Jesus Christ’s Message on Easter Sunday

By Melanie

March 31, 2024

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Jesus Christ’s Message on Easter Sunday

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Jesus Christ appears wearing a crown of thorns, but He is purified and His robe is also pure and white.
He emits white light.

"I am the King of the Jews, child. And I bring joy.
I will make all things new. There will be a new heaven and a new earth.
And death will be no more."

Jesus asks the seer:
"Do you want to do even more?
Do you want to put yourself at my service even more?"
"Yes, Lord."
"It requires your unconditional obedience."
"Yes, Lord. Please help me if I go astray."

"Be blessed, my child. Bless your Easter society and all the Easter societies in the world.
For I am risen and I give you the miracle of My resurrection as a sign of God's love.
Be blessed, my children, and rejoice, for today is a day of joy!
Worry and sorrow are forgotten, for I take them in and transform them into joy, into love.
I turn them into gold, for the Father gives us this grace.
The grace of eternal life and the joy of the resurrection. That is how powerful the Father is.
Rejoice, My children, and forget your worries, for redemption is near.
Prepare yourselves for My coming!
Lighten your souls and open your hearts for My love so that I can take you with Me into glory.
Joy, My children of this world, joy!
For I have risen for you. To show you the sign of the highest love. A sign that will last for eternity. And from eternity to eternity, love will grow and strengthen.
My love for you, your love for Me.
And you will feel more love for yourselves and for each other.
Your awareness and understanding of life and its laws will become more familiar and understandable to you, you will attain a higher consciousness.
I will help and accompany you in this process.
Go in peace and love one another.
Love one another for My sake.

Proclaim it, child."
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.