Faith without Feelings

By MatthewSix25to34

August 27, 2017

Hello my brothers and sisters, I hope you have all been well.
This particular message I will share with you today has been something that from the very moment I received it, I have thought about and acted on in my own life. To my total surprise I cannot believe how effective it has been: just the other day I was waiting on something that I needed to have turned in my favor and even though I did not feel that it would, I claimed it out loud and within seconds it had occurred. You see my brothers and sisters, by the title of this post it may seem confusing, but as I explain it to you I’m sure it is going to make sense. When our Lord gave me this message I was absolutely not in the mood to write it. In fact I didn’t believe, or I should say I did not feel, that there was going to be anything on the other end of me sitting down with my journal and pen. I can honestly say that up until the very moment that I started to write there was virtually silence within my spirit. Not one part of me felt like there was going to be anything to write about at all and I believed that I was completely wasting my time to try to do this (time of which I do not have any more). This is when God spoke to me in one of the clearest instances I have ever had with him. When you see the beginning of the message try to understand that at the moment those words were coming, it was like a megaphone going off. God was truly trying to show us something; that something was obviously for a very important reason. Especially today when we are surrounded by so much confusion and so much doubt and so much greed, I could go on and on but I think you get the message! I think this is a very valuable tool that our Lord is giving us in these times so that we can activate our faith at a much deeper level regardless of the circumstances around us. When Jesus said to me to have faith without feelings he was not asking me to become a stone pillar or someone without heart, he was asking me to activate my “faith” and not let my “feelings” get in the way. I’m sure my brothers and sisters if you search your own lives each and every day, you will find there are many times that our “feelings” have dictated our actions. Please do not confuse feelings for discernment, for they are completely different in their specific purpose. Sometimes it appears discernment is given to us through certain feelings, such as a positive confirmation or possibly in other ways specific to our need. So before you judge on this, please read the following message and as always, I as well as others are interested in your feedback. My brothers and sisters I wish you the most blessed day possible and may the light of our Lord shine down upon all of you as a pray for you in Jesus name, Amen!




August 10, 2017

Lord: My child be at peace, It is I your Lord and God and Savior, Jesus. My children do not go through this world based on feelings, handle your everyday issues based on faith. It is faith that blessed Abraham and made the descendants after him more numerous than the sands of the sea: this prepared them to receive the same. I am here my children, even though in this world so polluted by sin it may not be evident to you. The evil one wants you to give up hope, to abandon your faith. He does this mostly by how he affects how you feel about things; how you feel about life in general. Do not fall for his traps my children, they are a road map to despondency. Have faith without feelings my little ones and watch what happens to your own life, even to the ones around you. When they ask “why are things so good for you”? You can respond by saying that you have faith. Do not look for this in worldly blessings, for they are transitory, but look for them in the spirit. A way of living that transcends this world and all of its troubles. Look to your own life my child, the way in which you have been able to survive what you are going through is by having faith that I will provide for you and all of your needs. This is a tremendous growth that takes place in the spirit when you learn to live this way, without letting your emotions or your “feelings” get in the way. Use your writing of this message as an example, you did not wish to write because of your feelings of fear that it was not me, or that I would have nothing to say to you. Yet when you acted on faith that I might and picked up your pen, this occurred. This is how you will weaken the power of the evil one that he has on your emotions… have faith. I wish all of you who are reading this try this just once during your day, it could be today or tomorrow, but just try; then share with each other through this blog and through others sources what happened from it. Before you know it faith will spread and lives will be changed for the better. That is all my son, now go in peace and spread my message. Have faith my children, that is all you need. I go in peace, I love you, amen.