Do not become full of despair

By MatthewSix25to34

May 6, 2016

Hello my bothers and sisters, I hope you are well in His peace and love at this time. Note: I am writing this part to you after the whole post has been completed. I took over an hour to type this information, I mention that because by doing so these words fell very deeply within me. Please read it very slowly so you can digest it and all of its meaning as well.

I have so many writings that have not been shared (literally hundreds), but I have searched through my journal and found the following I was led to share with you today. It is funny because several years ago our Lord asked me to stop watching the news and to read it instead. He said that the commentators had agenda’s that they used their emotional voices to convey and that by reading the news I could decide my own feelings about things. That was a much easier thing to do then than it is now. Even the printed version you find online (by the way I prefer hard copy material to online 10,000 to 1) is full of raw emotion with a group at every turn trying to convince you of one thing or another. I believe this is what happened when we lost discipline and a respect for Gods words and laws. This is why He left them with us, He knew the human being better than anyone and knew what would happen to them if left on their own accord and desires. I share all this with you my siblings because God has asked us to not let all the bad news cause us anxiety, it only fuels the fire of the evil one. Instead He asks us to share His love and destroy the power of evil in this world with it. I certainly do not have all the answers to this problem, but He does. If we would only listen to His words and follow His commandments, everything would be so much easier on everybody. Please my brothers and sisters listen to His words and open the doorways in your own heart so that they may penetrate and become alive! May God bless you all. By the way, please see comment above about what I wrote after writing this post.



May 6, 2016

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. I have heard your prayers, they have reached the very throne of heaven along with many of your brothers and sisters. I know it seems that I am not answering those prayers at this time my children, but know in your hearts that I am and that not one has gone unheard. Sometimes in life my children in order for me to get you where you need to be, or to answer other people’s prayers that may involve you, I have to allow you to travel down a road that you would rather not travel. Understand my little ones, this is all for a greater purpose than you know and at the end of these travels, you will reach your intended destination. Unfortunately my children, sometimes these roads are not comfortable and they may come with a tremendous amount of sacrifice and suffering in order to get you there. You are also suffering souls for others, many of whom you do not even know here. You are all the collective Body of Christ and you all feel each others pain to some degree. Right now the Body suffers tremendously due to sin and the pain is felt throughout the entire Body. Think on this my children, although you may feel disconnected and alone, this wouldn’t be further from the truth. It would be impossible to disconnect the Body into individual pieces as you only have one head, my son Jesus Christ. Look to Him as your guide, He suffers this too. Do not become full of despair for it affects the entire Mystical Body. I know you are not taught about this today my little ones, this is the reason I share it through my little apostle you call MatthewSix25to34. Listen to the words He shares, for they are my words and He is obedient to my call. See things for what they truly are my children and you will understand. That is all my son, now go and spread my word and don’t give up. I love you my son, amen.