Why would we do anything without Him?…

By MatthewSix25to34

October 13, 2021

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Hello Brothers and Sisters, I hope you are all very blessed and having a great day!
This is now my second time writing this to you as my first one got completely deleted. Because of that I will focus harder on it as it now appears to be an even more important message. This message from our God seems to be expressing His desire to be inside every detail of our lives and to be a part of every issue good or bad. To be involved in every decision, big or small. You can hear in His voice the fact that He wants to be there, be included, and even ultimately to resolve our issues. We must remember that He created us for worship and conversation with Him. He created the heavens so that we can be among Him when we are finished our journey and calling here, He created the earth just to give us a place to live out our callings and to complete His will. Listen to our God as He explains both His willingness and desire to help as well as our ego driven and pride supported decision-making processes that we follow to do it ourselves. What foolish people we are? Who would you rather have get in the middle of your issues? Would you rather have us as flawed and wounded individuals who make decisions based on faulty belief systems and lies (remember we have ALL fallen short of the Glory of God), or would you rather have He who created heaven and earth and split the Red Sea with His breath? I don’t know about you, I am going to go for the second one EVERYTIME. Listen closely to what our God expresses to us about His desires and listen for where you may possibly be getting in the way of Him working in them. It is just like us humans to not follow His directions and complain about where we end up after. We have tried it our way, now let’s try it His.
I hope this speaks to some of you out there and that He can accomplish His will in and through you. I know He has done this in my life and I am absolutely sure He will do it in yours! Until next time brothers and sisters, may He bless you and solve all of your problems according to His greater good will and purpose. God bless.


Message Date: October 13, 2021

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father along with my son Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the entire celestial court by my side. My son what I have just shown you this morning is a process or a roadmap if you will that I desire my children to know and more importantly to understand. My son so many of my children have fallen prey to their own ego and belief that due to their own abilities and/or intelligence that they are the best ones to solve their problems. Is that what my son taught you? Is that what the apostles who learned directly from Him or the disciples that He sent out into the world to do my will taught you? Ask yourself that question my children and then search the Scriptures for your answer. You will not find the answer you may be looking for in order to support your egos need for affirmation or to support that you are made to be that self-sufficient. You are taught to take it all to your God. This includes everything in your life, especially your thoughts; the place where the evil one conducts his best work and causes the most amount of damage in your actions toward yourself and others. Others I have placed in your lives for a reason possibly unknowns to you in the entirety of its purpose. He does this mostly by working through your fears. He then accesses another time in your life in your memories to prove to you that this must be a truth. This will then cause you to act on the fears as if they were a truth. My child you have taught on this before but it is such a tremendously important subject. My children, pray to me to understand this better. Your ministry, I myself put together, is to give them the tools that I have taught you (by “experiential understanding” as well as other ways of my choosing), so that they may learn to use them and to seek me in everything – every struggle as well as every joy. This will lead them out of the darkness if they so choose to use their gift of free will, freeing themselves from the bondage they are currently in. This will not be done on their own merit, for them it is impossible. It will be done by participation with me for with God all things are possible. Pass along to all who will listen, many once again are waiting for it. That is all my son, now go in peace and do that of which you are created to do… Teach. I love you my son, amen.