Start tonight (Holy Thursday)

By MatthewSix25to34

March 23, 2016

Good evening my brothers and sisters and good Holy Thursday to you, I will start by telling you that I did not have it planned to put out a blog entry this week, but that was before I sat with God yesterday after morning mass. He told me to make sure that I got this out to all of you by today. This is the reason why I am writing this tonight, after Holy Thursday service and our Lord’s mass.

As I read this message to you, please understand that a lot of this was very visual for me as well. This message took a while to write because I was almost in a trance with our Savior as He walked me through what He was asking of us to do. So as you hear this message and you hear our Lord ask of us to be with Him, He truly meant that! I found myself in deep meditation on the passion and if I was almost there with Him I experienced a deeper understanding in my soul and my mind of what He went through for us. I am not going to make this very long tonight, as the most important parts of it are performed in your own meditation. Please read and/or listen to the words that I share with you and try this, I know it was very moving for me and I would like to hear what happened for all of you.


Lord: My son be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Savior, Jesus. Think over these next days about my passion and what I went through for you. Make this year a year of meditation on this Holy Week, do not let these precious days pass by without spending them with me. Ask me and I will provide for you a deeper understanding of my passion. Day by day I will give it to you, from the moment of my betrayal to my silence during my questioning into the deepest level of my crucifixion on the cross… All done for you my children. Walk with me while I am moved to the prison, stay with me as I am mocked and denied by those that I love. Bear with me all that I suffered at the hands of the guards and the people. Realize that at those moments all of hell was released upon me so that I could carry the sins of mankind to the cross and into death, where I would render the effects of death useless to those who chose to live in my light and walk the way of truth. Know my children, that all that I went through down to the last nail and the last breath I took was for you. This is how much I loved you and still do. Come to me with your troubles this year my children and walk them down the road of Calvary where you can leave them with me to be absorbed into my wounds and taken from you. I long to do this for you my precious little ones, do not take that away from me. I saw all the good and all the bad that I was dying for before I experienced the abuse that was going to be brought upon me. I knew all the ungrateful people I was going to have to suffer for, and it brought me much sadness. I also saw all of the faithful who would help to quench my suffering too. Please be one of those people my children and absorb this with me. Remember, although the suffering was great, the resurrection is even greater, and so shall it be for you my children. Come to me this week… “I thirst.” That is all my son, now go in peace and join your Savior on his walk to freedom. I love you, amen.