The Devil’s Tactic….

By MatthewSix25to34

February 11, 2021

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Hello brothers and sisters, I hope you’re having a blessed day.

As promised I am coming to you with some more training on the “Principles” and how the enemy is working against us in our lives. Our Father has been very strong in his approach about identifying the enemy and the post that I will share with you below is absolutely one of the devil’s favorite tactics!

Brothers and sisters, during my time of learning these things God spoke to me very strongly through Scripture as well. It’s funny when you can read the same thing 100 times or maybe even 1000 times and all of a sudden something sticks out at you like you’ve never seen it before. This happened with the following Scripture, (Hebrews 11: 1-3)
“faith is the realization of what was hoped for, and evidence of things not yet seen.”

Now brothers and sisters this may have a slightly different group of words depending on the translation you read from, but they all point to the same thing.

When I read this it stood out at me like a billboard… “In order for your faith to be realized you had to have hope first”! This means brothers and sisters that without hope we may not see the realization of our faith. This made perfect sense to me. It is no wonder that the evil one works so hard to remove our hope. He does this in so many ways, some of which are very disguised. I also see how much this pandemic has affected people during their lock-downs and how once again hope seemed to be all but extinguished; he uses anything he can to get his work accomplished. The devil is definitely not unintelligent. He has used all of our technology to invade and reprogram the minds of those who use it, especially the youth. I have seen firsthand how the attention spans, the morality and the ability to use the imagination God gave us to entertain ourselves has suffered. All of this my brothers and sisters gives the evil one a cause and a reason to charge us in the course of heaven with God as those people who do not have faith and may even have become despondent; we will get into why this is so important as we discuss the “Principles”. So let’s expose this part of things right now, let’s expose one of his greatest tactics so that God can work within us to activate one of the theological virtues – namely “hope”. I will speak more on this in the audio portion of the blog today, for now please listen to a message that I received recently about this subject.

By the way I’d like to give a huge shout out to everyone who contacted me after the last posting. You showed me God in action as I challenged anyone who may know or would be familiar with a podcast or YouTube creation. The amount of email responses I received was overwhelming and very confirming for me. I will continue to make this my life’s work at this time and I encourage you to continue speaking to each other and giving me your feedback on what our Lord is showing us. Let us be quiet no more, it is time to take the Fight to the doorstep of the one who’s bringing it against us. Thank you for being my confirmation others and sisters and have a very blessed day!


Feb 11, 2021

Lord: My child be at peace, is your Lord and God and Father. “Hopelessness”, that is what the enemy is trying to instill in all of my children. He wants to steal their hope and their joy, for without that they become despondent. My children live in fear and they have chosen to believe the lies of this world over the truth that I have spoken. This is nothing new as it has been happening since the beginning. My son came to give you life and to give it to you abundantly, yet so many of you have accepted despair as your lot in life. Do you think I created you to live like this or do you think I created you to thrive and enjoy all that I have to give you while you are here? Think about that…. With the intelligence that I have given to you does that even make sense? Of course not, but that has not stopped my children from believing the lies that have been cast upon them by the world and the prince of this world. I alone am your answer. I alone am your solution. Come to me my children and release all your cares and your worries to me, then let them go knowing that your loving Father has an answer to all of them. Come, let them go and then depart to do my will. I work through a generous and a thankful heart. My power is made perfect in your weaknesses. Do not be afraid or without hope any longer my children. I am your hope and I do not disappoint. I have told you that each one of you was created on purpose for a particular reason. This is where I want you spending your time. Seek out the answer to that question and all of your problems that you have been giving so much of your precious time to will all but seem to go away as I take care of them one by one. That is a lesson of the day my children; seek out hope and you will find that and much more. Don’t waste another moment I’ve given to you in despair my children, I AM is here. That is all my son, now go and spread the truths that I have given to you this day. I love you my son, amen.