God does not need a vote to do what He does

By MatthewSix25to34

February 22, 2016

Good afternoon my brothers and sisters, as usual I hope this posting finds you well.

I have quite literally been overwhelmed with the amount that God has shared with me recently, however I was extremely busy this week with company in the house and had no time to keep up with my desires such as this blog. It is funny when you go back and read the old messages because there is so much wisdom in them. Occasionally when I browse through my journals I read what our Lord has shared and think, “that’s a great idea why didn’t I use that?” You see my brothers and sisters, all the good advice and wisdom God shares with us is wonderful, but to us becomes useless if we do not act on it. So for the remainder of this Lent I hope that I, as well as you, pay great attention to what He is teaching and sharing with us. Since there is so much that I have left to get out to you, I’m going to keep my portion of this very short. Listen to our Father as He asks us to look at ourselves, I believe you can hear the pain in his voice as he speaks about it.

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The Message:

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. Obedience, obedience to my word and my teachings is what I ask of you for this day. Tell all of my children I wish them to do an examination of their conscience with me. I would like them to ask me to allow them to look into their souls so that I may show them the areas I wish them to develop and to pray about. This is such an important thing that all must do in order to grow with me here. It is always harder to look at yourself (as you are already aware) and to look inside of your own faults and the areas of your life where you could use the improvement, than to look at others. Do not be a hypocrite my children, start with yourselves and then you will be able to look at others differently when it comes to how they seem to you. Only I know the heart of your enemies and if justice needs to be delivered it will be delivered by me, your God. Many have a tremendous awakening that will come upon them in the coming days, for this you should pray for them, for I wish no son or daughter of mine to be lost to perdition. I will judge the heart, leave all judgment to me. The Holy Spirit will light the fire and all will see the darkness that has taken root within their souls. If they allow me, I will cleanse that darkness and you will see the beauty and perfection that I have created in each soul. Do not wait to ask me for this gift my children for time is running out. Use this Lenten time to deny yourself and let my purifying light burn away all of the impurities you have collected along the way. You will find great peace in allowing this, even if the process feels painful at the time. Then and only then will you be able to see past yourselves and to see the needs of others as I do. That is all my son, now go in peace and spread the word I have just given you today. I love you, amen.


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