The work continues… He did His part!

By MatthewSix25to34

April 2, 2021

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Let Him pierce your soul!

Hello my brothers and sisters, I hope this finds you well.
I just wanted to take a quick moment and share with you another message I received on Good Friday. This time our Lord and Savior Jesus was reaching out to us to repent and to believe. Brothers and sisters, as our Lord explains in this message today He has completed His part in His sacrifice for us. Now brothers and sisters it is time for Him to work through us. I always wondered what He meant when He said, “greater things that I have done shall you do”. Now I think I understand, it is not really “us” who is doing anything, but it is the “Him” in us.
As I sit and listen to the birds singing behind me today I am overwhelmed by the simplicity and the generous loving heart that our Lord taught us from. Take a moment brothers and sisters can go outside and listen. When you do think of the Scripture Matthew chapter 6 verses 25 through 34. Understand the truth behind those words, He promises that if we put Him first, He will take care of everything else we could possibly worry about! What a loving God and Father we have. So now let’s do our part and offer Him ourselves as a vessel to be used for whatever He wishes. Let’s make the time we have left here dedicated to seeking out the reason for His creation of us and the purpose of why He made us. We will get what we ask for brothers and sisters, only this time imagine the world that we could wake up in? This was a brief but important message that I wanted to pass on to you all. I will talk to you soon, as always God bless!

PS. By the way I want to give a quick explanation as to His opening line about helping Him up. While receiving this message I was at the Altar of Repose ( when a woman fell down on the floor behind me. I went over to help her up and didn’t think another thing about it. Then He spoke with the following message and He reminded me that what we do to the least of them, we are “Truly” doing to Him. Wow!

April 2, 2020
Lord: My child be at peace, thank you for helping me up a moment ago. It is I your Lord and God and Savior, Jesus. My son today is the day I died for your sins. Today is the day I sacrificed everything I had for all of you. Today is the day the victory was won against the devil, for the reconciliation and adoption I was sent to complete for my Father was completed. You became sons and daughters of the most high and I your brother. My son many still do not know me or they have turned away from me for the lures of this world. Much reconciliation still needs to be done for the sins of mankind. The adoption is complete, but the need to repent and turn back to your God is still present. It is true, the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Not many offer themselves to me to use as my Father deems fit. The world is in great need of healing. I will never have to sacrifice myself again as that work has already been completed and that part is finished, but conversion still needs to happen for a large part of humanity. My son, tell my children to repent and to believe. To follow the teachings my Father has given to you and to turn away from the evil that has invaded your lives. Give the devil a fight when it comes to pulling you away from me and toward himself. Pray my children and it will be revealed to you as to where he is in your lives. Then you can make the choices like I did to rebuke, deny and ultimately overpower him in what he is attempting to do to you. Just look at me and what I did to conquer him. Take up your cross and follow me my children, it will lead to paradise. That is all my son, now go in peace and share what I have given you to share. I love you my child, Amen.