The working of “Our” will…

By MatthewSix25to34

May 13, 2021

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Hello brothers and sisters. I hope this finds you well.

Once again God works in strange ways, once again He chooses His will to teach us about our own; and I hate to say it but what He says to me is true when it comes to this, if I didn’t go through it I would never understand it!

After all these years I have realized something about God. When He wishes to make a point known or to have you do something for Him – He will get it done one way or another. So what I just traveled through (apparently on your behalf as well as my own) was another “opportunity” to learn something from Him, but what seems even more important is to be able to receive a “healing” from Him at the same time. He seems to be such a loving Father that He will do whatever He can to give us the ability to activate His power over our fears and our worries. That is what these situations are brothers and sisters… they are “opportunities” to work with Him and to practice our Yes and Obedience to His word. So was the case for me. Something came up around me, I started to feel an all to familiar way about the situation and how “I” believed it would turn out based on previous experience. When all I heard Him say to me was, “Wait”. This one word was all it took to set me off. I have waited for years before for something. I have sat as patiently as possible for a very long time while nothing appeared to happen; this is what I thought this was meaning. I was wrong! Within 24 hours He had completely turned everything around for the better and in such a grander way than I could have imagined, literally affecting the lives of several different people at the same time. Something that was even better than if this had not happened. How humbling to see Him work. How much better of a plan He seems to have than our own. If only we would learn to listen, follow and obey, I bet we would all have so much less to be concerned about. Will we ever learn oh us of little faith.

Until next time brothers and sisters. Talk to you soon, God bless.

Here is the message I received afterward, along with a link to “Principle” number two:

Principle #2


May 12, 2021

Lord: My child be at peace, is I your Lord and God and Father along with my son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. My son all that you have just been through was allowed by me in order to once again give you an experiential understanding so that you may teach your brothers and sisters what I have taught you. My son Jesus taught you not to worry, not to fear and to seek me in all things so that I may provide all that you need. Did you do this my child or did you choose to worry and believe the lies that were speaking to you? Now that you know what they are, repent for believing them above my word and call down my blessings upon your situation. Do this, as you have taught others, in confident faith my son. This working of your will is what allows me to enter directly into your apparent conflict, or opportunity, that you find yourselves in. It allows me to work unhindered to bring about a resolution that is best for all. My son when you allow me to handle the situation for you, many times you (and or the ones involved in it) will receive not just a solution to the issue at hand, but also a healing that needed to be performed in order to quiet the lies you have been listening to and finally allow my truth to set you free. Why my children would you want to resolve your conflict in any other way? Can you bring healing on your own? Can the enemy do this? No, only your loving God has the ability to heal not only the present but also the past which will directly affect the future you arrive into. This is the reason my children I wait for you to come to me with your problems and to invite me into them so I can heal them. This is so much more powerful than you know and by practicing this even with the little things, it will become a habit. Please my son go and teach what I’ve given you today. Many of your brothers and sisters are suffering needlessly because they don’t understand this. They wait…. That is all my son, now go in peace. I love you my son, amen.