Bombing Raids on Düsseldorf - Mary Spreads her Cloak

By Melanie

April 2, 2024

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Message from the Blessed Virgin Mary

The visionary woke up at around 5 a.m. and received visions in which she saw herself with a large group of fellow worshippers including the prayer group and a clergyman with a white and gold robe and a high, light-colored bishop's mitre that came to a point at the top.
It seemed as if it was a day chosen by Mary on which people had come together to pray and sing.
It took place in Germany and there was a war going on at the time.

The seer stands somewhat elevated on a small hill, surrounded by a small group of people close to her. Hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people have also gathered. It is an unmanageable crowd. Everyone prays and sings together.
When she experiences another Marian apparition in front of everyone, she lies down on the ground. It is an amazing image because it is as if a force field is being transmitted through her to the crowd. It looks like a whitish bubble of light that is stretched over everyone present for protection.
Bombs strike in the background. The earth trembles. The Blessed Mother Mary floats transparently above the crowd and creates a bubble of energy and light. This bubble of light protects the crowd from the war. The crowd cannot be attacked. The people are under the open sky, but even if bombs had fallen on them, they would have bounced off.
Together, the people have created a wonderful atmosphere of peace. They sing songs such as "Mary spreads out her cloak". The protective bubble of light can only be created by such a large crowd. In this way, the people are protected by Mary while the bombs are falling around them.
Meanwhile, a cross of light rises into the sky just above the ground. The cross of light can then be seen by everyone in the sky. Jesus is also indicated on the cross.
It is to be understood as a warning, a heavenly sign to the faithful not to give up.
Not to give up hope.

The seer sees herself walking through the city in another scene - walking through the street in advance to this event. She is looking for a clergyman who is willing to accompany this special event. The group wants to connect with the church in the vision and finally finds a clergyman who agrees and wants to support this. Huge numbers of people gather there.

The scene changes again and Mary shows the seer how Düsseldorf suffers bombing raids.
An unnaturally high and immense wave of water floods Düsseldorf.
The Rhine in Cologne is also affected by flooding and a tidal wave similar to that in Düsseldorf hits the river and the city.