Our Lord is Frustrated with Us! We are not fighting the REAL enemy!!!!!

By MatthewSix25to34

June 9, 2020

Message from the Eternal Father


Good evening brothers and sisters, I hope this finds you well.

I have to apologize up front because I know this will be viewed as sensitive nature in the climate we are currently in but I believe that is the point. I have titled this blog post, “our Lord is frustrated with us”because of what He has shared with me about how He feels when He views his children and what they are doing in the world.

Brothers and sisters I have shared with you briefly that God was working on something very big with me and that I would inform you of it when it was time. The time now seems to be approaching and I will tell you this, our Father has shared with me that He is less upset about the parting of His church and the separations that mankind developed in it (see previous post about God having no partiality) than He is about the fact that we are not rallying against the evil one together regardless of our denominations. He has given me many tools and showed me how to use them when it comes to fighting the adversary. All of these I promise to teach you all when the time arrives. Needless to say the evil one knows the rules and the laws that govern the spirit and this world, he also knows how they interact with each other and he is a master of manipulating them just as he did with Job and getting permission over the apostles to sift them as wheat; he has been using them against us for a very long time. I will probably make an audio clip to go along with this one because it deserves some teaching and understanding. For now please hear how our Father has responded to everything going on. Those with ears ought to hear….

Update: You would not believe how many times I was harassed during the creation of this post…. more so than possibly ever before; and that says a lot! This can only be because of the fact we are exposing the true enemy and the one that deserves our fight. To show him how foolish that was, I am going to make an audio link that will explain this much better than a written post. See what he gets when he picks on one of God’s children? We FIGHT back! Another loss in his column because now you will all find out what I am talking about. What a fool he is! It will always back fire on him.


June 9, 2020

My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. My son I have started to reclaim my people and this world once again. This is the reason for the escalation of violence that has taken over your country. A country blessed by me and chosen among all of them to protect the truth and be a teacher to anyone who would listen. The evil one is behind all of the violence. He has stirred up a rebellious people to cause harm and to mitigate the good message my children are trying to convey. My son the world has a decision to make; does it want to choose me and bring peace to society or do they wish to choose revenge and hatred for one another? The choice is theirs, but either way there is a determined time for me to reclaim all that is mine. That time is upon you. Do not be surprised at what you see for the evil one is fighting with all that he can to stop my plan. At this time I am once again blowing my spirit across the world to wake up mankind and for them to feel the need to repent for their sins and change their lives. Once again the choice is up to them. I place before you life and death my children; to whatever you reach I will give to you, even if that means I give you up to the desires of the flesh. For your last chance at salvation my child is to tell my children that my Son Jesus stands as mediator between the judge and they need to call on Him for His forgiveness and His mercy. That is all my son, now go and get some sleep. Those with ears ought to hear. I love you, amen.