The Great Wine Press...

By MatthewSix25to34

March 19, 2020

“What comes out of your press?”

“He was pressed too, but look at the result!

Hello my brothers and sisters, I know it has been a long time since I shared with you through this platform. After all that my family has been through, I needed some time to myself and I had to focus on being a father to children who desperately needed me. I apologize if it appears that I fell off the face of the earth, or I just stopped everything I was doing. I can assure you that notion couldn’t be further from the truth. I have been with you in spirit and heart the entire time!!!

Even though I could go on about that for too long, I must tell you that I cannot keep quiet during the world’s situation any longer. God has not only been sharing with me the things I mentioned to you in my last posting, but He has also shared with me His sadness over everyone’s reaction to this pandemic. I have messages to share with you regarding this, but suffice to say that people are not turning to Him for their answer but by and large they are panicking about Mammon and fear appears to have them by the throat. You will see by the content of the message He gave me how He feels His children are doing with their response to this crisis. I am calling this message and this event “The Great Wine Press.” It is evident that people are being brought together as families and put through a test. Joy may be the outcome, but other times unfortunately sadness has been the result as well. God told me He did not bring this virus to us, but He is using it. God is everywhere in what is happening; look around you when you go outside and watch the number of people who are taking walks or riding bikes together as families with mom, dad and the kids together; I haven’t seen it look like this since I was a kid. Families are spending more time together now than they possibly ever have. This is a beautiful thing and something that I know pleases our Lord very much as we are all His children and He loves the family.
There is also sadness on what this has done to families. I have it on very good authority that divorce lawyers have never had so much work on their hands as they are getting now; the evil one certainly has chosen to attack the family. People are being forced to go home to a place that they may have been running from for some time. Absentee parents are forced to stay with their kids that for some reason were too much of a burden for them to bear so they escaped by spending all their time at work or outside the family activities just to get away and leave the responsibility to the person they said “I do” to. Husbands and wives are spending time together for the first time in possibly a very long time and discover that they have lost the love they had for each other because there was no real foundation in the relationship and they grew apart; we know that foundation to be Christ and without Him I think you have an impossible fight on your hands! Also, last but not least (I told you I could spend too much time on this topic), companies and businesses are showing their true colors as well. This is why I call this the “Great Wine Press”; we are all being squeezed and crushed in many different ways, but something is going to come out at the end of it and as our Lord said, by the fruits you shall know them. What are we seeing being produced?
Some has been good: You are seeing who people are in the depths of their hearts. Some companies are extending payment to their workers and raising money for them in different fashions so they can help them survive while they are not working; literally going out of their way to provide some sort of relief to their most valuable assets. Some companies are showing such tremendous generosity that it makes you want to give your hard-earned dollars and loyalty to them after this is all over.

Some, not so much: Other companies are showing to be living examples of “Corporate America” and the culture that they have embedded in our smaller businesses. This has been expressing one of the deadly sins known as greed. They have been placing their own in harm’s way just so they can make a profit during this tragedy! That’s one of the big problems with this country and this world; much of it appears to be worshiping the “profit” instead of the “prophet”. They should be looking to our ultimate “prophet” Jesus and doing what pleases Him and not themselves or their bank accounts. I am brought back to the scriptures where the rich man who stored up double his rations in good times and then is told by the Lord; “Fool, today your life will be demanded of you”. Is it really worth it to gain it all here and lose eternity? Remember that what we do to the “least” of them, we do to Him. May we pray my brothers and sisters that God’s goodness and generosity is seen now like never before. May brothers and sisters who never knew Him yet see Him in the hand that extends to help them in their time of need and may they give their lives to Him in service to His kingdom. May we also be that hand my brothers and sisters so that when we get in front of our eternal judge we will hear the words, “well done my good and faithful servant”. I will now share with you what He spoke to me about in one of the recent writings and I hope you understand it for how it was meant. I was headed to bed because it was very late and I was tired. This is when He told me He had something for me to share, so here it is. There is more after this, but I will give it to you as He gave it to me. The message was short but packed with meaning; look how He feels about those who are actually trying to get ahead during this time? I can tell you this, He did not sound happy! How are we doing regarding this? What fruit is being produced through our “press”? Think about it before you answer. Make no mistake, He is “testing” us through this so we can see our own fruits!

An update on me for those who are curious?
Things have calmed down here enough for me to get back to this platform and I have much to share. I will be doing so in the coming weeks. Thank you all for your prayers and support and your words of encouragement for myself and my family (of which I am posting in the comments area along with this entry), they helped to get us through a very dark time. May God bless you all and keep you safe and protect your families with the blood of the lamb so that we may be passed over just like the Jewish people were during their own time of plague. Thank you for your patience with me and please pray that I complete the will for which He sent me. God bless you all my brothers and sisters. Until next time…



Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father.

Many of my children now run around in fear of this virus. But how many are coming to me for their answers? The answer is, not as many as should be. They should be calling out to me. To where do they look for their answers to the many questions they have populating in their minds? If they come to me they will find the answers, but instead many of my children are going to the false god that they worship known as the ego. Many of my adopted sons and daughters are worshiping their own thoughts and ideas of how to get ahead of their neighbor during the time that they should be sacrificing for them. Don’t take the last roll of toilet paper off-the-shelf when you already have enough for your need, but instead give that last roll to somebody who does need it and do it in secret so that your heavenly Father who sees what is done in secret can repay you. Do not think about yourselves at this time my children but think about others. Your God and his generosity cannot be outdone.

That is all my son, now go in peace and we will talk more about this tomorrow. I love you, amen.