a sad day

By MatthewSix25to34

August 2, 2016

Hello my brothers and sisters.

I have a message but also an interesting “nugget” to think on today. Our Lord taught me something I think you will all find both uplifting and somewhat disappointing at the same time.

There I was just sitting and reading my Magnificat and meditating on the scripture readings on Saturday morning of last week when all of a sudden God puts it on my heart that I had to get to confession and do it quickly. I thought about this for a second and remembered what one of the priests told me recently, “you don’t have to come to confession that often, your sins are forgiven at mass.” This placed within me the idea that I was being too “traditional” or “strict” as a catholic. He led me to feel like I was wasting their time (that whole 30 minutes they have to hear thousands of families worth of sins). I felt this way up until I was standing in the confessional line that morning. I heard some people mention behind me to some others standing there that they were from the same parish as I and that the priests were “tired of hearing their confession over and over again”. This resonated with me as to what I heard, but God asked me to be there, and I was going to do as I was told. I was the first into the confessional and I started my confession when the priest at this church told me that “God sent me there this morning”, and “I had to keep coming frequently, at least once a month. Although this flew in the face of my own priests advice, I knew it was good advice!

Fast forward to the day of my message and it was now the celebrated day of The Portiuncula Indulgence, where all sin and temporal punishment could have been removed from ALL Catholics. I was praying after morning mass when I received my message, but it taught me something. Our Father said that every time someone in the body of Christ is forgiven, the entire body is affected. The same goes for every time someone sins too (the entire body is affected). Just for that fact alone, can you imagine what our priests are going to have to answer for when they have told us not to come for that sacrament frequently? After all, who here is without sin….? NOT I says this disciple. See what you think of the message. By the way my confirmation in this came when I shared the message with my wife and she got angry saying, ” I never heard about this at church! Why weren’t we told? All the kids could have received it as well”. H’mm……..



August 2, 2016

I asked our Lord after communion if there was anything He wished me to write this day and this is what I heard.

Lord: Yes my son, write the words in which I give you this day.

My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. Today my son is a sad day, but not because of what you might think. It is a sad day because many souls that could have been saved this day were not due to the lack of shepherding coming from my chosen ones, your priests. Today is a day granted as a grace to my trusted Francis of Assisi and then to the entire church for the removal of all temporal punishment and the sin itself from the existence of your very beings. A day where many could have started anew in their lives and none of the past would be before them at the judgement. But sadly for many who will leave this world today and in the future, this grace was not taken advantage of, some never even knew it was available. For those souls I ask for your prayers and sacrifices for they are your brothers and your sisters. Not one soul perishes without sadness for the body of Christ my son. My son died so that you may rise and so that you would have graces like today to celebrate His sacrifices for you and allowing the forgiveness of your sins as well as the punishment due to them. Just as I did for Israel, I wish to do for each of you; forgive you and rebuild you. Now is a crucial time in history for all of my children and their childrens children. Pray, sacrifice and offer me praise asking me to relent the punishment my children have so woefully earned. Understand this my son, for every soul capable of receiving this grace today that didn’t punishment was not lessened, for the scales of justice were not moved toward mercy, but for everyone who did receive it those sins and that earned punishment is no more. Now do you understand why I said it was a sad day? I know those responsible for this lack of instruction and they will pay the severest penalties. Pray for them my children, for any who receive forgiveness, the entire body is effected (and healed). That is all my son, now go in peace in your new place in this world: one without sin or consequence. It was wise of you to take advantage of it. I love you, amen.