In order to increase, you must first decrease

By MatthewSix25to34

July 20, 2016

Good evening my brothers and sisters, I hope you’re all doing well when this reaches you.

I just like you have sat horrified at what I have seen going on this world around me. Without a doubt it seems that all hell has truly broken loose on this earth. We can see everything playing out on the stage before us, I just don’t think enough people have recognized who the real characters are. They are in disguise if you would, they are older than man itself and angrier than I believe they have ever been. They just seem to be taking names here and playing out roles in politics, finance and every other sort of area that interferes with us living in peace. I left the Independence Day message up on purpose so that everybody would read that and not forget what is said. At the same time I opened my journal book and started reading some of the writings to see what I was going to share with you, when I came across this one is felt like it needed to go out. As I have said before I have hundreds that I am not able to share in the time I have here. Pray for me as the Lord has asked me to write a book with them in it. I however remain unemployed so we will just have to see how the Lord provides for that. I do not want to make my comments long here because as always it’s His message that matters and not me. Read what our Lord has to say and I hope it will help others as it has me. Until next time brothers and sisters, God bless.



Jan 26, 2016

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. Little by little you are understanding my ways. This is crucial at this time so you can uncover with the evil one is doing with his false truths and deceptions. You my son are learning the ways of the soul, but as you can see they are the very opposite of what you have been taught in this world as the idea of success. In order to increase, you must first decrease. This is something that goes back as far as mankind itself and I have always struggled with generation after generation. The devil wants to enact fear and worry in all of my children. How then can they trust when they are filled with such anxiety? This replaces the one with the other, just like life versus death. I told you I give you both to choose from, but only one leads to peace. If my children truly understood the writings in the sacred Scriptures they would not be surprised about any of this for it is clearly written… but seldom taught. Not all suffering is bad, nor all discipline. You as a parent now know this differently than you did growing up as a child, now you finally start to understand. In order for you to help your children where they truly need it, you have to redirect their path and change their focus. I am no different with my children, only the adjustments I need to make sometimes uproot their entire lives, then sometimes they do not. Only I know what each of you needs, leave it all to me and I will direct your paths and show you the way you are to go and with whom you are to journey. This is the reason for trust my son, it opens the doors of my mercy and allows me to act in powerful ways in your lives. Do not give up hope my children, do not give into the evil one and his deceptions. All is well my children. Now go in peace my son and spread the good news that I give to you. I love you, amen.