Nature is returning to its Roots, so should we

By MatthewSix25to34

April 21, 2020

Good evening my brothers and sisters, I hope you are all doing as well as possible and you are all safe!
I can’t begin to tell you how much I have to share with you but I tried to discern what our Lord wants me to be giving you at what time. There is an overriding theme that I received from Him which keeps pointing out the importance of the good that He has brought out of this tragedy. Brothers and sisters as our Lord has pointed out to me several times, He did not bring this upon us but in many ways our sins did. He however makes a crooked way straight and He brings all things to work for His good including this. I mentioned in a recent post about the observations of families and how people seem to be coming together now more than they ever have; this is an example of the good He is doing. In this post this evening, our Father makes mention of the fact that nature is returning back to its roots, whether it be land or sea. We are seeing animals acting as if their natural habitats have been restored to some degree. What I pray for everyone during this is that whatever purpose or reason He is reaching out to you that it may be completed and fulfilled according to his will. Thank you my brothers and sisters for listening and I will now transcribe what our Lord gave me about this for all of you. May God bless you and keep you and may His light shine upon all of you! Until next time my brothers and sisters, God bless!

April 21, 2020

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. My child the world is in desperate need of healing. This is true for my children as well as the earth I created for you to live in. Even now as we speak like this, there are parts of the world – my perfect creation – that are getting a long overdue break from all of the poisons you release into it on a daily basis. You have seen my created wildlife starting to return to areas that used to be their homes. This is true on land and at sea. My son the reason I am pointing this out to you is to show others to learn by looking at that part of creation and to see it returning back to its roots. Mankind must do the same thing. It must return to me their God if there is any hope of being saved. I want the world to take a break from all of its busyness and return to a simpler time where they were not too busy to sit with me and to talk to me. A time when patience had to be a normal part of their day and they didn’t expect to solve their problems in the blink of an eye the way your technology has trained you to be now. My child there is not much time left before I have to intervene and put an end to this apparent reign of evil that has taken over the hearts and minds of so many of my children. This evil will come to an end my son but in the meantime I wish all of my children to cry out to me so I can show them the error of their ways; some are aware of what they are doing, others not so much. There is coming a day my child when all will see what they have done. I am trying to reach as many of them as I can before that glorious day falls upon you so that they have an enjoyable experience and not the sorrowful one so many souls are now being prepared to experience. Come and be with me my children and I will enlighten you as to what you need to do to make it as good for you as is possible with the current state of your souls. I am coming my children, how much I wish you to be prepared when the bridegroom arrives. That is all my son, now go and share with all who will listen. Those with ears ought to hear. I love you my son, amen.

Please forgive the “P”‘s and the popping sounds, I was close to the microphone and I had to talk quietly in order to not wake the kids…